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About Me

To summarize my life: No one cared about my health.  My parents shouldn't have gotten married and had children.  I had a bad diet my entire life.  I was fooled by Paleo/Keto charlatans that damaged my health and wasted my time when I needed healing the most.  I finally found correct teaching on Detoxification in my late 20s, and I'm now trying to unwind the clock from poor eating habits on top of terrible genetics.  Despite all that has happened, I take things day by day and I'm grateful for you to be here with me on the path to wellness.

I've had my fair share of blessings in life.  Growing up, I've always had a roof over my head and "food" on the table.  God has been more than abundant in blessing me with basic necessities.  That doesn't mean I haven't suffered health issues like many of you. 

I can't say everything here, nor would it be constructive.  Everything I put on this website is meant to build you up and guide you along the path to wellness.  I can only give you a small glimmer of the components of my life and how they inspired me to pursue this path.


I'm a product of people that never cared about my health or well being in a world that promotes toxicity, narcissism, greed, pain, and death.  Growing up, no one cared about my health or wellness, and this led to bad consequences for my own physical development.  As long as there was a roof over my head and some slop on the table labeled as "food," no one outside my immediate family wanted to get involved, including the government.  I ate a terrible diet since I was born which have magnified my major genetic weaknesses.  My father was a narcissist and egomaniac while my mother was mentally deranged and intellectually unstable.  They were both not fit for marriage nor fit to produce and raise children (which are both historically applicable to most Americans over the last 50 years).


I was delivered via C-Section (dead giveaway on my mother's parathyroid gland weakness with her narrow hip development) and bottle fed in infancy since my mother couldn't produce breastmilk (dead giveaway on her pituitary health).  As a young child, I suffered multiple seizures where my parents did not attend to me in time.  I suffered a large cut in my leg due to parental neglect (I can show you the scar).  There are many more incidents, but you get the idea.  Child Protective Services almost took me away, but like every other government institution, they failed at doing their job and ultimately allowed my parents to keep me.

Consequently, no one cared about my health and I ate a terrible diet as a child and teenager all under the "guidance" of my parents.  You name the snack on 90s television commercials and I ate and drank it every single day: Oreos, Chips Ahoy, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Snickers, Twix, Kit Kats, Gushers, Fruit by the Foot, Cocoa Puffs, Fruity Pebbles, Frosted Flakes, Slim Jims, Lunchables, Wishbone Italian Dressing, Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing, Frozen TV Dinners, Eggo Waffles, Nestle Chocolate Syrup, Cheese Whiz, Ritz Crackers, Keebler Cookies, Airheads, Hot Pockets, Bagel Bites, Cheez-Its, Hot Cheetos, Frozen Pizzas, Frozen Burritos, Twinkies, Swiss Rolls, Doritos Tortilla Chips, Lay's Potato Chips, Jif Peanut Butter, Corn Nuts, Graham Crackers, Cheese Balls, Goldfish Crackers, Rold Gold Pretzels, Pork Rinds, Chex Mix, Flavored Almonds, Sprite (my favorite soda), 7-up, Pepsi, Coca Cola, Root Beer, Yoohoo, Snapple, Jone's Soda, Capri Sun, Sunny Delight, Kool-Aid, and the list goes on and on.

You have to realize that all of the above junk foods were actually affordable back in the 90s, and the television commercials and sheer presence in public schools and in the culture at large didn't help either.  I ate at a fast food establishment almost daily (Back when the dollar menu was actually a value).  I was tied to a microwave and TV set.  I played too many video games (Super Nintendo, N64, Playstation, PS2 and Gamecube) and watched too much Cartoon Network (loved Ed, Edd, and Eddy, Courage the Cowardly Dog and the rest of CN's lineup), Nickelodeon (loved Hey Arnold, Rugrats, Rocko's Modern Life, Angry Beavers, Cat-Dog, and the rest of Nick's lineup), and Disney Channel (loved the original movies like Brink and Johnny Tsunami).  I never got any exercise and my posture suffered from the complete lack of activity.


As you can guess, I was a fat child and my digestion was horrible.  I constantly kept throwing up in elementary school, and the worthless school nurse would do nothing about it every time.  Just the thought of changing my diet was NEVER mentioned to my parents, yet that would have changed nothing even if it was mentioned.  It was laughable for no one to suspect that maybe what I was constantly putting into my body had ANYTHING to do with constant vomiting, nausea and dehydration.

The health issues kept stacking up from there.  The bags under my eyes grew (I certainly wasn't filtering through my kidneys when young), my anxiety grew, and my digestion got worse.  Fast forward to age 17 and I start balding heavily.  I would subsequently have severe dandruff issues every year from there.  I soon developed Tinnitus in both ears and that developed into Hyperacusis (sound sensitivity), and that was a personal hell to get through.  My poor digestion also took a further nosedive and I developed painful IBS symptoms when I was 24.  It felt like a burning pain in my gut that never went away.  That was the straw that broke the camel's back, so to speak.  By December 2014, my health was at an all-time low and I was in severe pain and misery with no clue on the cause or remedy.


I did try to speak to multiple doctors from Kaiser-Permanente about my various health issues in November and December 2014, but all they could do was prescribe antibiotics and over the counter drugs like Imodium.  According to them, the pain I felt was all in my head and that I should recover soon.  Weeks went by and nothing got any better.  That's when I sought to make a critical change.  By this time, I was already fully brainwashed by the Paleo movement to embrace all-things fat and protein.  Due to that ideology's misinformation and deception gaining traction since the mid to late 2000s, I was always embracing meat, nuts, seeds, dark chocolate, cheese and butter.  I just wasn't consistent enough on that diet and basically ate like an omnivore in college.  I sought any free/cheap food I could get given how broke I was in my early adult years (I'm still broke btw), and I even thought I was eating right since I would avoid chips, soda, and baked goods most of the time.  I was already receptive to radically changing my diet given the pain I was in, and the overwhelming positive reception to Paleo on the internet and in the culture at large was too easy to be persuaded by.  


I went fully on the Paleo crazy train in January 2015.  It was easy enough to implement the diet in my lifestyle.  I meal-prepped by cooking large amounts of meat and vegetables in butter and stored them in Tupperware containers each week.  I tried to buy only grass-fed beef, pasture raised chicken and salmon (I would only be able to eat the canned variety due to budget).  I did buy a ton of rotisserie chickens from Costco due to the $5 price.  I snacked on aged cheese, nuts, seeds and 80%+ dark chocolate.  I never touched any fruit, with the exception of some berries which was rare due to their insane cost.  I am somewhat of a perfectionist and I pursued the diet very seriously in light of the pain I was feeling.  The only thing I regretted at the time was not making my own bone broth (yuck).  


As you can guess, my health only got worse.  My IBS symptoms were somewhat put in check due to the insane amount of lipids I was eating (and food combining properly due to not eating grains and fruit), but I knew I wasn't healing.  My energy crashed, my mood was unstable, and my anxiety got worse.  By August 2016, I got laid off from my job and reassessed my life and declining health.  I vowed to use this new time while looking for work as a means to find answers to my health problems.  This was a season where I always had 30 different tabs on my PC with all manner of articles, forums, blogs, YouTube videos, and websites all dedicated to health.  It was like an endless rabbit hole hoping that the next YouTube video or YouTube comment or product review on would be the answer I was looking for.

I tried multiple diets and gimmicks along the way.  I was stupid and gullible enough to try to go Keto.  That ended in disaster where I had no energy and had worse anxiety and digestion.  I tried the Selective Carbohydrate diet and I was extremely close to buying a yogurt machine to make my own yogurt (gross).  I tried a low FODMAP diet which didn't help with the pain even when every article online recommended it.  I didn't want to go Vegan as I was addicted to meat and I was never going to give that up.  I also tried heaps of new supplements during this season.  During my paleo days in 2015, I was naïve enough to try multiple different probiotics and fish oil products.  I even dabbled in digestive enzymes, peppermint oil, magnesium, garlic, ginger and all manner of multi-vitamins and Vitamin C.  Going back at it a second time in 2016, I tried even more types of expensive fish oil, probiotics, Bulgarian yogurt, aloe vera, and a truckload of other worthless products.  I was so desperate to try any product if the price was right and someone out there left a positive review, YouTube comment, or Reddit post.  I was going in circles with all the false and deceptive information out there. 


In such debilitating pain, I did seek guidance from alternative health practitioners.  I was also frustrated with the huge paywalls to see some of these alternative "therapists" and health "gurus."  I remember some tool who was a Paul Chek Practitioner that wanted to charge $400 per hour for the initial consultation since he was a "level 3" Chek practitioner.  Most of the Chek practitioners charged hundreds to see them, depending on what "Level" of education they completed.  I couldn't find many medical doctors that actively pursued health and wellness.  I was going to speak to Dr. Lauren Noel (A notable voice on health back in the early 2010s) that was more versed in health than your average Medical doctor.  I didn't have insurance at the time and Lauren was also charging over $450 for the initial consult.  Nowadays we have a lot more medical doctors in the field offering their health services and insight, such as CarnivoreMD (while also charging hundreds of dollars for false information).  I remember a lot of the "Functional Nutritionists" with masters degrees like Chris Kresser also charging an arm and a leg.  I just checked the website for the "California Center for Functional Medicine" that Chris helped start in 2014, and he is now charging $1500 up front for the initial consult.  That should give you an idea of the huge financial gamble speaking to these "experts" is, and how I wasn't convinced these people knew enough to justify hundreds of dollars for an initial consult, let alone follow-up appointments.

I also spoke to Chiropractors who were just as brainwashed by Paleo thinking as the "Functional Nutritionists."  Personal trainers were all into the protein myth and a "balanced" omnivore diet.  Everyone seemed incompetent as healers, lacking any real passion or experience (without charging an arm and a leg).  They all were truly incompetent, and I'm glad I didn't burn whatever little money I had left encouraging their addiction to meat, dairy, and adherence to false beliefs and social programming.  Seeing these "health professionals" while burning all of my money sounded like a recipe in losing all hope in finding a cure.  It seemed like no one had any answers, and if the answers were out there it either came with a huge price tag or it was buried in so many articles, videos and comments that I wouldn't be able to find it. 


Even after months of looking for answers and running in circles,  I knew someone out there had to know the truth on why man is so sick.  It was after stumbling upon a random Q&A YouTube video on Dr. Robert Morse's YouTube Channel in February 2017 that everything changed.  His videos had been in my "recommended" list on YouTube during my research over all those months but I never paid any attention to them.  At that time, all his video thumbnails had Native American paraphernalia on his wall and he didn't look knowledgeable or experienced in the various thumbnails.  Plus, his YouTube videos at the time had less than 5000 views each.  Looks are always deceiving.  Boy was I wrong in my initial judgements before even watching a single video of his.  After being lost in the Paleo/Keto deception that was only bringing me closer to death, the Doors of Salvation opened for me as I was finally introduced to the greatly overlooked Lymphatic System, the sewer system of the body that deals with our acid wastes.

Everything clicked when I was watching Dr. Morse's videos.  Every piece of the puzzle was accounted for: The adrenals to turn on the kidneys and their involvement in anxiety, the kidneys and their role of filtering the body's wastes and peeing out acids, the GI Tract and its role in digestion and absorption, and the various other glands and their respective functions to the body.  Despite the message clicking, I was also sad knowing the work that was required of me in healing my body.  This wasn't going to be a quick fix or easy pill to swallow to radically bring me to health.  I also wasn't happy at the thought of quitting meat.  I was also scared of sugar from fruit raising my blood sugar due to the Paleo brainwashing.  I was foolish enough to believe the fruit would raise my blood sugar as well as put on fat.  The more videos I watched the more my apprehension faded and the more I saw myself as extremely acidic with true addictions to dairy and meat. 


From February 2017 onward, I was slowly dropping the meat, supplements, and other garbage while embracing fruits, berries, melons and herbs.  This process wasn't done overnight.  I was on cooked foods my entire life and to switch to completely raw was an exercise in patience and frustration.  It took months to finally drop the meat completely, but I did so by November of 2017.  I reached out to Dr. Morse's clinic in Florida in October 2017 after watching and studying much of Dr. Morse's videos and material on his website.  I worked with Attila Balazs in Morse's clinic over multiple appointments in the years that followed until he left in 2021.  


In the months that followed in early 2017, I was no longer overheating all the time.  My digestion improved, the pain in my gut almost vanished, my congestion had cleared up, and my racing mind was settling down.  I really didn't even recognize myself, and many people noticed just how much more relaxed I was compared to years prior.  It was like someone hit the switch on my life.  It was as if I was finally able to reclaim my life back and experience life as I was originally intended to.  I finally got the answers I was looking for, and I felt a conviction to become a knowledge expert and master healer to put that into practice.  Years later after many days studying, experimenting, and making every mistake in the book, I am prepared to lead and guide anyone with any health issue to find their remedy. 


I don't have all the answers, but I have an unfading passion to learn everything I can about health.  I've been through enough myths, lies and deception to realize what absolutely doesn't work and is harmful for man.  My foundation as a healer is to do no harm and to get to the root cause of solving man's problem of toxemia and acidosis, thereby bringing about regeneration.  This is what makes Detoxification superior to every other modality on this planet.  If I don't have an answer to any particular question, I'll find one for you.  I have watched and taken notes on almost every single YouTube video on Dr. Morse's channel.  I've completed all 3 main certifications in Dr. Morse's online school of Detoxification.  I'm trying to stay in communication with Dr. Morse's clinic (I'm scheduling a meeting with the clinic in early May of 2023).  I have over 40 questions to ask the clinic during my next appointment.  I am always learning and I do not want to stop.  I'm not in it for the money, and thus no one can stop me in helping others heal themselves.  When you have a passion for health, no one can stop you.


Consider me a fanatic of Dr. Morse's teachings on detoxification and regenerating the body.  Consider me a guy compelled to help his neighbor in whatever capacity he can in this sad and decaying world we live in.

This is who I am.  This is what I think and breath 24/7.  This is my calling.  Learn from my mistakes and benefit from my experiences along this health journey I've found myself in.  Let me save you time and energy going down the path to Welleville.  We truly are on borrowed time.


June 2022

Iridology Certification - 91% Score

International School of the Healing Arts and Sciences

  • Iris analysis and protocols

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May 2022

Level 2 Detoxification Specialist - 88% Score

International School of the Healing Arts and Sciences

  • Advanced herbal protocols

  • Deeper understanding in principles of Detoxification and Regeneration

Level 2 Test Grades.png

DVD Course - December 2020 
Online Alumni Refresher Course - July 2022

Level 1 Detoxification Specialist - 93% Score

International School of the Healing Arts and Sciences

  • Foundational knowledge in chemistry, biology, physics, physiology, anatomy, nutrition, and herbs.

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