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How to Save Money on Herbs

Cheapest Ways to get Herbs

1) Make teas from brewing the herbal tea blends

2) Grind down the tea blends and consume the powder directly in liquid or food

3) Wait for a sale of the herbal tinctures and capsules during the holidays

4) Make your own capsules and tinctures from the tea blends


Recent Price Hike


Following the recent news of the price hike on herbal products from Dr. Morse's clinic, I wanted to direct people on the best ways to save money in order to get well.


Dr. Morse's clinic raised the prices on their herbal products on June 10th, 2024:





















A bottle of herbal tincture now costs $33, and a bottle of herbal capsules costs $35, plus shipping charges.

That's a lot of money, especially when these same formulas used to be $20 per bottle before the pandemic.  Granted, Dr. Morse's clinic serves one of the best herbal products by quality and herb-to-menstruum ratio on the market today, but the cost adds up real quick when stacking bottles for a protocol (and if you weight more than 200 pounds). 

Make Teas


That all being said, the cheapest option to consume the herbs is via brewing the herbal tea blends.

The Tea blends can be found here:

The Tea blends individually sell for $32 each and you can get a lot of tea from them spanning you months at a time. 


Just getting all 5 tea blends and taking a teaspoon from each of them and mixing them together to form a powerful herbal tea blend will absolutely giving you a healing tonic!

Brewing teas may not be everyone's forte, or one may not have access to a stovetop.  The next easiest option would be to use use a spice grinder to grind down the tea blends into a powder and consume that powder in the form of a smoothie, on top of a fruit bowl, or simply in water. 

If consuming powdered herbs does not jive well with you, then one would have to go down the route of the tinctures and capsule forms.  I can't recommend getting a full protocol of 20+ bottles at these new prices, so I would highly recommend waiting for a sale.


Wait for a Sale 


Historically, Dr. Morse's clinic holds 2 large sales every year during Memorial Day Weekend and Black Friday.  Dr. Morse's clinic does hold smaller holiday sales on select herbs for 15% off regularly.  At the end of the live webinars that the clinic holds, the staff usually post a discount or promotional code that lasts 24 hours from the completion of that webinar.  If you can wait until one of those Holiday sales, then the 20%+ savings is definitely worth it.  Apply for the e-mail newsletter from the clinic's website as they always post when deals are happening beforehand to give you head's up.  That's your best way to stay proactive for any sales or discounts when they occur.

Alumni Discount Route

Another way to get reduced pricing on the herbs is through the School Alumni Discount route.  By passing both the Level 1 & 2 courses from Dr. Morse's International School of the Healing Arts, you will become eligible to receive an Alumni discount that truly does pay for itself after a protocol or two.  Plus, let's not forget all of the knowledge you will have received upon getting your Level 1 and 2 certificates!  This would be a path for someone ready to commit over the long haul with this lifestyle, but it's definitely worth the commitment. 


Make your Own Capsules and Tincures

With these options in mind, the true long-term solution to these price increases is to make your own capsules and tinctures yourself using the Herbal Tea Blends from Dr. Morse's clinic.


You can purchase the Herbal tea bags offered by Dr. Morse's clinic, grind down the bulk herbs in these blends into a powder, and make your own capsules.

There are plenty of YouTube videos that offer insight on how to use the powdered herbs into capsules here:



Mountain Rose Herbs has a great article to assist with the capsule making process here:

Amazon has plenty of capsule making kits as well as veggie caps you can use for these powdered blends.

For making tinctures, you'll need a sealable glass jar (a pickle jar can be used when in a bind), either alcohol (Vodka) or Vegetable glycerin for the menstruum, a strainer, and preferably a tincture bottle (a used Dr. Morse's herbal tincture bottle is perfect to reuse here).

The tincture making process does involve storing the bottle in a cool dark place, shaking the bottle every couple of days, and waiting 4-6 weeks for the herbs to adequately seep into the medium.

Refer to these videos to assist you with the tincture process:








Despite these increased costs of the herbs due to the inflation of the monetary supply and the sheer havoc that brings to the populace, there is still hope in getting herbs to enhance one's health when on a budget.  You just have to put in the work to process these herbs a bit.

Look for the annual holiday deals, get that alumni discount, and learn to make your own capsules and tinctures to save hundreds!

Let me know how your capsule and tincture making process is going and let me know if you have any other ideas to get bulk herbs cheaper!

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