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The Healing Crisis

Don't get too tripped up by the name as I was at first: A healing crisis simply means a release or purging of built up mucus and toxins by the body.

What is another name for detoxification? Elimination, cold & flu, or a healing crisis.

It's labeled as a "crisis" as the nature of detoxing puts a demand on your body that may be stressful or unpleasant.  The payoff is so worth it though.


You can theoretically get sick from a common cold and get out so much mucus that it would take months exclusively on herbal formulas and raw fruits to achieve the same level of detox.  ​

Because of this reality, try everything you can to initiate a cold or flu-like symptom, including trying to get Covid-19 from those that have it.


You want any reason at all to get sick so that you can get the bad stuff out of you for as cheap as possible.



The Shortcut of Getting Sick

Why spend so much money and time on expensive herbs and costly fruit when you get can sick for a week, get out tons of mucus, and get more work done in one week than a couple of months of a serious detoxification protocol?

This is also why it is foolish to wash your hands excessively or be a germaphobe.  You want bacterium and germs as they can help you detox!  They are your friends to help you save time and money by getting you sick!  Instead of running away from nature's bugs, get up close and personal and thank them for helping you along your health journey! 

Colds are caused by viruses and/or external pathogens and “cold/flu like symptoms” are no different than a healing crisis.

Dr. Morse advises going into a room with sick people and hug them and kiss them.  If you can’t get into a healing crisis, try to get sick.  If you’re on herbs and raw foods, it’s all when the body is ready to get sick.  If you can catch something, you needed it.  If you get a cold or flu like symptom, you needed it badly. 

The trigger to get sick doesn’t matter, whether cold air, alkaline food, excessive bacterium or a virus.  The fact that your body gets into a detox is what is important.  When you’re healthy, you don’t get cold or flu-like symptoms.  Morse hasn’t had a cold or flu-like symptom in 20 years.  If he eats some yogurt or ice cream, then maybe he would get a cold from that.

If you get a cold or flu-like symptom, we will celebrate as your body is purging now at a level that is greater than what you could do just eating raw and taking herbs.  Saves you a lot of time and money having a healing crisis, especially cold and flu-like symptoms as they break loose the sinuses, bronchials and lungs.  That’s a major deal.

The Symptoms

During a healing crisis, one can experience the same exact symptoms as the condition or injury they are trying to overcome.

Anyone that has had bronchitis or pneumonia, expect it again as a healing crisis.  What you trap in has to eventually come out.

Generally if you have congestion in the lungs, you are diagnosed with pneumonia. That’s a situation where your body is trying to expectorate mucus. No one dies from pneumonia, they die from the treatment of it. If you suppress it one year, it will come back again and again worse and worse as no one told you why you are creating more mucus in the lungs and bronchi. You can’t keep locking it in with inhalers and nebulizers.

What you lock in or suppress today is your nightmare from Hell tomorrow.



Symptoms of a Healing Crisis can range between mild, moderate and severe.  It is more rare to see someone experience severe and moderate healing crisis symptoms than mere mild ones.  It all depends upon one's level of toxicity at the same that they detox.  

Mild symptoms include cold and flu-like symptoms, minor aches or pains, low-grade fevers, mild headaches, minor blurry vision, rashes, itching, chills, and minor blood in urine.


Moderate symptoms include symptoms of bronchitis or pneumonia, discharges or green or brown mucus, pain in old injuries or in degenerative areas of the body, minor paralysis of limbs, sores appearing on the skin, chronic fatigue symptoms, nosebleeds, vomiting, diarrhea,  mucus discharge from eyes and ears, dizziness and/or vertigo, minor heart palpitations, migraines, high grade fevers, skin splitting, excessive itching, and rectal bleeding.

Severe symptoms include paralysis of any part of the body, black mucus discharge from the lungs or bowels with diarrhea, tumors popping out all over the body, loss of sight, loss of hearing, severe dizziness or vertigo, severe fatigue, loss of fingernails or toenails, excessive weight loss, severe shortness of breath (use antispasmodic or an inhaler), skin cracking open, teeth becoming loose, and old suppressed symptoms like poison ivy reappearing.    


Why Many Aren't Getting a Healing Crisis

The reality for most people embarking on the path to wellness is that they won't have any major healing crisis to contend with, at least not initially or in the first few months.

The truth of the matter is that we are dealing with severe genetic weaknesses in peoples' kidneys and adrenals, and that means that lymph isn't going to be flowing as freely as we'd all hope it would.

Genetically weak kidneys come face to face with high protein consumption our culture readily advocates for, further tarnishing one's kidneys on top of those genetic weaknesses.  Weak kidneys means no filtration of lymph, meaning you're just peeing out excess water, further accelerating the acidosis in your body.

Low adrenal function means you're going to have emotional issues, which will compound itself among the insane stressors of this world, further inhibiting your kidneys from filtering since the adrenal glands turn on the kidneys for filtration.

The deck is stacked against many of us to heal, and there are certain powers that be that want it that way.

Dr. Morse has mentioned dozens of young people that went on months-long raw fruit fasts and their kidneys still weren’t filtering at the end of it all.  He mentions one particular case of a 20 year old that went on a 4 month raw fruit fast and her kidneys weren’t filtering afterward.  

Dr. Morse brings up another client that had been on 5 months of grapes, but had no healing crisis or experienced any major healing.  Dr. Morse argues that it is hard for nothing not to change when you're on 5 months of nothing but grapes.  Even if the client didn't feel any major changes, that doesn't mean changes aren't happening under the hood.  The client may not have been visibly filtering from their kidneys after those 5 months judging from peeing in a mason jar, but that doesn't mean they aren't getting major regeneration in their kidneys and real cleansing to their lymphatic system.


Think of the 3, 5 or 10-year-olds and their genetics now and what they’re fighting.  These same young 20-year-olds are not getting major healing crises after months long raw fasts with herbal protocols. 


Some of you have a lot of hard bodies to get into.  Some of you are working hard just to get kidney filtration, which is disgusting and sad in its own right.  It’s taking us into the realm of our normal pattern of eating as frugivores.  The problem is that our correct pattern of eating isn't enough to reconcile the years of animal consumption and terrible genetics we have to wrestle with as a generation. 

Sometimes the healing you are accomplishing on your detox isn't going to lend itself to major symptoms, but that doesn't mean you aren't fixing things.  It's just the time to fix things has only grown exponentially given the negative forces suppressing our healing.

We cannot let our poor genetics and horrible diets of the past dissuade us from pursuing detoxification to greater levels and degrees.  Even if you don't exhibit a single mild healing crisis symptom from months of doing the right things, that doesn't mean you're not filtering and healing your tissues.


How to Stop a Healing Crisis


Stopping a Healing Crisis is extremely easy: Eat cooked food

Isn't it funny that cooked food is the very thing that nullifies detoxification?  Yet somehow the culture has us cook all of our food and deems raw foods as inferior to cooked foods. 

This should show us just how warped and upside down this culture is.   

If only the culture would embrace raw foods as then they would find the tools for their remedy.  As it stands, we live in a society that eats foods that stop the very process of getting the body well: Detoxification.


The Danger of Removed Lymph Nodes


Lastly, I also wanted to mention cases where you might have a person that’s filtering but they have tumors that are not going down in size or some other tissue-specific concern that isn't improving.  Where could the problem be that we can’t see?  Lymph node deterioration or hardness of a lymph node that filters that area. 


We live in an upside down world today where medical doctors will remove lymph nodes simply because they find atypical cells (or what they call "Cancer" cells) therein.  What is the purpose of the body’s lymph nodes?  The destruction of damaged cells, the breakdown of metabolic acids, and as septic tanks for the body's acid sewage.  That means you should find atypical cells in your lymph nodes!  That's where the macrophages are to gobble up the damaged cells!  Any medical doctor that removes a patient's lymph nodes (among a host of other practices) deserves to have their medical degree revoked.  What makes lymph nodes swell and deteriorate?  Acids.

If you have your lymph nodes removed, there's no way for the cell to eliminate its metabolic waste into the interstitial fluid, which the lymph fluids take right to the lymph vessels into the lymph nodes to leave through the kidneys.  No lymph node means no wastes from those cells linked to the pathway of that removed lymph node get to leave the body.  When acids win, you lose.  Period.

There's nothing we can do for you when your lymph node is removed other than hope that nearby lymph nodes can somehow reroute your lymph vessels over to them to deal with your acids wastes.

With any amount of removed lymph nodes, you must be ultra strict with your diet and only stay on raw fruits, berries and melons for the rest of your days.  No exceptions.

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