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Iridology: Underrated and Underutilized


Scoffers and liars may hear about iridology and bring up one of the following responses: 


"Isn't this just Phrenology (the belief that bumps on the head correlated to personality traits)? 

There is no medical research to back up the science of Iridology! 

Eyes do not change color! 

The eyes don't show the condition of fluids in the body, nor do they illustrate genetic strengths or weaknesses! 

This is pseudo-science!"

I'm sorry the truth of iridology offends you and doesn't fulfill your criteria for "science" even when the allopathic treatments of chemotherapy, vaccines and pharmaceuticals bring nothing but death and destruction in their path.  So much for science when all you can do is kill and avoid the reality of the kidneys and their connection to the lymphatic system. 


Why is it hard to believe one part of the body can reflect the state and condition of other parts of your body?  Isn't the body a unit?  Or in this case a bunch of cells and 2 major fluids?  Don't those bags under your eyes signify kidney weakness?  What about yellowing of the eyes indicating liver problems?  Isn't there an entire field of foot, hand, and ear reflexology that correlates parts of the foot, hand and ear to the entire body, including the kidneys and heart? 


Doesn't Dr. Morse mention the story of when he was working in a cardiac unit in a hospital and how he rubbed a patient's left foot specifically in the region corresponding to the foot that awakened the patient by stimulating their heartrate up?  Dr. Morse applied the principle of foot reflexology for the specific role of stimulating a different part of the body.  That patient would have been dead apart from applying reflexology.

Doesn't the tongue also reveal the health of the GI tract, from the tip of the tongue corresponding to the stomach, the middle of the tongue to the small bowel and the backend of the tongue corresponding to the colon?

Iridology is a living science backed by thousands of observable cases, including my own.  We have hundreds of before and after photos clearly showing changes in the eyes, both in color and form.  We also see changes in the sclera surrounding the iris as well.  


Iridology is a simple science, and of course simplicity is the antithesis to the arrogance and pomp of those that worship the mind and academics.  

Basically, anything easy enough to understand and learn has to be pseudo-science and false, right?

Or do we have to wait decades for enough "peer reviewed academic journals" to be published before you turn your head?

All the billions of dollars for fancy equipment lining these hospitals (which you are directly paying for through the Affordable Care Act and Medicare) can't touch the findings of an iris analysis we can do with an old iPhone.

Please reach out to me with your iris photos and I'd be happy to let any skeptic see the light of Iridology.

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