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All About The Adrenal Glands

When one is stressed out, the adrenal glands are getting hit. Your adrenals are your sugar metabolism gland, kidney controlling gland, mineral utilization, your sexual performance, neurotransmitters, and more. They’re like a second pituitary.

The adrenal glands sit right on top of the kidneys. Why would God put a big gland on top of the kidneys if they have no role in the performance of the kidneys? You know the adrenals have total role in the performance of the kidneys both in neurotransmitters (dopamine and acetylcholine) and steroids.

The adrenal glands produces over 50 steroids. Everyone of them come from cholesterol and other factors.  The inner part of the adrenals, the medulla, produces your neurotransmitters that run the autonomic nervous system, particularly the sympathetic. The outer part of the adrenal glands produce your corticosteroids. Corticosteroids are mainly antacids or anti-inflammatories, except for the gonadals which are your estrogens, testosterones and aldoesterones. Those are your acidic steroids, and where you have an acidic steroid you have a base steroid as its partner.  Estrogen: progesterone. Testosterone: progesterone.

What can bring your adrenal glands down or make them weak? You’ve got genetics. Who made that weakness in the first place and how did they make it? Genetics could also mean genetic strengths. If you’re in a genetically weak area, you’re looking at an area weakened by the lymphatic system, rarely by the blood.

There was a study Dr. Morse mentions on his videos showing that high protein diets throw people into Diabetes.  Why?  The kidneys. When they go down, the adrenals on top also do and that means your sugar metabolism goes down.

When you have weak adrenals, you have anxieties and emotional problems. That is linked to neurotransmitters and effects the autonomic nervous system. You see the nervous system going down and anxieties coming in plus shortness of breath.

Your adrenal glands are your connection to fear. The weaker your adrenal glands are, the more fearful you are.  You can now see the link of the adrenals to phobias and paranoia.  Strengthen your adrenal glands and your emotions will strengthen up and the paranoia will settle down.

98% of humans have adrenal gland problems.  Recent events over the past few years is proof enough of this.  Just go on TikTok for an hour and try to lie to me that our society doesn't have emotional problems.

One of the hardest things you’ll find is to get your kidneys to filter again, and your adrenal glands sit right on top of them.  When you’re ready to fight, your kidneys shut down as all your energy goes to your muscles.  If you’re stressed out, you’re in an “epi” mode, and you’ll lose filtration.  As soon as you relax and get your dopamines going, then you can pee and poop well.

Weak adrenal glands suppress breathing, digestion, and cognitive abilities.  It all comes back to neurotransmitters fueling your nervous system.  If your adrenal glands are producing neurotransmitters to power your nervous system, then your body's functions tied to your nervous system go down.

You have to go after the adrenal glands.  That is the first priority, but you can’t go after them without going after the kidneys, as the lymph system is what brings down the myelin sheaths and the adrenals themselves.  It’s a catch-22, the adrenals control the kidneys but as the kidneys get inflamed from proteins and break down and it backs up to the adrenals and affects them.

The Importance of Rest in Healing the Adrenals

To illustrate the importance of rest for detoxification and kidney filtration, let me first present one of Dr. Morse's clients. 

Morse had a client from New York/New Jersey that had esophageal cancer.  Morse couldn’t help him as he wouldn’t stop working.  He was telling him, “You gotta stop working.”  The reason is neurotransmitters.  When you need energy for muscle and activity, you will not have energy for everything in your body, that’s not how it works.  You have your epinephrine and norepinephrines for activity, fight or flight.  Then you have your Dopamines and Acetylcholines for elimination.  They work on the kidneys and bowels for elimination. When you are low in these, you get constipated and you can’t eliminate well.  When you’re stressed, that side shuts down and your epinephrines go up and you can’t poop well.  When you go on trips, you can’t poop as well unlike when you’re relaxed around the house.  A shift in neurotransmitters.  There’s a physiological reason for this.  Rest is at the kingpin of getting well. 


Dr. Morse has mentioned another client that started a new job that was stressful.  They were having a fight or flight response multiple times per day.  They were working their adrenal glands pretty bad.  They were shutting down their kidneys to use their epinephrines/adrenalines to keep themselves dealing with the stress.  That shut down the ability of the kidneys to filter, stooling, deep breathing, etc.  When you’re stressed like that, you can see swellings come up in the body and tumors.  Please get out of such a job if you are in them.  I know rent is due at the end of the month and you need to get experience in whatever industry you're in, but please don't feel like you owe your employer any loyalty when your health is severely impacted.

Another case study involved 2 women with "cancer" that Dr. Morse was working with around the same time.  Both were making great progress and were healing their bodies of atypical cells.  Due to their tremendous improvements, one of the woman decided to take a road trip across the country to visit family.  That woman's prognosis got worse after that trip and she didn't make it.  The other woman stayed home and did not do any long-distance trips and prospered. 


The lesson learned here is that traveling via car or plane is extremely stressful, and that stress absolutely inhibits one's adrenal glands which are critical to getting the kidneys to filter your acids out that cause atypical cells.  Be careful participating in any project or adventure while sick.  Always listen to your body and always opt to rest over engaging in any activity that puts too much demand on you.

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