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Treatments You Should Avoid



One of the severe negatives of modern Naturopathic schools like Bastyr and Southwest over the last few decades are their focus on supplementation and use of isolates to treat "dis-eases."


When you isolate chemistry, that’s not healthy.  When you give supplements that are isolates, the whole family of bonded and ratioed chemistry is disturbed.  When arsenic is a distant cousin, things are fine in the family.  You can pull that distant cousin Arsenic up close and personal and it can kill you.  You can change the relationship of elements and have dire effects, including a quick death.

Think of chemistry as a full elevator.  When someone leaves, another comes in to take their place.  As an example, if we bring in more isolated calcium in the picture via calcium capsules, magnesium and phosphorus leave the room (and in this case, the bone matrix). 

Many take isolated calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, selenium, B vitamins, digestive enzymes, insulin, melatonin or thyroid hormones.  If you take an isolate, the respective organ or gland that normally produces it quits making it.  


Taking mineral supplements (isolates) can cause an imbalance in the body’s chemistry, and you endanger the body by creating a deficit in certain constituents due to your supplementation.

If someone takes 100 mg of Calcium in a highly acidic medium, what happens?  Ionization.  Calcium will lose a lot of its electrolytes to the acid side.  The body will attempt to bring hydration, but you will see bonding of the acid principles of calcium creating rocks.  When the body is acidic, you want to be careful of isolates, as you are bringing isolates in the presence of an acidic body.  Most nutrition should be going into a base-dominant body.  We’re so on the acidic side that everything acts differently.  Absorption acts differently, utilization/metabolism is off.  Everything is different under an acid sky instead of a base sky.  The pH of duodenal juices need to be around 7.5-8.5 for proper digestive enzyme action as an example of the importance of chemistry in the many functions of the body.

You can’t fix poor digestion or malabsorption through nutrition.  You have to go after the pancreas, stomach and small intestine to optimize your processing of food.  If you're low in any mineral, the problem is with your utilization/metabolism of that mineral via adrenal steroids, and you need to fix your adrenal gland function.  Sucking down vitamins, minerals and supplements will not fix your issues. 


Many take supplements like Magnesium or Calcium for years, and the second they come off of that supplement is the second their symptoms come roaring back.  Take magnesium to help your anxiety and come off of it to see those anxious thoughts reappear instantly.  I also think of joint supplements that contain sulfur compounds like Glucosamine and Chondroitin that mask joint pain while doing nothing to fix the underlying cause.  Dr. Morse has routinely mentioned a client that was taking those joint supplements for years, and the knee pain came right back immediately once they stopped taking them.  Trust me, you don't want to be anywhere near sulfur supplements, let alone cruciferous vegetables (raw onions anyone?).  Use the Healthy Joints herbal formula and a ton of kidney and adrenal gland herbal formulas on a low protein diet and you should stop feeling joint pain quickly.

On the topic of minerals, how do you metabolize any mineral such as iron?  Through steroids.  You have a steroid for iron, zinc, selenium, manganese, all these except calcium (that's parathyroid).  You have a steroid, but wait a minute...your adrenals are crashed.  That means your steroids and neurotransmitters are down.  If you have low iron, do I supplement iron or do I fix my adrenal glands?  Supplementing iron throws iron in the system and iron as a supplement by itself is not synergistically happy with its brothers and becomes an agitator; it lacks the steroids to interact with other elements.


High protein diets change the relationships of phosphorus, calcium, and magnesium.  This culture's fixation on high protein diets coupled with the severe low parathyroid (for calcium) and adrenal gland function is a recipe for disaster in people actually utilizing minerals well.  Thus, we have so much depression and anxiety further set in stone by one's high protein diet.  Nitrogen really is destructive to our health yet it's still pushed by both Naturopaths and Medical Doctors alike in these high protein diets.  Isn't that convenient?


We use herbs for health.  Herbs are for body tissues and body fluids.  The physical body is a bunch of cells and 2 major fluids.  Enhance the function of your tissues instead of trying to supplement the chemistry you can't use.  You most likely are getting enough "nutrition" into your body.  It's not the nutrition, but how your body deals with that nutrition, which is dependent upon chemistry and the function of your organs and glands.

What about Vitamin B12?  Shouldn't one eat meat to get B12?  Again it all goes back to the adrenal glands.  Fix your adrenals as we get into cobalt, the metabolism of cobalt and the spring off of Vitamin B12.  It’s not really a vitamin in itself, but is a product off cycles similar to CoQ10.

If you're low in CoQ10, that's due to disruption in the Crebs cycle and that’s going back to low adrenal function.

Stop thinking about nutrition and focus more about cleansing the body and moving your sewer system.  Enhance your tissues with botanicals and eat as raw as possible and you'll get all the nutrition you could ever need. 

It's not about nutrition, it's about the 4 major processes to health: Digestion, Absorption, Utilization, and Elimination.


Until Bastyr and Southwest actually understand those 4 processes, those $100k ND degrees they pump out are virtually worthless.  It's my understanding that these schools also push high protein diets, which makes them even more worthless.  It doesn't matter how many anatomy and physiology courses the curriculum has to match any medical school, the result is the same: These schools leave their graduates with little to no idea on how to get the body well.

The funny thing is, you don't need a $100k+ degree to help others get well.  You need a raw diet and herbs (possibly glandulars).


Hormone Therapy


You take a hormone, steroid, enzyme, or neurotransmitter, the particular organ or gland that is supposed to make it no longer does so.  Can't sleep and take melatonin to fix it?  Now the pineal gland that produces melatonin is further suppressed.  Can't digest and start taking digestive enzymes?  Down goes your pancreas.  Reaching middle-age and taking testosterone replacement therapy?  Down go your adrenal glands when they're already on the ground. 


This is all documented from Dr. Morse's clinical practice from the past few decades.  Fix the organ or gland that is suppressed by moving your lymph and taking tissue-specific herbs.  Cure the underlying cause and you won't need to treat anything.

If the herbal formulas aren't enough, that's when we have to get into glandulars for a season to wake up the glands and then progress onto the herbal formulas for those particular underperforming glands.

Chi Machine and Rebounder (Mini Trampoline)


These 2 aren't harmful but they fall into the category of a waste of your valuable time.  They will not get your kidneys to filter.  You have to use chemistry to do so.  Some swear by rebounding as a mean's to enhance lymphatic flow throughout the body, but rebounding doesn’t make your kidneys filter.


Activity definitely helps with lymph and loosens things up, but it doesn’t open up the kidneys.  If you’re not filtering, rebounding will just keep producing acids in the knees and hips.  If you love rebounding, absolutely do it, but don't try go out to buy a mini trampoline to try to get some secret edge to help you detox faster.  The diet and herbs are the foundation for detoxing.   


Apple Cider Vinegar


Please say no to all vinegars which are extremely acidic.  Distilled vinegar is very acidic.  Apple cider vinegar is not as acidic but still is an acid.  What’s the benefit to eating fermented foods?  None.  The very smell of vinegar is like sulfur, pushing you away from it.

Say no to all fermentation as everyone is heavily involved with fungus.  Distilled and apple cider vinegar is all a fungal experience of fermentation.  The damage vinegar has on the teeth cannot be understated.



Coffee and Commercial Teas


Coffee almost outnumbers meat in terms of addiction and sympathizing.  Another toxic habit that people try to justify with sponsored studies and fake news articles.  As stimulant is a stimulant and you will get the blowback from it.  Mayne not today, or tomorrow, but someday.  

Ask yourself: Why would you need coffee for energy?  Shouldn't your foods be supplying you with energy?  What gland is primarily involved with your energy and alertness?  The adrenal glands.  We’re eating dead food and wondering why we have chronic fatigue.  We’re eating decayed flesh and wonder why we are full of acidosis and stink.  We are eating starch and grains and wonder why our poop sticks to our butt and why we use so much toilet paper.  

The only reason why you go to coffee for your energy is that you aren't getting your energy from fruit.  Your diet is poor and you're using coffee as a crutch and stimulant to get you through the day, when you really need to work on your glands and get on a raw fruit diet.


Coffee contains theobromine which is a neurotoxin.  Coffee causes harm to your kidneys as does commercial tea and soda.

Use coffee and meat as a tool when you really need that stimulant kick, but understand the severe blowback of enervation afterwards.

Coffee Enemas


The opposite of stimulation is enervation.  You can't have the high without having the crash afterwards.  You stimulate your bowels with coffee, you will eventually be unable to pass stool without an enema.  

Morse does not use laxatives or coffee enemas, but herbs to restore bowel function.  Whenever you stimulate you also enervate.  In everything, seek the middle path.  You want dynamic cellular health, and to get that you have to get the fluids happy, and to do that you need to change what you put in your body.

Get on the GI Renew capsule formula and use whatever number of the formula that corresponds to your bowel movement frequency.  The lower the number of the formula, the less constipated you currently are.  The goal is to work your way down to GI Renew #1.  Don't be surprised if I say many people are so constipated that they need to be on GI Renew #5 for a while, and that goes for those with Crohn's "Disease" as well.

Urine Therapy


I'm not even going to bother explaining why drinking your own cellular wastes is a stupid idea.  Consider it a blessing that those who do drink their own pee aren't filtering from their kidneys.  Even the military advises against drinking your own urine.

Fish Oil


Do you like the idea of taking mercury capsules?  You're getting straight mercury from farm-raised fish, with a little bit of rancid oil thrown in for good measure.  Or, you can pay premium prices for "refrigerated" fish oil that may or may not have been refrigerated on a truck, left outside in the sun for hours until a grocery store employee stocks the refrigerated shelf, and have the fish oil go rancid in your insulated bag from the trip to your apartment.  Is $50+ a bottle of fish oil enough to justify the anti-inflammatory nature of lipids?  Is the mercury content of the fish oil (which no company would ever want to admit for PR reasons) worth the "demonstrated" benefit of Omega 3 fatty acids?  

Why are we chasing the anti-inflammatory benefit of fish when we are frugivores not designed to eat fish or meat and thrive?  Fruits and vegetables are more anti-inflammatory than the lipids from any fish or animal.  If you think the heavy metal content in all of the fish and fish oil you're consuming isn't inflammatory to your nervous system, you've got another thing coming.

Let's put it this way:  Does someone eating a raw fruit diet need to worry about their Omega 6 to Omega 3 ratio?  How about someone eating nothing but raw grapes: Does such an individual need to worry about "nutrition?" 


When is Omega 6 an issue?  When you're eating cooked foods that contain seed oils like canola and corn oil.  You avoid most cooked foods apart from the foods allowed in a "Maintenance" diet and you never have to worry about Omega 6 or Omega 3 fatty acids.  You are better off eating Avocados and coconut oil than you ever are taking a mercury shot of rancid, expensive, and disgusting fish oil.

Stop giving these supplement companies your hard earned money for gimmicks that do not solve the underlying issue of the kidneys, adrenals, and lymphatic system.  Stop going after lipids to buffer acids for temporary relief and detox the acids out of your body for your remedy.

Bone Broth


Bone broth is concentrated in neurotransmitters and doesn't include the dense muscle tissue the animals that people are so used to eating.  So you get the neurotransmitter kick while also not dealing with the putrefying animal flesh in your GI Tract. 


People say bone broth is a miracle, but it's only because they're directly stimulating themselves with neurotransmitters without the blowback of digesting dense animal flesh.  The "miracle" is simply the stimulating effect the adrenaline in the bone broth provides to one's adrenal glands that are chronically underperforming.  The "miracle" here is what life would be like if one's adrenal glands were actually working as they should, and these stimulating foods provide a small window into what life should be like under the disguise of a drug that is concentrated neurotransmitters.


Stop stimulating your body, or else you'll just crash & burn.  Fix the adrenals and produce your own neurotransmitters rather than being dependent on meat and caffeine for a stimulant fix.

If you want a soothing "broth" to warm up with, make your own vegetable soup using a crockpot or just settle for some freshly brewed herbal tea like the Heal-All Tea.

Probiotics and Stool Implants


What is the role of most micro-organisms (e.g. bacterium, fungus, etc.) in your body?  Cleaning, creating vitamins, aiding digestion and conversion.

Your inner environment is your host or culturing medium.  When your sewer system is backed up, why would you not expect to have bacterium increasing in activity?  You would hope they would.  When you have a stagnant pond, you better believe bacterium are there to break down the sewage.  Bacterium are not the bad guys we label them to be (although there are the flesh eating variety).  The bad guys are the lymphatic sewage in our bodies that are backed up and congested.  Bacterium are our friends and allies as is fungus.  The problem is the foods we eat that attract the bugs that have to clean up our internal mess.  You eat too much starch and you need fungus to ferment the sugar you don't metabolize or you die.  Lymph nodes are full of bacteria for a reason, and that's to break down acids to a suitable pH in order to send them to the kidneys (so that you're not on your knees peeing out 3 pH acid wastes).  

Moving lymph is filtration of lymph through kidneys.  Lymph becomes stagnant when kidneys stop filtering.  Any stagnation of sewage builds fungus, bacteria and acidosis, which is exactly what man suffers from.

Probiotics don’t get the kidneys filtering to solve the problem.  You lose energetics when you get to the fermentation and putrefaction stage.

Adding more bacteria to the body is always a good thing, but it should be done naturally through eating plants coupled with a lifestyle that doesn't preside in a bubble.  Hand washing is a fallacy (but hard to get over for former germaphobes like myself).  You want to get out and roll in the dirt.  Most farmers are very strong in their immune systems.


If you are eating a diet full of plants, good bacterium will thrive in your body naturally.  You don't have to purchase expensive plant-based probiotic supplements to get the same effect.  Eat foods that clean your internal environment and bacterium should never be an issue for you.

Stool implants operate on the same principle as probiotics and are similar to eating rancid or fermented foods.  They’re therapeutic (and gross), but do not fix why you have problems.

Magnetic Therapy 

Acidosis will create a dehydrated state in your body and throw off your magnetic state and metabolism.  That’s why you would feel better on a magnetic mattress or wearing a magnetic bracelet/necklace as it sets you back on that base balance but it’s treatment based thinking.

Use the magnetic energy from fruits, berries and melons to raise your energy. 


Some use crystals as a way to channel energy and block radiation from electronics and cell phone towers.  It's worth looking into if you are surrounded by electronics or are located near a 5G tower.


Don't rely on "magnetic therapy" or any magnetic pendant or necklace when acidosis is the true cause of your energetic issues.


Sun Gazing & Sunglasses


Never look directly into the sun, ever.  Never try to sun gaze.  Many have damaged their eyesight from this practice.

Also, please try to limit your use of sunglasses.  You want full spectrum light to enter your eyes when outdoors.  Wearing sunglasses all the time will just mean you won't be able to tolerate any natural sunlight when you get older.  Just recall how many elderly people you've seen with those sunglasses that wrap all around their face. 

Save the sunglasses for when it's extremely bright or when riding a motorcycle/riding a bicycling so that you don't get debris in your eyes and cause an accident.


Infrared Saunas


Morse and the clinic have made it clear they are not a fan of infrared saunas as they burn you from the inside-out.  You can easily burn yourself in these types of saunas and Morse has mentioned cases where peopled experienced just that.  


If you need a make-shift sauna, turn on the hot water in the shower and let the steam fill the bathroom.  Finish off any hot water with cold water as cold is alkaline and part of the alkaline chemistry equation.

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