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Important Tips for Every Protocol

Protocol Notes

What to Include in Your ProtocolTaking 2 different kidney herbal formulas is key.  We’ve reached a level of kidney weakness that demands more herbs to get the kidneys to filter.  You can choose any 2 of the 4 available kidney formulas, but preferably you’d choose one odd and one even numbered formula (Ex: Kidneys & Bladder #s 1 & 2, 3 & 4, 1 & 4, 2 & 3).

Always have something for the adrenal glands, whether the adrenal gland herbal formula, glandular, or both.

Always have something for the GI Tract.  The goal is to be on the GI Daily (formerly named GI Renew #1), as there's nothing in that formula that would move you into a bowel movement.  If you're moving too much, go down to formula #0.  If you're not moving enough, go up a formula number or two.  It's always better to be conservative with the GI formula number you use depending upon your case of constipation.  A fruit diet will absolutely help you with peristalsis.  Try to spend some time on fruit first before jumping into a higher numbered GI formula.  If you're only having a bowel movement once every other day, you can go up GI Renew #2 for 2 capsules twice a day to start, then you can drop down to only a capsule twice a day, and eventually move down to the GI Renew #1 (GI Daily) formula.

Frequency: Take the herbs 5 days on, then take 2 days off, and repeat that rhythm.  Take the protocol a minimum of twice a day, but 3 times if time and convenience permit.  If taking the herbs three times a day, take the herbs first thing in the morning, then during late morning, and again in the afternoon.  If taking the herbs twice a day, take them first thing in the morning and again in the late morning.

Example of 3X Protocol schedule: Herbs at 8 am, fruit breakfast at 8:30 am, herbs at 11 am, fruit lunch at 11:30am, herbs at 2 pm, and all of your following meals after 2:30pm.

Example of 2X Protocol schedule: Herbs at 8 am, fruit breakfast at 8:30 am, herbs at 11 am, fruit lunch at 11:30am, and then all of your meals after 12 pm.

Where to get Herbs: Storefront for herbal formulas:

Storefront for the glandulars (it’s different than the clinic’s storefront for the herbal formulas):

You don’t need any permissions to purchase glandulars for yourself (this wasn’t the case before Covid).



Food with Herbs:  It’s preferable to take the herbs 15-30 minutes before eating, but it’s not a deal breaker.

Tinctures, Capsules, or Glycerin:  Choosing capsules or tinctures for the formulas is down to personal preference.  I recommend mostly capsules for most protocols simply because it’s easier to measure and take the capsules, whereas taking the tinctures can get messy, imprecise, and one can burn through more of the tincture because the dosage is based upon one’s weight.  Glycerins are generally inferior to both the capsules and tinctures due to their digestive demand.

Dosages: For capsule dosages, 2 capsules 2 or 3 times a day is recommended.  If an herbal formula is a little too strong for you, you can always go down to just 1 capsule.

For tincture dosages, follow the instructions on the bottle as it goes by weight.  Remember that one dropperful is merely half of the pipette/thin vial.

Choose a good mixture of capsules and tinctures for your protocol just to save you the hassle of swallowing so many capsules. 


Precautions: Do not take the Circulation formula if you have a tumor, as we don’t want to potentially feed it and make it larger since you’re not filtering.


Do not take any herbal formula for any organ or gland in a "Hyper" state, such as Hyperthyroidism. 


The Endocrine Glands formula has herbs that touch on the Thyroid.  Do not take this formula if you have Hyperthyroidism.  

Please do not take any traditional lymphatic formulas (lymphatic #s 1, 2, 3, 4 or the lymph node formulas) if your kidney functioning is low as we don’t want to create a scenario where everyone is “running to the door” and you end up with a UTI or similar experience.

You can implement the Lymph formulas after a couple of months once you get things moving and enhance your overall health with diet and herbs/glandulars.

Diet Notes


If you're going to cook anything, cook your fruits and vegetables.  Boil, steam, sautee, or bake your fruits and vegetables to slow down your detox.


Eliminate all dairy, grains, beans, nuts, and seeds from your diet.


If you must eat meat, keep the portion size as small as possible and pair the meat with vegetables.


Eat your fruit, berries, and melons by themselves.  Always eat melons alone as they digest faster than the other fruits.


For proper food combining: You can combine starches (grains, bread, rice, potatoes, oats) with vegetables.  You can combine meat with vegetables (and you should always combine them as the vegetables help buffer the acids in the meat).  Do NOT mix starches/grains with meat/nuts/proteins.

Avoid all spicy foods.

Avoid cooked tomatoes.

Avoid all cruciferous foods (broccoli, kale, bok choy, cauliflower, eggplant).

Veggie fruits and sprouts are the best vegetables you can eat.

If you juice any vegetables, juice celery and beets as they work on the adrenals and kidneys, respectively.

For smoothies, use frozen fruit and bananas for a cheap option.  Frozen mangoes are the cheapest frozen fruit option you can find in grocery stores.



Notes on Stress


Stress will put you in a flight or fight state, which will suppress your kidney filtration and bowel functioning. 

Stop watching the news.

Drive below the speed limit.

Never intentionally rush yourself in anything.

Please try to let go and relax as much as possible.  Imagine you’re on vacation and put all of your worries aside for a season.


Be intuitive with your body and listen to it.  Try to anticipate stressful scenarios and try to avoid them if at all possible.

You make choices every day.  What do you eat for lunch?  What movie do you watch on a Friday night?  What do you do on your 15 minute breaks?  Let your choices enhance your health, rather than nullify it.  


Some examples to consider: You can eat a salad for lunch or a burger. You can watch a horror movie, or a comedy.  You can delay yourself and rush off to an event, or you leave early and get there with time to spare.  

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