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Foods to Eliminate

The body can get real dirty inside.  It’s a food processing machine that’s rarely cleaned. 

Imagine using your food processor and never cleaning it.  We’re processing the wrong food and are reaping what we sow.  Imagine processing potatoes on your bowel wall.  Then try adding a giant steak on top of that sticky residue.  At least with raw foods, you can clean the body with water.  Not so with starches, beans and meat.

Let the theme of foods to eliminate center around the acid and mucus byproducts that result in the digestion, absorption, utilization, and elimination of these foods.

Please do everything you can to eliminate the following foods from your lifestyle for the rest of your days:

  1. Dairy Products (Milk, cheese, butter, ghee, yogurt, and ice cream)

  2. Animal flesh and eggs (raw or cooked)

  3. Soy Products (Tofu, tempeh, soy milk and soy beans)

  4. Wheat and most grains (exceptions being millet, quinoa and amaranth)

  5. Beans and lentils (whether soaked or canned)

  6. All oils (especially seed oils like canola, sunflower and corn oil)

  7. All canned food (including canned fruits and veggies)

  8. Nuts and seeds (with the exception of macadamia and pine nuts)

  9. Fried Foods (this includes french fries and most potato/tortilla chips)

  10. Kombucha, mushrooms, and nutritional yeast

  11. Coffee, dark chocolate, and energy drinks

  12. Soda, colas, and shelf-stable juices (the exception being coconut water)

  13. Vinegar (white distilled, apple cider vinegar, or balsamic vinegar)

  14. Nightshades (including cooked tomatoes, tomatillos, jalapenos, eggplant, and spicy peppers)


If you can eliminate only one type of food from your diet for the rest of your life, please eliminate dairy products.


Dairy products are the most mucus-forming foods on the planet.  Dairy products are the fastest way you can give yourself tumors from food.

Certain foods like those listed here create acid build up in the body and are acid forming. That’s your meats, beans, dairy and grains. Their residues are acidic. That’s before they’re metabolized. So you have metabolism on how your body uses chemistry, which creates more acids.  It's all acids on top of acids.


Fruits and veggies have an alkaline electrolyte ash, they're anti-inflammatory, anti-pain and anti-edemic (anti-swelling).

Alternatives and Substitutions

For Vegan cheeses, Field Roast and Violife are available in most grocery stores and are consistently rated as some of the best tasting vegan cheeses out there for the money.  

Please keep the Beyond and Impossible Meat consumption to a minimum.  They're just too dense in chemistry.  Even Dr. Prager's and Hilary's veggie patties have too much protein and fat for your maintenance diet.  Please treat the vegan meats as a "once in a while" treat or an option when at a restaurant with a more restricted or limited menu. 

If you must eat beans, don't get them canned.  Get them dried or even sealed in a plastic pouch.  A Dozen Cousins is a good brand for this and they're sold at Target, Walmart and Trader Joe's:

I do not recommend ketchup or mustard as they're full of vinegar.  If you must have a tomato sauce, opt for an organic tomato paste.  Cooked tomatoes are extremely acidic and should be avoided at every opportunity.  The same applies for red salsas, pasta sauces and tomato juices.

All store-bought salsas fit into the red or green camp.  The red salsas contain cooked tomatoes while the green variety include cooked tomatillos.  If you wanted a salsa, opt for the green salsas with the least amount of spice and jalapenos available.


Regarding mustard, use ground mustard powder.  Just add a little water and mix it up and you've got the same flavor profile without all the acidic vinegar destroying your teeth.

If you must have ketchup, my favorite brand with the cleanest ingredients is the Primal Kitchen brand:

For BBQ Sauce, I've only managed to find one brand available at Whole Foods and Amazon that doesn't have natural flavors.  Even the Primal Kitchen brand has natural flavoring.  The Good Food For Good brand has an organic BBQ sauce with no natural flavoring:

I've not tried this sauce out but it is the cleanest BBQ sauce I've found online so far.

If you must use an oil, use an unrefined and virgin organic coconut oil.  Most olive oil is adulterated with other seed oils and are subject to rancidity. Most avocado oil is also subject to adultery with other oils and is already heated.  There are very few raw organic avocado oil options available on the market, and they're all very expensive.  Organic and unrefined coconut oil is available in most grocery stores and is cheaper than avocado oil and extra virgin olive oil.  Remember to use oils sparingly!

For Macadamia and Pine nuts, Aldi and Costco have the best deals on these.  They're insanely expensive but they are a tasty treat to use for a celebration or occasion.  


If you must have some grains, aim for the pseudo-grains like millet, quinoa and amaranth.  Use brown and white rice sparingly even though they're so cheap and easy to prepare.  Rice is still mucus forming and acidic, but you're better off eating it compared to everything on the list above.  If you're truly dirt poor, then eating bananas for breakfast and lunch and then rice for dinner isn't the worst diet you could adopt for short term as you build up funds.  You can rely on banana boxes and 25 pound bags of rice from any grocery store for what would amount to under $40 a week.  All you would need is a place to store the bananas and rice and a microwave to cook the rice.  Again, not ideal at all, but sufficient when you're really at a low point facing starvation.  The idea is to graduate from the rice and bananas into more subacid fruits, sweet potatoes, and even some veggie fruits as budget permits.  


I know many can't give up carbonated drinks and soda.  The vast majority of them have natural flavors.  Spindrift is the cleanest brand I've found and you can get it at Target, Walmart and Costco:  Try to implement as many smoothies and fresh-squeezed juices as you can in place of the sparkling drinks/sodas.  Otherwise try to have a pasteurized coconut water like boxed Vita Coco fill the void of sparkling drinks. 

If you really love chips, then opt for the baked variety.  I have not yet found an organic baked potato chip that uses avocado or coconut oil.  If you must have a chip that's fried, then go for a tuber or plantain-type chip fried in avocado or coconut oil. Barnana makes a good plantain chip fried in coconut oil that's available in most health food stores like Whole Foods and Sprouts:  Siete is another good brand for grain-free tortilla chips:


If you absolutely must eat animal flesh, go for raw or baked wild caught fish, like wild caught sockeye salmon.  Heavy metal issues aside, fish has a lot of epinephrine so you'll get that neurotransmitter kick and satisfy that urge for the adrenaline high without acidifying yourself too much compared to eating chicken, pork or beef.

If you really wanted a shelf-stable juice for convenience, then you could opt for boxed coconut water that's been pasteurized.  Every grocery store sells it.  You could mix in fresh lime or lemon juice to really elevate the flavor.  Many have used boxed coconut water as a "milk" for a "cereal" of fruit.  Avoid pasteurized and bottled orange juices as the oranges are unripe and extremely acidic.

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