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YouTube Video Series

I wanted to make a video series where I actively responded to many YouTubers out there discussing health topics.  I feel that I can provide some clarity to much of the confusion that clouds the health community online.  Much of the confusion in the health spheres stems out of the ignorance of man's sewer system: The Lymphatic System.  The other factor to the confusion for the Health enthusiasts online lies in the ignorance of the herbal kingdom and the tools that herbs bring to one's organs and glands.  

Many of these YouTube videos will show people bouncing around various trends like keto, fermented foods, probiotics, supplements, and all manner of therapies to find a remedy, and their videos will always demonstrate a lack of success.  The bewilderment of the health community on YouTube reminds me of myself many years ago.  That low level of knowledge and understanding leaves one in a dark place.

Take every opportunity to offer some knowledge and insight to those who are suffering online, whether on YouTube or on social media.  Even just a friendly response to someone's comment on a YouTube video could change someone's life for the better. 


Be the healers Dr. Morse has called every single one of you to be for our generation.

If you have any recommendations on videos you'd like me to give insight on, please let me know!



Vegetable Police

One of my favorite comedic Health Enthusiasts.  Please subscribe to this insightful and hilarious individual ASAP!


The author behind the channel, Kasey Sterns, implemented a high fruit diet to heal from the severe acidosis he experienced from his youth.  He has since bounced around many different diets and has offered his many hilarious insights along the way (for our viewing pleasure).  One of the important things Kasey strives for with his diets is fixing his skin issues, but anytime he gets on fruits is when his acne flares up.  Kasey needs to remember that the skin is the 3rd kidney and that it will take the brunt of the work of detoxification when his kidneys aren't working correctly.  

The one thing Kasey has not implemented in any of his videos is going on a full herbal protocol with glandulars.  He has literally tried every treatment system out there but a full protocol.  He has sampled some herbal formulas like the GI Broom and such, but he really needs to get down on a complete protocol with an exclusively raw fruit diet for this summer.  Otherwise, I feel like he will play around in the bog that is vegan keto diets or other gimmicks and not strengthen his kidneys to bring about his remedy.


Boogie was a legend back in the early days of YouTube.  He was charming, funny, and creative.  Nowadays, he is suffering from both physical and mental issues, and it shows.  Boogie can heal himself, but he has to relinquish his attachment to the traditional medical establishment and find refuge in Naturopathy.  He needs to eat fruits, berries, and melons, get on the Parasite M and G formulas, and implement a complete herbal protocol complete with the Adrenal glandular (400mg) and Parathyroid glandular (50mg) to heal.  I just hope someone out there can show him the hope that is in Naturopathy so that he can spend the remainder of his days as happy and psychologically stable as possible.
















Bryan Johnson


Bryan has gained plenty of media attention with his outlandish attempts to stop the aging process in his body.  Unfortunately, he has delved head-first into the "research" done by allopathy.  As a result, he has absolutely no understanding of the Lymphatic System, and consequently, will never find truly health and vitality that comes from Regenerative Detoxification.  I just find it funny how many "experts" are so afraid of fruits.  It's almost unbelievable how anyone thinks cooked vegetables and lentils will regenerate the body, especially with the genetics we are seeing out in society.  Ultimately, unless Bryan's methods can regenerate a human toe, then they certainly won't do much to stop him from aging gracefully.  I implore you to do far more than Bryan can possibly imagine with the simplicity of eating fruit and getting plenty of rest.
















Fit Shortie


I wanted to include a quick shoutout to Fit Shortie.  He is a raw foodist and has some of the most exciting YouTube Shorts on various exotic fruits out there.  He and his partner almost remind me of Adam and Eve in a sense.  I hope their videos instill the same wonder and discovery about fruits in you as they have for me!




















Nikocado Avocado


Nikocado was a vegan many years ago before befalling into the common health maladies many traditional vegans find themselves in.  Instead of realizing that Nicado's body was the issue and not his diet, Nikocado completely shifted to the dark side of meat and dairy consumption and simultaneously became viral with his food mukbangs.  The rest is history as Nikocado has profited off his viral fame and will never go back to being plant based.  This is another sad scenario where no one has told Nikocado the truth about health.  As a result, he is nestled into the lie of modern nutrition regarding deficiencies and nutrients.  I only hope Nikocado finds the truth of Naturopathy before it's too late and he dies from a stroke or heart attack.


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