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All About Fasting

I do not recommend most people dry or water fast, let alone on a consistent or frequent basis. 

If you feel relatively healthy and want to engage in a day or two of water or dry fasting every week, have at it. 

Considering the times ahead, conditioning your body to subsist with no food or water is advantageous, but our focus here is health.

Dr. Morse does not recommend fasting right off.  Dangerous practice in a world as toxic as this.  Always start out slow.

Don't play any games with your health.  This is not a competition with anyone but yourself.

Do NOT attempt any juice fast if you are holding water (edema) or are suffering any lung issues.  You run the risk of suffering pulmonary edema (swelling) or congestive heart failure, both of which are fatal.

Levels of Detoxification

It all comes down to eliminating the acids, obstructions, mucus, and wastes that prevent the flow of energy.  This list compares the intensity and power of foods in moving one's lymphatic system.  Let it convince you on what you eat and how you focus your lifestyle.  Aim for the foods that are easier to digestive, that hydrate, and that produce the least amount of mucus and acids. 


This list starts with the most intense detoxification experience (Dry Fasting) to the complete opposite end of the spectrum characterized by acidosis, pain, and death (Animal products, dairy products, grains, and beans).

  1. Dry Fasting

  2. Water Fasting

  3. Mono-Fruit Juice

  4. Mono-Fruit meals

  5. Fruit Juice (multiple types of fruit)

  6. Fruit smoothie

  7. Fruit meals (multiple fruits)

  8. Fruit all day and a salad at night

  9. Green smoothies or juices

  10. Raw veggie fruits (cucumbers, tomatoes, bell peppers)

  11. Cooked vegetables and raw leafy greens

  12. Nuts and Seeds

  13. Animal products, dairy products, grains, and beans



If you are aiming to achieve the greatest degree of moving your lymphatic system and eliminating obstructions in the body, move up and down this list to tailor your experience.  Dry fasting is at the top of the list of detox while all the garbage animal products and dairy are at the very bottom.


Notice the trend with this list: The less digestion is involved, the increase in detoxification.  Digestion seems to take so much energy out of us when it would be better to use that energy to power the kidneys and adrenals and increase filtration of cell wastes out of the body.

Notice how far down the list green drinks are at #9.  Green drinks absolutely serve a purpose for those who are more lymphatically compromised.  They can detox an individual without going too deep as not to throw them into a severe healing crisis. 


Notice also the position of mono fruit meals at #4.  The best bang for our buck that is easiest to prepare, with the least amount of cleaning and washing, and is the most sustainable in this list, is found in the mono fruit meals.  The mono fruit juices are a step up, but they require a juicer, they require cleaning said juicer, and they require more discipline to subsist on compared to eating whole fruit.


In summary: Mono fruit meals offer the best investment and return on your detoxification dollar.


Vegetable Juice Fasting

What type of fasting is recommended in the early stages of detoxification?  Vegetables juice fasting, not water or fruit juice fasting.  Green drinks are a great way for many people to start out slow. 

You might be someone that can’t handle any fruits yet as any fruit creates movement on the lymph.  If you have extreme metal toxicity, you can feel that.  In that case, do some green drinks and a salad, even some steamed veggies, but don’t wallow there long.  Start going for the gold and get on the fruit as soon as you can.

Green drinks are more gentle on you but can still hydrate you.

Veggies will detox you up to a certain point and then you’ll plateau out.  For those just starting, green drinks can help you up to a point.  For those very sensitive to fruits, green drinks are a better option.

Recall when Dr. Morse mentions the time Dr. Jensen went on a 3 month carrot juice fast when he woke up to prostate cancer.  After completing the carrot juice fast, his tumors didn't get any smaller.  Now, if he went on 3 months of grape juice, then that would have been a whole different story.

If you're hurting and need to cleanse your body, then we have to kick it up another notch.  Otherwise we're just wasting valuable time that could have been spent on better foods.

Fruit "Fasting"


It's funny that we have to call eating only fruit a "fast."  That's how warped man's diet has become in the world today.  

Which foods take you closer to fasting?  Which foods have the highest energy?  Which foods have the highest astringent values?  Fruits, berries and melons.


Arnold Ahret put people on a fruit diet to cleanse them of mucus.  He didn't have the full understanding of the lymphatic system that we do today, but he was spot on with his understanding of fruits as cleansers for the body.  

When you don't have the funds to pay for herbs, relying on a fruit fast is the next best thing you can do for your health.

You can slow down the fast by going to the sweet fruits like bananas, figs and dates, or you can elevate the fast by going to acid fruits like lemons, limes, and grapefruits.  The best sweet spot for a long-term fruit fast lies in the sub-acid category of fruits, which include fruits like grapes, pears, apples and peaches.

You can fruit fast for years on end.  It really comes down to the quality of fruit you can get, your adrenal gland health for sugar metabolism, and how much fungus are you loaded with.  If you're not metabolizing sugar properly, then you're going to have fungal problems.  When you've got loads of fungus in you, you're going to be stricken with a lot of cravings for starches, cheeses and breads.  


Lemon Juice Fasting


Lemon juice is extremely powerful and cleansing.  When faced with the option of using green juice or lemon juice to clean a shower door, what do you think would do a better job?  Obviously the lemon juice.

Be careful with the lemons you choose for a lemon juice fast.  Anything unripe including lemons are going to be a lot more acidic.  Meyer lemons are the best lemons according to Dr. Morse.


Please use caution when drinking lemon juice.  Anytime you use a lymphatic formula or a strong astringent like lemons and you have an ulcer, you could irritate that ulcer as you have the astringent effect.  Having a stomach ulcer and taking lemon juice would definitely hurt.


Lemon juice can be too strong for many people with neurological weakness.  If you find yourself having a higher heart rate shortly after consuming lemon juice, then slow down your detox and return to lemon juice at a later time once you've cleaned and strengthened your body more.

Using a lemon squeezer is crucial in saving you time and energy actually getting the juice from the lemon.  It is always a pain to fish out that one little seed in the juice using a spoon.  The lemon squeezer truly becomes an asset in saving you time and headache in getting lemon juice as fast as possible.

I have personally not had a lemon juice fast longer than a day simply because of how intense and laborious it is to get enough lemon juice to last through the fast.  I am definitely striving to do a 2 or 3 day lemon juice juice sometime in 2023.


Mono Fruit Juice Fasting

Freshly juiced raw fruits are the pinnacle to any detoxification protocol in terms of energy and hydration.   

The logistics of doing an extended fruit fast must be accounted for: Juicers aren't cheap, quality organic fruit isn't cheap or easy to find (especially with so many shortages), and the time to prep all of your fruit and clean the juicer is also another stumbling block.  If you are up for the task, absolutely pursue a mono fruit juice cleanse.  

Dr. Morse always prefers eating fruits whole to get the electrically charged fiber to clean the bowels.

There have been many stories of people going on long fruit juice fasts only to lose their ability to digest solid foods.  When you detox, you could even stop digesting.  Even just a month on raw fruit juice may seriously detox your pancreas and bowels enough to where you can't even digest anything.  Please err on the side of caution and do not push yourself too hard on any fast, or you may seriously put yourself in a position where you can't handle solid food for a while.


Water Fasting


I do not recommend most people water fast.  Throwing in a day here or there when digging into an extended fruit regimen is one thing, but this generation is dealing with major kidney problems that make me hesitant to recommend anyone rely on water fasting for their detoxing protocol.

There may be times when you run out of fruit and have to force yourself into a water fast until the next day when you can get groceries again.  I've been there plenty of times.  Clean water is somewhat cheap and continues your detoxification protocol until you can get more fruit.  The problem is that we need the energy and hydration that comes from the fruit, and water cannot truly fill the energy and hydration requirements our generation of sick people need.  

Hydration is not about drinking water.  You can drink enough water to fill an inflatable pool and still be dehydrated.  Acids dehydrate, coagulate, and form rocks.  Acidosis is why you're dehydrated and why you can't simply fix your hydration issues with water.  Hydration is linked to one's lymph system as that is the system that deals with acids.  You detox the very acids dehydrating you, and you'll reap the effects of alkalosis, namely an internal environment that is free-flowing, hydrating, and restorative.  The problem is that not many people are filtering from their kidneys and have an extremely sluggish lymph system.

Fasting when you’re inflamed and acidic is not good.  Dr. Morse doesn’t recommend water fasting in severe states and problems.  Back in the day he was dealing with acute and subacute issues.  Now we are dealing with hordes of chronic and degenerating people.

Back in the 20th century, the Natural Hygiene Movement (pioneered by Herbert Shelton) put people on a water fast to cleanse them of mucus.  They had great success, but their success was somewhat limited by that movement's focus on vegetables for detoxification.  

When you go on a day or two water fast, take a look at your tongue.  How deep it coats is how deep your lymph system is messed up. When you have a nice clean pink tongue, then you’re doing pretty well.

You will absolutely confront your adrenal gland weakness when attempting a water fast.  You are going to crash soon once starting a water fast, so please plan accordingly.  The weekend is a great time to commit to a water fast when you're not working and are home all day.  The minerals in water will certainly not get you the dynamic energy your body needs, so you're running on fumes and demanding your adrenals work harder for adrenaline to fuel your energy demands.

A water fast is indeed a deeper detoxification experience than fruit fasting and is much cheaper to boot, but fruit fasting is superior in that we need the hydration, energetics, and astringents of fruit that we don't get with water.  Our generation is so drained, acidic, dehydrated, and constipated that water alone is not the proper means to get people to detoxify long-term.  Despite this, I'd always prefer you water fast over dry fast for your own safety.


Dry Fasting


Dry Fasting involves eating no food and drinking no water for an extended period of time.  The most extreme forms of dry fasting involve no contact with water, meaning no hand washing or showering.  

Dry fasting as the ultimate way to get the kidneys to filter and get things going.  The problem is dehydration and the level of acidosis in people.  In inflammatory problems, we see swelling, we see water retention (edema).  Another word for extreme dehydration is extreme acidosis.

We don't want to put an already acidic body further down the road of dehydration and lock everything in place.

If you look at animals, they probably dry fast more than water fast as they don’t always have a water source.  There was a national geographic film on a Lion Pride, and a cobra hit a Lioness, and she goes down.  A few days later the Lioness gets up and walks back to the Pride.  Dry fasting and resting allowed that Lioness to heal and get back to her family.  Humans would be wise to learn principles of healing from animals.  Ask yourself: Do any animals on this planet cook their foods?  Do they work 9-5 jobs inside cement offices and get no rest or sleep?  Animals can implement dry fasting as they eat a diet appropriate for their species.  Humans eat junk and reap the whirlwind of acid wastes as a result of their poor diets.

Some say they see their kidneys filtering during dry fasting.  Dr. Morse has done little dry fasting in his life.  He’s more into fruit juice and lemon fasts.  He has done 3 days of dry fasting at the most.  It would be his wish that before anyone attempts a dry fast, they get deep into hydration and detox.  Get your bowels cleaned up and kidneys filtering first.  When you’re plaqued up, impacted in the bowels, kidneys not filtering, systemically locked, these things do not help you when fasting.  Bring hydration in first and loosen things up so that your dry fast is more beneficial.

The "magic" of a dry fast is that the body turns all its focus on getting well, and there’s no digestive or energetic need for dry fasting.

I've lost count on the amount of dry fasts I've done, but it was around a dozen times spanning 2-3 days each time.  My longest dry fast was about 4 complete days, that was during Thanksgiving week in November 2019.  My last dry fast was in December 2021 where I completed over 3 days.  Every time I dry fasted, I didn't get the amount of kidney filtration that I had hoped for.  I still have a lot of work to do on myself, and my hope is that I will dig deep enough lymphatically to really benefit from a dry fast.  Until then, I will be refraining from doing anymore dry fasts for the foreseeable future.   



As of now, I will not recommend anyone dry fast unless you have resounding evidence of daily kidney filtration and have fully prepared for it with weeks of raw fruits beforehand.


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