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The True Path to Healing

Detoxification is the Golden Key To Your Health Issues

There is a cure to the underlying cause of your Cancer, Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, Tinnitus, Alzheimer's, IBS, Colitis, Pneumonia, Arthritis, ADHD, or any other "Dis-Ease" the Medical establishment wants to label you with.


There is regeneration to the body's tissues.  There is strengthening to the emotions and quieting of the mind.


It's all connected to the Lymphatic system.

You have found the answer to your health concerns that so many have spent decades wandering in the wilderness to find.

Your Lymphatic System, your main immune system and the sewer system of the body carrying cell wastes and acids to the septic tanks of the lymph nodes, is the center for all of the "Dis-Ease" plaguing man today.  


Your kidneys and skin are the connection to the lymphatic system and are the main doors of elimination for your cell wastes.

Those doors have been shut closed due to genetics, our high protein diets, and our stressful lifestyles.


It's time to open the gates of elimination and get the kidneys to filter as they were designed to.


It's time to move your lymphatic system and get the body well!

Tropical Fruits
Golden Key Intro Video

Golden Key Intro Video

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Chemistry Rules All


How do we get the body well?  That's the magic question.  It all comes down to chemistry.  There's 2 sides - Acid and Base (Alkaline).  Base is the predominant chemistry on this planet, the other is acid which is the corrosive side of chemistry.  Your blood is your kitchen and deals with the alkaline side of chemistry.  

If you're suffering any health problem, the main cause is found on the acid side of chemistry, namely the acidosis and inflammation from a stagnant lymphatic system, the same system Allopathic Medicine doesn't understand or appreciate.

The key to moving your lymph system lies in the alkaline side of chemistry: an alkaline (base) diet of fruits, berries, melons and vegetables alongside tissue-specific botanicals that increase function to your organs and glands. 

On top of this alkaline chemistry is a lifestyle of rest and gratitude to give your endocrine glands much needed rest. 

This rest is paramount in shifting your body's energy from fight or flight to digestion and kidney filtration.

You will not get well if you're always stressed and are consuming acid-dominant chemistry.

Don't Waste Time with Fad Diets 


The popular diets of today will get you nowhere and only waste valuable time and energy.

Keto will kill you by starving yourself of the very sugar that your body is fueled by.

Paleo is a lie to reinforce meat addiction, fruit-phobia and eating disorders (intermittent fasting, anyone?).

Vegan isn't good enough to get you well, especially when many indulge in nuts, seeds, grains, soy, oils, and Beyond meat.

Lipids will buffer acids and tame your symptoms, but they won't detox you and fix the problem.

You need to cleanse and strengthen your cells, and your foods need to do just that. 

Those foods contain the astringents and flavonoids found in fruits, berries, and melons.

I'm not saying you have to become a fruitarian, but you have to eat fruits to get well. 

Fruits will be the only level to clean the body deep enough, to rebuild the nervous system, and to turn on the endocrine glands.

How to Heal and Cure Yourself

Get your Kidneys to Filter your Lymphatic System


Healing comes down to cleaning and strengthening your organs, glands and lymph system. 

Healing is about freeing your body of obstructions to the flow of blood, nerve and lymph.

Your kidneys and skin are your major eliminative organs, and our high-protein diets have destroyed them along with our bowels and joints.

We cannot heal these tissues with pharmaceuticals or supplements.  

We have to go to plants that target and enhance individual parts of the body.

We have to go to the side of chemistry that is hydrating, soothing, and healing.

That means leaving the acid side of chemistry where we get cooked meat, grains, and dairy.

Every other modality or treatment on this planet is either therapeutic or destructive to your health.

There is no remedy apart from working on the doors of elimination, and those are your kidneys and skin.



How to Get on the Path of Wellness


If you're reading this: Get on raw, organic and ripe fruits, berries and melons ASAP.  The more fruit per day, the better.

Fruits, Berries, Melons, and Herbs are the tools to getting well.

Let food by thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.

The fruits have the astringents and are the cleansers of the Lymph system.

Vegetables don't have the astringents and they won't clean and heal the body to the level that fruit will.

The Natural Hygienic Movement (one of the largest offshoots of Naturopathy) have tried vegetables for years to no avail.

Sadly, we have come to the point where going fully raw on fruit is not enough to get well anymore. 

We have men going bald in their 20s, developing Alzheimer's in their 30s, and getting heart attacks in their 40s and early 50s. 

Our generation is so acidic and genetically weak that going on a raw fruit diet for months will not open the kidneys to filter. 

The quality of fruit we are getting in grocery stores and at Farmer's Markets certainly isn't up to par for the healing we need for humanity.

The deck is stacked against us, but that's why we use herbs and glandulars that work on specific tissues of the body.

These tools give us the edge and help us fix the kidneys, the endocrine glands and our GI Tract while also moving the lymph system.


Nature's Tools


Fruits will clean the body and the lymph system, but we need tools that target the organs and glands specifically. 

We have to go to tissue-specific botanical formulas and glandulars to get that extra power to clean and strengthen every organ and gland that is suppressed by the lymph system and weak genetics.

We use herbs to enhance the function of cells and clean the body out in addition to a fruit diet.

There are absolutely so many wonderful herbs that work on tissues of the body.

Using plants to heal the body is the heart and soul of true naturopathy.



Dr. Morse

And that's what brings us to Dr. Robert Morse's work in Herbology and the application to a clinical setting.

Dr. Robert Morse is the most aggressive Herbalist on the planet and is one of the greatest Naturopaths this generation. 

He has demonstrated success in helping people heal themselves using herbal formulas in his 50+ years of clinical practice.

His herbal formulas are the best tools for cleaning and strengthening the various tissues of the body on the market today.

Dr. Robert Morse has worked tirelessly to perfect the path to regenerating the human body with nature's tools.

The knowledge presented throughout this website is inspired by his expertise in Naturopathy and Herbology.

About This Website

Everything on this website (including my services) is 100% free. 

Think of this website as a labor of love comprising years of my experience and knowledge in Detoxification.

My title is known as a "Detox Specialist,"