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Anxiety is NOT a "Dis-ease" or mental disorder.

The underlying cause of excessive anxiety is adrenal gland insufficiency.  Simply just weak adrenal glands.  Imagine they're asleep.  When your adrenal glands are down and are not doing their job of producing neurotransmitters, hell ensues. 

Emotional strength and integrity, a lack of worry, a lack of fear, a lack of paranoia, a lack of shyness, and a resounding calm are all part of well functioning adrenal glands.  Your adrenal glands deal with all of the stress of modern life, whether its relationship problems, job problems, financial problems or problems with the government.  These stressors wouldn't be such an issue if your adrenals were functioning properly, but when they're down, you're down and you can't tolerate any stress or demand whatsoever. 


Now you see why chronic fatigue is rampant in our society.  You need neurotransmitters for activity, and when you don't produce them, you're stuck in bed all day unable to lift your head up.

With weakness in the adrenal glands, all disorders related to anxiety are fair game: Obsessive-Compulsive thoughts and behaviors, phobias (including agoraphobia), social anxiety, panic disorders, and generalized anxiety.

The Importance of Rest

One of the hardest things you’ll find along your wellness journey is to get your kidneys to filter again, and your adrenal glands sit right on top of them. When you’re ready to fight, work, drive, shop, or pay bills, your kidneys shut down as all your energy goes to your muscles.  If you’re stressed out, you’re in an “epi” or epinephrine mode, you’ll lose filtration.  As soon as you relax and get your dopamines going, then you can pee and poop well.


The 2 Paths of Energy Usage: Fight or Rest

There are 2 Paths for your energy usage.  Given that you can produce only so many neurotransmitters at any time, you can only do one of two things: Fight or Flight, or Rest & Digest.  You are not a superhero, you can only do one or the other at any given time.  You need neurotransmitters to fight (epinephrine and norepinephrine), but you also need neurotransmitters to rest (dopamine and acetylcholine).  That's the fork in the road: either produce neurotransmitters for activity, rest, or you end up collapsing and doing neither. 


Rest includes urinating and defecating, which requires filtering through your kidneys and peristalsis.  You don't filter and you don't poop when you're stressed and under demanding conditions like work or traffic.  Yet society keeps putting more and more stressors in our path, to the point where we are doing nothing but Fighting or Fleeing.  There is so little rest in our culture, and the results are that we are suppressing our body's ability to heal.  Yet all I hear is that people are taking 2nd jobs, working 80 hour weeks, and managing multiple side hustles out of necessity given how insanely expensive this country has become to live in.

Imagine trying to work a 9-5 job with adrenal gland issues, and now you realize why you are "dead tired" at the end of a shift, and why you also deal with rude or mean employees throughout your daily life.  We are living in a society of people with emotional weakness, and it is causing so much harm.  The tragedy is that all of this could have been avoided if we told people to WORK LESS and also if Allopathy just stepped aside and allowed you to heal your glands and organs.  This is also a huge reason why everyone quit their jobs during the start of the pandemic.  People realized that the job stress was not worth the damage to their health and they lived off the free money from the government for a little while.  

It's time to wake the dead and get those adrenal glands back up and running.  It's time to get emotionally strong, especially for the coming chaos that awaits western society by the end of the decade, if not much sooner.

You can already imagine the adrenal gland problems our society has today, evidenced by the chaos of recent events as well as the behavior of Millennials and Gen Z.  Don't point the finger solely at them, they are genetically weaker than prior generations.  Every subsequent generation gets progressively weaker in the functioning of their organs and glands, yet we're vaccinating youth at a record pace and ADHD and Autism rates are skyrocketing as a result.  Conspiracy? No, maybe just ignorance of chemistry, addiction to protein, and a sad amount of greed in our world today.  Sin brings nothing but death.

Ask yourself: Are you in a fight or flight mode right now?  If so, it's time to rest and take it easy.

How to cure the Underlying Cause of Anxiety

What side of chemistry could be negatively affecting your adrenals? There are 2 sides: Acid or Base. Pick one.  What major fluid in the human body is actively servicing the wastes of the cells of the adrenal glands, other than blood?  The answer is the Lymphatic system, the sewer system that carries wastes from the cells that form the tissue of the adrenal glands to the kidneys to be eliminated out of the body.  No filtration of the kidneys means your acids linger in your body and terrorize your cells, including your adrenals. 

You have to implement a lifestyle that does not put demand or pressure on you.  No, I'm not asking you to be lazy or slack off.  I'm asking for you with genetic adrenal weakness and kidney failure to stop putting your body in a flight or fight mode in one of the most stressful times ever to be a human on this planet.  I am asking that you shift from a life that puts excess demand on the adrenals to a lifestyle that focuses on rest, as that's where you will get filtration of the kidneys and optimum digestion.    

If you're suffering from severe anxiety that is debilitating and destroying your life, you may need to quit working a traditional job for a little while.  By a little while, I mean 1-2 years easily.  You may need to leave the United States for a couple of years and head off to Thailand or Costa Rica to detach from the culture and be in a new environment.  You may need to orchestrate your life where you have very few bills and expenses.  You may need to drop any rent payments by living in someone's spare bedroom, with family, or on someone's couch.  


The bottom line is that if you are going to want to heal the adrenals, you have to live a lifestyle that is contrary to that which has been weakening them: That's a life of alkaline foods and low stress.


You need to focus on avoiding or minimizing stressful daily tasks, whether that's driving during rush hour, engaging in vigorous exercise, playing stressful and frustrating video games, watching stressful and thrilling movies, or even reading forums or YouTube comments.  You can treat anything and everything like work or a job, and thus put more demand on your adrenals.  I bet you're already thinking about a dozen different tasks and activities you engage in daily that are truly suppressing your adrenals.  

Follow the lifestyle changes I recommend on this website under the Therapies section.  Stop watching the news, get off all social media, listen to ASMR, try some Egoscue exercises or yoga poses, drive slowly to every destination, walk slowly and do not rush yourself, breathe through your belly and not your chest, listen to relaxing music, take hot and cold showers, stop using TikTok, and above all else, love yourself and your neighbor.


In everything, don't follow the crazy train of the mind.  Don't let thoughts take you captive and take your attention away from the here and now.  Master the ability to catch your mind from trying to take hold and just let the negative thoughts go.  Let the disturbing memories fade.  Let the traumatizing replay in your head not sink its teeth in you.  


Summary of the Steps to Heal the Adrenal Glands


Get on a 100% raw fruit, berry and melon diet.

Eat fruit frequently and do not let yourself go without food for more than about 2-3 hours. 

Do not fast yourself and put excess demand on your adrenals to produce neurotransmitters for energy.  Get your energy from your fruits!

Take the Adrenal Gland Herbal formula, preferably in an herbal protocol.  The herbs will both clean and strengthen the adrenal gland tissue.

Use a 400 mg adrenal glandular (1-3 capsules 3 times a day) in order to energetically awaken the adrenals.  Use the adrenal glandular shorter term (1-4 months) while you can use the adrenal herbal formula as long as you'd like.  

Fungus can exacerbate anxiety, so we also want to focus on a parasite kill with the Parasite M herbal formula.

For Anyone Suffering an Anxiety Attack, Emotional Outburst, or Extreme Stress


Use 2 full dropperfuls of the Spasm Calm herbal tincture formula to immediately calm your mind, body and emotions.  This herbal formula is single-handedly the most powerful tool to help combat severe negative experiences involving adrenal gland weakness. 


The Bach Rescue Remedy flower essence formula is also a good option to take the edge off any stressful moment.  You can find the Rescue Remedy formula at various Health stores like GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, Whole Foods and Sprouts.

Sample Protocol to Cure the Underlying Cause of Anxiety

What is the first principle of a detoxification protocol? Rest

Diet: 100% raw fruits, berries and melons only.  Stay as close to this raw diet as possible for maximum energy and minimal digestion.

Glandular: 400 mg Adrenal Glandular, 1 capsule 3 times a day for up to 3 months

Herbal Formulas: Adrenal gland herbal formula

At least 2 kidney formulas (one capsule, one tincture)

Brain & Nerve Formula

Circulation Formula*

GI Renew (# is relative to bowel frequency)

Parasite M

Parasite G - Only do 2 bottles and then stop if you see no large bugs in stools

3 Lung Formula

Liver/Gallbladder Formula

Pancreas Formula

Endocrine Support*

Licorice Root (avoid if you have high blood pressure)

*Note on Endocrine Support*: This formula has herbs that will enhance the thyroid.  If you have hyperthyroid issues, please avoid this formula and use the Adrenal gland formula instead.

*Note on Circulation formula*: If you have tumors, cysts, polyps, or lipomas, please refrain from this formula until you work with a qualified Detox Specialist.

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