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The Key to Pearly Whites

No, fruit sugar will not destroy your teeth.  Acids will.  This entire system of brushing one's teeth with a flouride-filled toothpaste after every meal is a new convention in modern history.  Over 50 years ago, Weston A. Price documented the differences in teeth degeneration among twins.  The twin with poor oral health was the one on the Standard American diet.  The twin with healthy teeth ate a whole foods, largely uncooked diet of meat and plants.

There is no question that acidosis will destroy your teeth from the inside out.  The acidic, cooked foods we consume every single meal will absolutely destroy one's tooth enamel and foster the worst kind of bacterium in their mouths.  This acidosis will drive the internal pH in your body down, meaning your tears, sweat, and saliva will have a lower pH balance.  Salty tears, anyone?  How about acid saliva destroying your teeth to boot? 

Most people have acid saliva because their lymph systems are backed up all through from head to toe.  Those without lymph nodes and those without tonsils will be especially impacted.  Nowadays the lymph is so backed up in people’s heads, their teeth are gone, TMJ is all the rage, teeth grinding is the new fad, we see the deterioration of jaw bones (fostering malocclusions, open bites, under bites, overcrowding and wisdom teeth issues), and tinnitus.

Let's not the parathyroid's important role in calcium utilization.  When one has poor teeth, crooked teeth, or when they need braces - it's all related to the parathyroid glands and how the body utilizes calcium and how that’s interplayed with your genetic lineage.

When you see the mutation of the mouth, septum tissue, eye sockets, head shape, or other facial features, especially bony/skeletal connective tissue, you know the parathyroid is involved.  One didn’t have enough calcium to make things form properly.  There could be some pituitary and thymus involvement with the parathyroid as well.  Thus, every young person today needs a whole host of jaw surgery, facial surgery, and plenty of orthodontia.  

Fix the acidosis and that changes everything including teeth, bone and connective tissue.

This is human degeneration on a massive scale, and the sad thing is that sugar and fruit are demonized in light of this downward trend in human health.

Yes, unripe fruit is acidic, but even then the damage to the teeth is minimal compared to the damage that unhealthy foods cause to your lymph system.  

There are plenty of stories of fruitarians that don't brush their teeth having impeccable oral health.  I can guarantee that these fruitarians aren't always having the most ripe of fruit.

Here's an example from the FitShortie YouTube Channel on the effects of long-term fruit consumption on one's teeth:



As you can see, fruits don't cause cavities, it's your acids that leads one to losing their pearly whites.

To further support this, Dr. Morse has spoken many times about meeting a 100 year old fruitarian islander with all her teeth still intact.  She doesn’t get the “complete protein” of meat or grains, yet she is thriving.  Can someone explain how she can be alive at 100 and look so good without “complete amino acids?”

Recall the Natural Hygiene movement of the 20th century and how many of these vegetable-focused individuals would meet at events and have still have their teeth in their 90s!

Look at the historical evidence of the diets people adopted over the last 100 years and see how that diet has effected their oral health.  Use that evidence to help guide you on what foods truly are fit for human consumption and health.


Lastly, I wanted to end by presenting this video from Dr. Morse which I believe is his best discourse on teeth and oral health in one single video.  Spread this video to others that may be confused about health, fruit, and dental health.




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