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Kidneys: The Most Underappreciated Organs in History

You always hear about the relative value of the kidneys with jokes along the lines of, "I had to sell my kidneys to afford it."

If only the people making such jokes realize just how important their kidneys are to their health and wellbeing, then they wouldn't joke any longer.

Why are the kidneys so important?  What's their function?  Medical doctors seem to have absolutely no clue other than to pee out excess water.  If only they knew, it would certainly help them heal their patients.


It's all about elimination of the very wastes that are plaguing man's cells.

Cells create waste products through activity.  You've got over 100 trillion cells all producing wastes.  Cells feed their wastes into the lymph nodes as septic tanks, and those wastes are processed in the "septic tanks" of the lymph nodes and sent to the skin or kidneys for elimination. 


The process of elimination from cells, the breakdown or neutralization of acids and damaged cells by lymph nodes, and the elimination of these particles out of the kidneys or skin summarizes the importance of detoxification of acids through one's kidneys.  When you start seeing tumors popping, this process has been a long time happening.

We throw out the term, "Move your Lymph!" all time, but what does that mean?

Moving lymph is filtration of lymph through kidneys. 

Lymph becomes stagnant when kidneys stop filtering.

Any stagnation of sewage builds fungus, bacteria and acidosis, which is exactly what man suffers from.

We need to get the suppressive and corrosive effect upon the cell by acids away from the cell.

That's why detoxification is so important and why the kidneys are so vital.


How do you get a cancer cell?  How do you produce an atypical cell and then a cancer cell?  How does the damage occur to the cell?  You need to understand the lymphatic system and exactly what the cell’s job is to eliminate its metabolic waste into the interstitial fluid, which the lymph fluids take right to the lymph vessels into the lymph nodes and out the kidneys you go.

The right kidney drains the right brain all the way down to the right toe and the left does the left side.  These are the main elimination organs of your lymphatic sewer system.  This is a lipid based, cholesterol-based system.  That’s why you see mucus when you detoxify.

The Reality of Kidney Failure for Many

So many people are in kidney failure it’s unbelievable.  You might go years without filtering the kidneys and not even know it.  But you may notice the lower back as so many do, that’s L4 and L5 in your spine, and that's your kidney and bladder connection.  It takes years for the lymph system to get into the chronic levels sometimes.


If you have large dark circles under the eyes, that's Kidney failure.

The kidneys filtrate the acid wastes from all parts of the human body and the skin is another kidney in a sense (That's why we call it the 3rd kidney).  The more acidic, the more dehydrated, the slower the lymph fluids, and when the kidneys don’t filter anymore then this all backs up more.

To have a tumor anywhere in your body, you have to have kidney filtration problems.  The further from the kidneys you see tumors and damaged cells, the harder it is to detox that out.  When you open the kidneys, you pull the plug on them and you get drainage. 

In most people, the adrenals are down more than the kidneys.  Dr. Morse has seen that in all the eyes he has studied over the years.  Marcie Troyer, a former Detox Specialist at Dr. Morse's clinic, didn't think you can have a kidney weakness without an adrenal weakness.  That’s what she saw in Iris analysis work all day long as well.

The adrenal glands sit right on top of the kidneys.  Why would God put a big gland on top of the kidneys if they have no role in the performance of the kidneys?  You know the adrenals have total role in the performance of the kidneys both in neurotransmitters (dopamine and acetyocholine) and steroids.  The kidneys and adrenals are like brother and sister.

You gotta go after the adrenal glands.  That is the first priority, but you can’t go after them without going after the kidneys, as the lymph system is what brings down the myelin sheaths and the adrenals themselves.  It’s a catch-22: the adrenals control the kidneys but as the kidneys get inflamed from proteins and break down, that backs up to the adrenals and affects them.

When you’re 20-30 years old, you can take kidney and adrenal weakness to the bank (or to Las Vegas).  The younger you are, the more serious this can be.  Mothers created these problems in their children, unknowingly and unconsciously, through their lymphatic system and carrying a baby interfacing with their lymphatic system.  What did the mother eat while pregnant as well as during breastfeeding?  What did she feed the child in early childhood and beyond?

The kidneys and GI Tract are the 2 big blockers.  Your GI tract can block your sinus from draining.  Your kidneys can block your entire body from draining.

Your suffering is determined by how fast you can get that lymph filtering through your kidneys. The whole nine yards is how fast can I get my kidneys to filter this crap acid out of my body.  You have filtration of the urine and sweating as the 2 only factors that must take place before you can claim Wellville.  Otherwise your progress is slow.  Dr. Morse has mentioned countless clients that had slow progress of over 3 years, and these are clients strictly on fruit diet and herbs (I've got my work cut out for me it seems).

You cannot fight against acids with basic electrolytes alone when your kidneys aren’t filtering, as you have the tendency to pee your electrolytes out due to the cationic and agglomerated environment in your body.  There’s a certain amount of time in the hydrating process to get these acids moving toward an anionic and free-flowing state.  It took time to get your body into an acidic state, and it will take time to get the body hydrated and clean again.

Your urine wants to be in the low 6s of pH.  You don’t want alkaline urine in the upper 6s and low 7s of pH.  If you aren’t filtering through your kidneys, you will go into alkaline urine.  The kidneys and stomach are acid chambers but they should not deal with overly acidic conditions for long term as you can still ulcerate and break down gastric tissue as well as urinary tract tissue.  If you have good bacterial action in the lymph nodes, you should have urine in the low 6s and you won’t be on your knees peeing.  Your saliva should also be base in the 7.5-8s of pH.

Kidneys and Blood Pressure

To get an accurate reading of your relative adrenal and kidney health, let's refer to your blood pressure. 


120/60 is textbook.  Adrenal glands are the top systolic number and kidney function on the bottom as the diastolic number.  The adrenals sit on top of the kidneys so it makes it easy to remember the systolic is on top of the diastolic. 


Anything below 120 on the top is low neurotransmitters, anything below 60 on the bottom is low kidney function.  Kidney function pressure-wise should be 58-70, 70 at the very most.  If your diastolic is over 70, you have pressure building up in the kidneys, you have blockages of the lymph system in the kidneys.  That's stagnation and acidosis building.  At the same time, you can have low blood pressure in the kidneys which also shows kidney weakness.

To summarize systolic blood pressure - Systolic of 110-115: your adrenals are in the acute/subacute stages of degeneration. Systolic of 80-100: the Chronic levels of adrenal degeneration.

The lower your top systolic number, that’s your adrenal function and that’s your neurotransmitters, your myelin sheaths go down and your nerve performance goes down.

To summarize diastolic blood pressure – anything below 55 is serious kidney weakness; anything above 70 is serious swelling and acidosis.

As kidney pressure builds from acids, so does the adrenal pressure.  It artificially stimulates adrenal function.  By bringing down the diastolic, you will in turn bring down the systolic.

Kidney Degeneration

Before we get into protein, we need to remember: What sits on the kidneys?  The adrenal glands.  All this stress from life in the 2020s and all of this constant emotional abuse at work and home keeps your epinephrines up, and suppresses your dopamines which are your elimination.  We love dead animal flesh of slaughterhouse meat full of epinephrine, so we are eating epinephrine, and then we wonder why we have chronic fatigue since we are taking this neurotransmitter for years through our meat.  We need to stimulate the adrenals artificially through this ingested epinephrine to get us to function, creating a vicious cycle of meat addiction and surmounting adrenal and kidney deterioration.


You take a hormone/steroid/neurotransmitter and the respective gland/organ that originally makes it quits doing so.  You take insulin or digestive enzymes, say goodbye to your pancreas.  The same goes for any steroid the adrenal glands produce.

You have been taking epinephrine and norepinephrine from your meat for decades, and as a result your adrenals shut down more and more.  Thus, every vegan eventually runs back to the meat as their diet of soy, beans, wheat, mushrooms, nuts and seeds wasn't supplying them with the very neurotransmitters they were relying on from the meat they formerly ate.  Basically, the vegan diet wasn't undoing the decades of damage the meat did to their adrenal glands, and they run back because they have little options beyond taking adrenal herbs.  The sad thing is no one has given these people hope of God's herbs to heal the kidneys and adrenals.

I will keep repeating this: High protein diets destroy the kidneys and GI Tract.  There are numerous studies done on high protein diets and colon cancer.  What they’re not looking at is what protein is doing to urinary tract tissue, the kidneys and the bladder.  If you have kidney pain, take a week and just do raw fruits, berries, melons and the occasional salad.  After a week, you should be pretty pain free.  Then try a steak and potato meal and let me know how you feel.

Look at the places where people eat the most protein like Alaska.  Anywhere you see higher protein diets you see earlier deaths.  This is the acidic side of life if you want to lose your kidneys.  Study after study showing high protein diets linked to earlier death.  High protein can be just 40 grams of protein or more.  The recommendation today is 20-40 grams, and Dr. Morse doesn’t recommend that much. 


Gluten and dairy proteins will rip you.  One of the worst foods for destroying kidneys is protein.  Yet the culture will keep asking, "Where do you get your protein from?"  They can have their protein, but those pursuing kidney health will run in the other direction.

It is well established that protein breaks down kidney tissue.  Dr. Morse repeatedly mentions a client that was on the Atkins diet for 5 years and her bladder started breaking apart where she was systematically peeing out parts of her bladder.  Let me ask you this: If the Atkins diet was deteriorating this client's bladder, do you think the client's kidneys were also being deteriorated as well?  By all means dive right into the Carnivore diet to heal your kidneys, bladder and urinary tract!  Where did I put my sarcasm detector?

Speaking of the Carnivore diet, those on high protein and fat diets run to coffee for their energy when their very foods aren't giving them the energy they desperately need.  Coffee addiction runs deep.  Coffee indeed causes harm to your kidneys as do commercial teas and soda/pop.

The Link of the Kidneys

Every health issue can be traced back to kidney failure and acidosis.

What organ in the body is most responsible for the loss of knees and hips?  The Kidneys.  Why?  The lymph system.  The production or creation of acids by every cell of your body is obvious.  All manufacturing in your body creates chemical residues that must be eliminated.  How are you eliminating your acid wastes from 100 trillion cells as well as parasitic waste?  How do you get rid of it?  Medical doctors think you dump your sewage in your blood.  Hence why they always try to go after your blood when the problem is almost always in your lymph system.

Lower back pain all goes back to the kidneys.  Once you lose filtration of the kidneys, the lower back, L4 and L5 specifically start to swell.  Anytime you swell, you impede blood and lymph.  When you swell, nerves can spasm and you can get restless legs from that.  The weaker the nervous system, the more spasticity and tremors you will experience.

It’s always a kidney problem for the prostate, as it is for women’s ovaries and uterus.  Whenever you have ovarian cysts, fibroids, endometriosis, and atypical cells, this is all your kidneys.  The same thing for prostatitis and testicular cancer, it’s all the kidneys.

The only way to relieve prostatitis is to fix the kidneys.  The prostate is the victim to the causative factor of the kidneys.

Urinating 2-3 times an hour shows kidney and bladder weakness. Clear urine means you have to open the kidney doorway up.

If you see a stroke or heart attack, why?  Go back to the kidneys, adrenal glands, the lymph system, acids, cholesterol, calcium and edema.  Congestive heart failure, pulmonary edema, and heart problems, are all related to acidosis.

Lymph can get stagnant in the bowel wall.  In the bowel wall are the cells and 2 fluids.  You have to get to the kidneys to get to Crohns or IBS.  You can clean the GI tract and do some pulling on that too.  Check for parathyroid in your iris analysis to see if your bowels have been distorted from high acidosis - pocketed, prolapsed, and/or ballooned bowels are easy to see in the eyes.  You can absolutely strengthen all that up with the parathyroid glandular.

As you can see, the kidneys are the door for the lymph system and are involved in every issue plaguing man today.  It all comes back to the havoc that one's wastes have on their tissues and the doors of the kidneys to get those wastes out.

How to Heal the Kidneys

The kidneys are rebuildable.  All acid tissues are very rebuildable under the alkaline sky.  You can rebuild gastric, liver, and kidney tissue easily enough.  Most tissue is not difficult to rebuild, including neurological tissue.  At least, that is the case for older generations of Americans, not so much for Millenials and Gen Z.

How do you dissolve calcifications, stenosis, and cholesterol plaquing?  Always in an alkaline medium.  Acids would increase the problem.

The problem isn't a lack of nutrition.  There’s nothing nutritious you can eat unless it has astringent properties and helps kidney function, that’s your fruits, berries and melons.  Veggies are good for herbivores and green drinks are good for beginners.

One of the hardest things you’ll find is to get your kidneys to filter again, and your adrenal glands sit right on top of them. When you’re ready to fight, your kidneys shut down as all your energy goes to your muscles.  If you’re stressed out, you’re in an “epi” mode, you’ll lose filtration.  As soon as you relax and get your dopamines going, then you can pee and poop well.

Dr. Morse is the kidney expert on this planet.  He has stated, “I’m the kidney guy. The fruits, berries and melons love the kidneys.  I’ve ran through fruits, berries and melons on kidney failure at every level and restored more kidneys than you can shake a stick at.”

Do you need the most high quality, organic fruit at Whole Foods to get the kidneys filtering?  No, one of Dr. Morse's clients who has been on many of his YouTube videos, Hilde Larsen, started filtering on non-organic grapes from Walmart.

However, you can be a raw foodist on heavy amounts of vegetables and some fruits and not get your kidneys filtering.  You can get worse and worse because you haven’t gotten your kidneys filtering from your vegetable-heavy diet. This isn’t just about raw foods.  It’s about fixing the filtration, the elimination of the body which has become stagnant, obstructive and dehydrating in nature.  That's why we need to get on kidney herbal formulas to enhance the kidneys beyond what vegetables and especially fruit can do in any timely manner.

If you don’t get your kidneys and adrenals hydrated and flowing, no matter how raw you are you are stagnant.  Even if your nutrition is proper, your elimination is stagnant and that will get you every time. That’s why herbs are so important to help you with elimination. 

As the kidneys go back online, you will be going through a lot of peeing as you open that up as many fruits are astringent and a lot of herbs in the formulas are diuretics.

The chi machine and rebounder (mini trampoline) are therapeutic but will not get your kidneys to filter.  You have to use chemistry to do so.  Activity definitely helps with lymph and loosens things up, but it doesn’t open up the kidneys.

What to do to Heal the Kidneys

Whatever you do, please get away from dairy products, animal products and protein as soon as possible.  Your kidneys will thank you. 

You have to get on an astringent fruit, berry and melon diet to heal the kidneys.  You cannot just settle with vegetables as they lack the astringents you need to clean the kidneys and adrenals.

Think of it this way:  Would you use lemon juice or green juice to clean a shower door?  You would use the lemon juice as it's  highly astringent and cleansing to whatever surface you apply it to, including your lymph system, GI tract and urinary tract.  

You need to get on an herbal protocol to clean and strengthen the adrenal glands and kidneys.  We have generations now of people born with severe genetic weaknesses in their kidneys and adrenal glands that even the best quality fruit isn't enough.  Let's not even mention the horrible diets we have fed ourselves our the last few decades of "foods" that don't decay or glow-in-the-dark or even leave residues on your fingers (Hot Cheetos, anyone?)  This is the world we are dealing with today. 

Let's not even speak of the insane stress of living in this world today.  That alone will destroy anyone's adrenal glands.  With the adrenals down, good luck filtering from your kidneys.

You have to rest.  The reason being neurotransmitters.  By going into a fight or flight mode, you are using epinephrine and norepinephrine to pump energy into muscles.  Consequently, that is the opposite response we want.  Resting and digestion ushers in dopamine and acetylcholine, which turn on the adrenal glands and gets kidney filtration to occur.  

You can take as many kidney formulas as you want and get on the best fruit diet out there, but if you're not resting than we're wasting our time.  That's how important it is to get your body into a rest & digest state.  Sadly, we are so used to fighting or flighting that we don't even know what it means to rest.  Give any workaholic a day off and they would confused on what to do that day beyond completing tasks and getting things done even on their day off.  This is an epidemic of chronic stress and we have to get you to rest before more kidney failure occurs.

As you can see, healing the kidneys is no small task.  You have to actively choose astringent foods while simultaneously choose to rest and relax.  This world will do everything in its power to make you not choose astringent foods while also stressing you out beyond belief.


Don't allow this world to take away and sabotage your healing.


The Skin

The skin is a reflection of what is going on inside of you. What you see on your skin shows what is going on internally.

Your skin is your largest eliminative organ.

The kidneys filtrate the acid wastes from all parts of the human body and the skin is another kidney in a sense.

The skin problems we are seeing today are innumerable and are simply different levels of acidosis, dehydration, and the stagnation of lymphatic fluids in the human body.

When you say lymph system –That’s the whole system – Interstitial fluid, lymph fluid, lymph vessels, lymph nodes, kidneys, skin, adrenals and even thyroid.

Cells feed into the lymph nodes as septic tanks, and the septic tanks of the lymph nodes to the skin or kidneys.

The process of elimination from cells, the breakdown or neutralization of acids and damaged cells by lymph nodes, and the elimination of these particles out of the kidneys or skin is how detoxification works.


When you start seeing tumors popping, this process has been a long time happening.

If your thyroid is down, the skin needs to open up.  If your kidneys aren’t filtering properly and you have a good thyroid, you will over sweat.

When you over sweat, you are overcompensating for the kidneys being down and not filtering. 

Dr. Morse has mentioned a Client that noticed they sweat heavily without any movement.  Their kidneys are not filtering and their skin is doing the filtering instead.  Get the kidneys to filter and the sweating will reside down.  At least you know your thyroid is good enough to give yourself a good sweat.  If you’re not sweating, then that means your thyroid isn’t giving you the body temperature to sweat.


Check basal temperatures under the arm to check your thyroid health.  Do this for a few days immediately when you wake up.  Use an old-school thermometer and place it under your armpit right when you wake up.  If you’re at 97.5+ degrees, you can sweat well.  That will open up your skin.


When you see acne, your lymph nodes are swollen.


If acne gets worse on detox, expect the skin to look worse at first.  Some people clear right off on detox, but it usually comes back and then clears again.

Fix the acidosis and that changes everything including teeth, bone and connective tissue.  If you have wrinkled skin, you can firm your entire body.  You don’t have to live with wrinkles.  You don’t have to get plastic surgery for it either.  When you start to get wrinkles, you are getting too acidic. You are losing your calcium.

Skin tags are nothing but parasites.  The same thing for people that grow moles and warts.  Your body is a cesspool of proteins putrefying and stinking.

Freckles are more from the pituitary, and are skin pigmentation spots.  White spots are fungal spots and darker spots can be liver spots.

Dandruff is your lymph system oozing out of your skin because it can’t go down through the kidneys like it should.


Balding leads to dementia and Alzheimer’s, it’s the same acids breaking down hair follicles and skin that is also breaking down the brain.

Webinar on the Urinary System

Dr. Morse's clinic recently had a live webinar on the Urinary system including a comprehensive article covering the key points. 

You can find that article here.

The webinar was thankfully recorded and can be seen below.

Sample Protocol to Heal the Kidneys and Skin

400mg Adrenal Glandular (1 capsule, 3 times a day. Use for 3-6 months and then stop)

All 4 Kidney Herbal Formulas (Kidneys I, II, III and IV) - Use a varied combination of 2 capsule formulas and 2 tincture formulas

Adrenal Gland Herbal Formula

Endocrine Support*

Skin Formula

Liver/Gallbladder Formula

Pancreas Formula

GI Renew (Formula # based upon bowel movement frequency)

GI Broom (Capsule or powder blend) - 6 capsules or equivalent powdered blend in the morning or before bed

3 Lung Herbal Formula

Brain & Nerve Formula

Circulation Herbal Formula*

Parasite M

Parasite G - Only do 2 bottles and then stop if you see no large bugs in stools

Licorice Root (avoid if you have high blood pressure)

*Endocrine Balance has herbs that enhance the thyroid.  Do not use in cases with hyperthyroidism.

*Note on Circulation formula: If you have tumors, cysts, polyps, or lipomas, please refrain from this formula until you work with a qualified Detox Specialist.

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