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11/1/2023 - YouTube Deletes My Video Upload









In my effort to start reuploading many of Dr. Morse's most popular videos and make them public on YouTube, I immediately get a warning within 1 hour of posting Dr. Morse's famous protocol video that formerly had over 200k views on his terminated channel.  It's at this point that I cannot post any more public videos from Dr. Morse for risk that the word "vaccine" or "disease" triggers YouTube's automated assassin bots to engage.  Uploading private or unlisted videos from Dr. Morse's channel poses no risk to my channel, but severely limits spreading the message to the public.  The agenda really is getting ridiculous at this point, but welcome to the state of the world in late 2023.


10/14/2023 - Dr. Morse's YouTube Channel Termination


















As of Saturday, October 14th, Dr. Morse's YouTube channel was terminated.  YouTube is a shadow of its former self, and has become another agenda-pushing disgusting company that has terrorized its own valuable creators and shoved illicit and inappropriate ads down the throats of millions for the sake of the almighty dollar.  I'm not even going into all of the copyright and legal atrocities this company has facilitated and allowed under its nose.

This makes my job that much harder.  Now I can't just send any time-stamped Questions & Answers video to someone that needs some insight from Dr. Morse regarding any particular topic.

Thankfully, I managed to download all of his YouTube videos a few months ago.  I will need to undergo the task of uploading all of his videos to my YouTube channel in the coming weeks as I navigate data caps from my internet provider.

I will not allow truth get snuffed out for the new age agenda of vaccinations, chemo, prescription drugs, and the hope-robbing label of "disease."  I've come too far in my life to bow the knee to the wicked powers that be.

How would I respond to the degradation of YouTube over of the last few years?  I don't want to give advice to anyone on this topic.  However, if it were me, I would think about using an Adblock.  I would personally tell anyone I know to consider using the Brave internet browser that has built-in adblock to combat immorally managed sites like YouTube.  Just think about what I would consider for myself, and choose your own path accordingly. 


If you truly want to support an individual creator on YouTube, donate to them directly.  Don't waste your valuable time watching unskippable, worthless, and depraved ads that only give pennies to these creators.  Your time, energy, and peace of mind are so much more valuable than YouTube's financial success.

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