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Here is an ever-expanding list of different video and written testimonials on the power of Detoxification in tissue regeneration. 

Feel free to message me if you have spotted other video or written testimonials on the wonders of Detoxification.


This first video shows the testimonial of Roger and his miraculous healing after 11 months on raw fruits.  This is why we stress going on raw fruits only as that is the level that brings out regeneration.  Roger would not have gotten where he did on raw vegetables.

The next video shows the case of an infant that had suffered physical abuse.  Note that the infant did not take herbal formulas directly but had consumed them via their mother's breastmilk.

The video highlights tissue regeneration, specifically with this client that lost their toe due to Diabetes.  As you can see, grapes and herbal formulas are powerful healers.  Warning: The video is graphic.  Viewer discretion is advised.



Link to the YouTube video:

Link to the video on Dr.Morse TV:

















This is a testimonial from a Member of the Clinic with MS regaining her ability to walk again.

Link to Video:

Here's an interview with an 11 year old client named Ziyah that cured herself of the underlying cause of leukemia through Detoxification.  She is such an intelligent and bright hope for younger generations that are facing a host of acidosis and genetic weaknesses.

Link to video:








Dr. Morse's School Testimonial




Here is a short testimonial taken from a recorded Lymphatic Iridology course in 2019 with the International School of the Healing Arts.



Kasey Stern (Vegetable Police)
















Kasey Stern from the popular YouTube health channel Vegetable Police healed the underlying cause of Ulcerative Colitis with fruit and herbs.  He always speaks highly of Dr. Morse along his chronicled health journey.

Excerpt from this video starting at 7:07:


Hilde Larsen

Hilde was a good friend of Dr. Morse ever since he  started working with her as a client back around 2010.  She suffered from debilitating pain, causing her to be bed-ridden for years.  Her motivation for health led her to Dr. Morse, and her life would be turned right-side up.  She regained her energy, and became a beacon of health to many struggling individuals for over a decade.

Yes, Hilde died recently from a stroke, and every Paleo/Carnivore/Keto proponent used that to debase raw foods, Naturopathy, and Dr. Morse's teachings.  What these people fail to realize is that Hilde was knocking on deaths door over a decade ago taking the same supplements and doing the same diets these internet "experts" flaunt, yet she reclaimed her health, vitality, and vigor from eating a living foods diet and taking herbs.  Dr. Morse's protocol and diet recommendations allowed Hilde to live over 10 years pain-free, out of bed, and enjoying her life.  That's the whole point of what we do here: Get people well so that they can enjoy their lives and help others make this planet more tolerable to live in.


She would have died a decade ago had it not been for her tenacity and willpower to stay on the raw fruits and push herself to levels few can reach.  The fact that she did die from a stroke should only tell us that she was still battling a congested lymphatic system, and that's only natural giving the chronic acidosis she had battled with for decades before meeting Dr. Morse.  The fact that Hilde gained 10 years of her life with health and vitality should be celebrated, and not minimized.

If you see a stroke or heart attack in an individual, why?  Go back to the kidneys, adrenal glands, the lymph system, acids, cholesterol, calcium, and edema.  Congestive heart failure, pulmonary edema, and heart problems, are all related to acidosis.  We are all a work in progress when it comes to one's health, except for the Internet experts apparently.


Let's all strive for the same robust health that characterized Hilde for all of those years.


Here is her website detailing more about her story and drive:









Eli from The FreeMelon Society

I wanted to plug in Eli here as an example of an individual thriving on a fruit-based diet.  Whenever fruitarians are mentioned or discussed online, the negative stereotypes abound on social media and in awful YouTube comments.

Don't blame the fruit for people atrophying and becoming "malnourished," blame their lymphatic systems and their genetics (specifically when it comes to the kidneys, adrenals, pancreas, and small bowel).  

Recall the 4 stages of food processing: Digestion, Absorption, Utilization, and Elimination.  

If even just one of those steps is suppressed, the entire chain is out of whack.  We have a society raised on the standard American diet, with terrible genetics in their adrenal glands (confirmed by TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram), vaccinated to Hell and back, and with terrible lymph systems inherited from their mothers in utero.  Imagine these people suddenly trying to eat only fruit, and you tell me what you think is going to happen to their bodies.  We haven't even begin to talk about stress yet either.

Remember Arnold Ehret and his experiences detoxing people on raw foods over a century ago.  We are seeing even worse healing crises than what Arnold experienced with people in his day.

When the body is functioning as it was designed to, man thrives on his natural fuel: fruits, berries, and melons.

The sad reality is that society is being propped up by slaughterhouse meat, coffee, and energy drinks

In the end: Don't blame fruits for "deterioration," blame man's body, blame a society that undervalues botanicals, and blame the terrible farming practices that have yielded abysmal fruit quality.  

Here is the link to his channel:

95 Year Old Vegan Dr. Fred Bisci

Fred has been a raw vegan for over 60 years!  Check out his interviews with Gillian Berry here:


GrapeGate Written Testimonials

GrapeGate has a myriad of different client testimonials.  The latest testimonial was uploaded on January 23, 2019, so it's been a long time without any updates.  Regardless, healing is still healing no matter the time period.

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