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The Only Way Out of This Mess

2024 is an election year, and with that comes the very worst from this society.  Here are the politics that will turn this country around and prevent an inevitable collapse/civil war/hellscape scenario we are quickly approaching.  We either halt this Satanic Regime from increasing, or you enjoy the inevitable destruction of this society.

I'll constantly edit this list as I find more ways to improve this dystopian world I find myself in. 


All are invited to contribute to this ever-expanding list:

Everyone in Congress including the Executive Branch are to step down immediately.  Their wages, pay, and benefits are revoked.  Those replacing their positions are hereby required to work for no salary or benefits, and are not allowed to own any assets, including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, annuities, or real estate while they're in office.

Congress will no longer ever have a vacation.

There will be strict term limits for those in congress, not to exceed 4 years.

The president is to hereby publicly wear only sackcloth and cover their face in ashes to reflect the state of this country.

The president is hereby to live in a tent in the backyard outside the White House.

The president will routinely shave his head, eat a raw diet (absolutely no ice cream), and not watch any television or YouTube while in Office.

The president will write all of their own speeches and will not have any "Public Relations" agency.

The president will not be allowed to take any vacations (or expensive golf trips) while in office.   

Anyone in Office or in any Political position (governor, mayor, city council member) found taking bribes/gifts/incentives from any outside influence/country/institution/business will receive a Felony conviction on their record and be immediately deported out of the country.

End the Federal Reserve and switch to a tangible currency that cannot be excessively manipulated by the government.

Audit every branch of the Military, including every defense contractor, and shut down at least a quarter of bases worldwide.

End the Internal Revenue Service, and overhaul the entire tax system as to not require the ridiculous amount of accountants we have today.

Under no circumstances will there ever be a "shutdown" due to a "dis-ease" again.

Ban all mask-mandates.


Ban all chemotherapy, radiation, and "cancer" treatments immediately.

Ban the Affordable Care Act, Medicare, and Medicaid.

Only allow Health Insurance to cover emergency medical services and necessary surgical procedures.

Ban most non-emergency pharmaceuticals, including all anti-depressants and anti-anxiety meds.

Immediate ban on all vaccinations.

Allow for actual Naturopathic "Hospitals" to open, equipped with Nurses, Naturopaths, and other "alternative" staff that don't follow "traditional" Allopathic schemes.

Shut down the American Medical Association.

Shut down the National Institutes of Health.

Shut down the National Institute of Mental Health.

Shut down the National Science Foundation.

Shut down any crooked "Foundation" or Government-funded entity funding "Dis-ease" research.

Immediate ban on the income tax.

Immediate ban on all property taxes nationwide.

Immediate ban on contributing to Social Security.

Annual wages under $60k a year are not taxed.

Minimum wage is to abolished nationwide.

Ban all Staffing and Recruiting Firms and allow employers to set the terms for any work engagement, including pay, benefits, or lack thereof.

Anyone receiving Disability checks for conditions such as lower back pain, joint pain, general pain, and various other miscellaneous conditions are required to be put on an herbal protocol and a living foods diet for their symptoms to cease and their health to be regained.

End the USDA.

Ban the use of glyphosate on all produce.

Eliminate the cost for "organic" labeling of produce.

Audit every farm that raises "organic" crops to rule out fraud.

Teach every farm the principles of raising produce to proper ripeness.



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