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Best Grocery Store Finds

Given the insane cost of living in the West and the poor quality of fruit in every grocery store today, one has to be resourceful to find the best tasting foods for the best prices.

I've listed a few grocery stores with some of the best quality and most economical fruit and vegetable choices you can go with.

This list will be constantly edited as I find traverse every grocery store in my area.

When it comes to grocery prices, one YouTube channel I highly recommend is Adventure's With Danno.  He chronicles his trips to various grocery stores in his area of Cincinnati, Ohio and shows you all the prices in every aisle.  He does a great job exploring the various sales and deals of produce and he can save you a lot of time.  His channel can be found here:

Feel free to send me any photos or recommendations so that I an update this list.

Trader Joes


The organic bananas are 29 cents each and the conventional bananas are 20 cents.  An organic banana box contains 90 bananas which will cost you $26.  Not a bad price for a small family.  Trader Joe's will just charge you for however many bananas you purchase there, making for an easy checkout experience.  If you only go in for 20 bananas, just tell the cashier you got 20 organic bananas and they'll input that into their system and not need to count every single banana.  Make sure you memorize the number you brought before entering checkout! 

Use these organic bananas in conjunction with the organic frozen fruit.  The cheapest frozen fruit you can get are the frozen conventional mangoes.  Mangoes are on the Clean 15, meaning they have minimal pesticide content, so use this to your economic advantage.

While Trader Joe's locations have awful parking, their stores are clean, and the checkout experience is pleasant.

















Costco has the best organic bananas of all of the grocery stores I've visited.  They also have the best deal on dates, dried fruit, and fruit snacks.  Their frozen organic mangoes and berries are excellent, but also expensive.

Overall, Costco does not have better deals on their fruit, nor is their fruit quality all that much different from any other grocery store.  They do have some decent organic grapes in the summer.


For any parents out there with children that do not want to eat any whole fruits, Costco does have some decent enough fruit snacks and dried fruit selections pictured below.  

Most Costco warehouses finally have self-checkout making for a much better customer experience. 














Aldi has great prices on most fruits but the fruit quality is mostly subpar and there isn't enough stock at any given time.  However, Aldi does have the best checkout experience of any grocery store in terms of speed and customer service.  Aldi does have some great weekly sales from time to time, including $1 packs of conventional blueberries/blackberries/raspberries.  Their Chiquita bananas are routinely poor quality and stay green when ripening (meaning they were heavily irradiated).  Aldi also has a great price on their 24 oz organic frozen blueberries and strawberries you can use for smoothies that runs around $5.50 for 24 ounces.  Also to note is that Aldi has the cheapest price on boxed coconut water, which is currently $2.50 for a large box.

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