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All About the Lymphatic System

There’s a system that Allopathic Medical Doctors don’t know.  It’s called the lymphatic system and it is the system that is causing all of man's problems.  You can only know so much of it because Allopaths don’t know it.  That's why they're still pushing chemotherapy left and right as a means to kill atypical cells. 


The sheer ignorance of the lymphatic system has killed millions and has resulted in the suffering and pain of billions on this planet today.  A lot of Anatomy & Physiology books don’t have much on the system either, especially nothing on the new lymphatic system in the brain coined the "Glymphatic system."

What does it mean to move your lymph?  That is something every qualified health guru should be able to answer.


Pee in a jar and if you see sediment on the bottom after it settles, you are moving lymph. 


Moving lymph is filtration of lymph through kidneys.  Lymph becomes stagnant when kidneys stop filtering.


Any stagnation of sewage builds fungus, bacteria and acidosis, which is exactly what man suffers from.

You have over 100 trillion cells that compose your body.  All those cells have to eat and poop.  You have 2 major fluids that service those cells: Blood and Lymphatic fluid.  Your blood is the kitchen of the body ands your lymph system is your bathroom.  The space in-between each and every cell is called the interstitial space.  There's a 4:1 ratio of lymph fluid to blood, meaning there's about 80% lymphatic fluid around your cells and 20% blood.  

There's 2 sides to the chemistry of life: Acid and Base.  Fire and Ice.  Hot and Cold.  Go too far on either side and suffering ensues.  You always want to go down the middle path and remain balanced with the chemistry you put into your body.  Your lymphatic system deals with the acid side of chemistry while your blood handles the alkaline side of chemistry.  How do I suppress the function of a cell? Acids. The lymphatic system deals with those acids and works to eliminate those suppressing and burning acids. The blood is about enhancing the function of a cell.  The lymph is about cleaning the waste from that enhancement.  When that isn’t happening, wastes back up and no one is happy from that, certainly not your cells.

To have a tumor anywhere in your body, you have to have kidney filtration problems.








The Path of Cell Wastes

There’s a giant difference between the blood system and lymphatic system.  The kidneys play a vital role in the lymphatic system.  Medically almost everything is a blood problem, even if Lymphoma is in their face, or the word “Lymph” is part of the diagnosis.

When you say lymph system – That’s the whole system – Interstitial fluid, lymph fluid, lymph vessels, lymph nodes, kidneys, skin, adrenals and even thyroid.


Let's follow the path of cell wastes getting eliminated out of the body.  Cells feed their wastes into the closest available lymph nodes via lymphatic vessels.  The lymph nodes are filled with bacterium and act as septic tanks.  That bacteria breaks down the 3 pH acids, and effectively make them more alkaline in the 6 pH range.  Those wastes from the septic tanks are then transported to the skin or kidneys to exit the body.


To summarize the process of elimination from cells, there's the breakdown or neutralization of acids and damaged cells by lymph nodes, and the elimination of these particles out of the kidneys or skin.  When you start seeing tumors popping, this process has been a long time happening and your elimination has been halted for quite awhile.  When you want to make a damn you block water flow, when you want to make a tumor you block lymph flow.

The body dumps what it doesn’t want in the lymph system.  You don’t store in the blood, you store in the lymph.  What you see in the blood is fractional to what you have stored in tissues, subcutaneous tissues and possibly even the lymph nodes.

Oils are anti-inflammatory.  Your lymph system is an oil-based system.  Why do your fatty acids absorb into your lymphatic system in your GI tract as opposed to the blood?  Lipids are at the level to fight acids with.  Your adrenal steroids are cholesterol-based.  Your lymph system is cholesterol based.  Your cell wall is cholesterol based.  You have all types of lipids including triglycerides to fight acidosis.  It's almost as if this was all designed, doesn't it?  Apparently not according to the allopathic community. 

Lipids being anti-inflammatory is why you see the term, "Healthy Fats" thrown around by Nutritionists and Dieticians when discussing plant oils, avocados, nuts and seeds.  Oils are anti-inflammatory.  This is why people feel better on the Paleo and Keto diet as the lipids buffer their acids and they don't feel that sting from the acidosis.  People are effectively treating the burn of acids without removing the acids causing the burn.  Stop treating and focus on fixing the cause by detoxing the acids out of the body.

You start out lymphatically from your mother.  Your lymph and blood systems are tied to momma.  Mom feeds you and cleans you while you’re in her.  If she’s not filtering and cleaning, you are not as the baby filtering and cleaning.  That’s why you see so many atypical cells, cancer cells and tumors in newborns.  Let's not forget about all the bald babies being born.  This is why it is very serious for mothers to detox themselves before they have children, as their health directly impacts the health of the child in their womb for those 9 months and beyond.

The average person has everything shut down from a stagnant lymphatic system.  All these acids have agglomerated and inflamed and shut down the function of all these cells.  We’re turning on the structure and function of the body.  We’re pulling up and tightening up connective and skeletal tissue.  We are bringing back emotional strength and integrity.  We are bringing the body out of its genetic slumber and bringing it to where it should be: free from limitation and the inhibition of proper digestion, absorption, utilization and elimination.

If you've gained anything from this website, it's a newfound appreciation for the body's gigantic lymphatic sewer system.  That system is causing most of man's suffering today on top of poor genetics, terrible diets and high stress.  Focus on a cleansing diet for this great system and treat your kidneys and adrenals with the utmost of respect in the work they do.  Use nature's tools of herbs!


If you're ever confused on what exactly is causing your physical suffering, the answer is almost always lymph!



Detoxing the Lymphatic System

Note: When trying to detox, do not use too many lymphatic formulas at first. 


Otherwise you are trying to send everyone for the doors at the same time and your tumors can get worse.  Focus on the 3 Lung Herbal Formula as that is a mucus and tumor buster and a lymphatic formula in its own right.  Strengthen the kidneys, adrenal glands and use the 3 Lung formula to get the lymph system moving without too much blowback.   


After a few months on raw fruits and some some kidney herbs, or preferably a protocol or two under your belt, then we can introduce the Lymphatic formulas.  You can try any of the first 4 lymphatic formulas with your protocol.

Please try to take lymphatic formulas only when you're taking kidney formulas.  The level of kidney weakness we are dealing with means any lymph formula could be too demanding for anyone's kidneys, and the result may be a UTI, tumor or even kidney stones.  

Always favor enhancing the kidneys over the lymph system when choosing an herbal protocol and when limited on a budget.  


Dr. Morse used to include Lymph node herbal formulas in his store, but then discontinued them in order to introduce a line of lymphatic & Spleen formulas that included a Mild, Moderate and Heavy formula.  He has since discontinued these Lymph & Spleen formulas and has gone back to the original 4 Lymphatic formulas (I, II, III, and IV) most likely due to shortages of specific herbs for the Spleen.

With the absence of the lymph node formulas, use the 3 Lung formula instead (great lymph formula that breaks up lymph nodes, hardened sputum, and mucus).  You can absolutely use the 3 Lung Formula in addition to any of the 4 Lymphatic formulas and some kidney & adrenal herbal formulas to great effect.

Always try to use astringent fruit when trying to detox the lymphatic system.  Anything in the subacid or acid category will help you in hydrating and pulling on that enormous sewer system.

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