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How to Effectively and Safely Lose Weight

Eat as many fruits, berries and melons as you'd like, unrestricted, uninhibited, at any and all times of the day including right before exercise, right before bed, in the middle of the night, and when you're stressed.  

If you take away nothing from this page, please do NOT intentionally restrict your calorie intake (except for purposes of intended water or dry fasting).  Do NOT intermittent fast, do NOT skip breakfast, and do NOT count calories (for the purposes of restricting food intake).

The classic advice everyone will give you for weight loss is to eat less and exercise more.  They will all say to be in a calorie deficit of 500-1000 calories a day in order for you to "safely" lose a pound or 2 of fat per week.

This is not only stupid advice, it is also destructive and damaging to your body and psyche.


You will shut down your adrenal gland function by restricting your body of the energy it demands.  You will be secreting so much cortisol and adrenaline by depriving your body of energy.  You are putting all of this unnecessary demand on the very glands primarily responsible for your neurotransmitter and steroid production.  

You skip breakfast every single day and restrict your calorie consumption to a 6 hour window, and down go your adrenals.  Not only that, you deprive yourself of carbohydrates and consume protein and fat as the only calories you DO decide to ingest every day.

You may say that you don't feel hungry in the morning and you feel better without food in your body.  My response is that you feel better without protein and fat slogging in your gut any time of the day!  In fact, you never want to eat heavy foods that demand excessive digestion energy.

The easiest foods on the planet to eat are fruits, berries, and melons.  Instead of skipping breakfast to feel better when compared to eating bacon and eggs, why not eat some fruit to have minimal digestion while feeling more energized and hydrated?

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it should consist only of fruit.  If you only ate fruit once a day, have it be for your breakfast.  I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to get alkaline chemistry, hydration and fructose in the body as soon as you wake up.  That's why they call it breakfast, you are breaking your fast from the evening.  You never want to end a fast with bacon and eggs, let alone extending the fast when it would be wiser to end it with alkaline chemistry.  


As I mentioned in the fasting page, fasting has its benefits but only when you are prepared to engage in deeper detoxification.  You shouldn't be trying to engage in typical water or dry fast every day.  We are at such severe levels of lymph stagnation that we need to hydrate and energize the body instead of try to push it to its limits.


You reach diminishing returns by skipping meals and restricting your calories to any window of time.  You will stress the adrenal glands, which will in turn shut down the kidneys, impacting the entire lymphatic system.  Instead, eat frequently and eat as much fruit as you want per meal.  You really can't overeat ripe and fresh fruits!  Preserve your organs and glands, enhance your mood, start your day off properly, and avoid being hangry by embracing fruits, berries and melons.

An important note on Fruit Combinations: Eat your melons alone and do not mix them with any other fruits or berries.  Only combine citrus fruits with subacid fruits like apples and pears and not sweet fruits like bananas and figs.  Sweet and subacid fruits pair well together.

Why You May Gain Weight on a Fruit Diet


Nothing about fruit is fattening.  Fructose is readily adsorbed into the cells via diffusion.  

If you are gaining weight on fruit, ask yourself if you're gaining body fat or water weight.

Many people are so acidic that they hold water due to kidney failure and a stagnant lymphatic system.  Your body will use water, cholesterol (lipids), and calcium to buffer acids.  Hold too much water in the body and that water may end up in the lungs and heart, giving you pulmonary edema or congestive heart failure which are lethal.

Dr. Morse has mentioned one client that gained 5+ pounds of water weight after taking a shower.  If that's not high acidosis, I don't know what is. 

If you truly are gaining bodyfat on a high fruit diet, then we can look to the adrenal and thyroid glands as the culprits.  The adrenals deal with sugar metabolism via the hormone cortisol.  Your thyroid deals with the rate of metabolism.  So many people have low gland function across most of their glands, especially the adrenal and thyroid glands.  When you don't metabolize sugar AND you have a low rate of metabolism, you will get fat on sugar.  Now compound the lack of sugar metabolism and low metabolic rate and add in starches and grains in the mix.  Food is an emotional thing. You don’t have emotional eaters reach for lemons, apples or pineapples. You have them reaching for chips and bread. The heavy stuff as that makes you feel “full” or comfortable.  Those same starchy foods feed fungus and they also make you fat in light of your gland weaknesses.

Many of these same people will then opt for the paleo/keto diets that are high in fat and protein, but such diets will make you even fatter because the fat you eat is the fat you wear.  What soon happens and becomes the norm is that these same people with gland weaknesses restrict calories through high fat diets.  They skip breakfast and intermittent fast because the fat satiates them enough to skip meals and eat less.  The high fat consumption literally becomes a tool for them to control their appetite while simultaneously putting themselves into a starvation mode that further stresses the adrenals and kidneys.  These people get moody, hangry, and feel miserable while guzzling down the coffee as a means to stimulate themselves because they're certainly getting no energy from their high fat and protein diets.

This becomes a never ending cycle until said people crash or cheat on their diets, which all of them do eventually.  That's why so many people yo-yo with their diets.  That's why low calorie diets are labeled as "crash diets," you will crash and burn if you restrict your food consumption. 


There are tens of thousands of people restricting their calories and interacting with random strangers on a day to day basis.  These same people are moody, irritable, and impatient because their low fruit consumption is shutting down their already weak adrenal glands.  Everyone is literally running on adrenaline and stimulants to get through their day, and they will take their negative mood and irritable disposition and take it out on you on the freeway, in line at the grocery store, at the electronic gate at your apartment building, or even on the phone with customer service.

Calorie restriction and Paleo diets have literally destroyed the moods and happiness of our society.  Add this on top of the stress of high rent, bad jobs with low pay, and poor fruit at grocery stores, and we are only scratching the surface on why this society will collapse in a few short years.

Bottom line: Never eat high amounts of fat and protein as they are inherently fattening no matter your gland function.  Fix your adrenal and thyroid glands to fix your metabolism.  Eat as much fruit as possible, even if you gain weight initially.  You will eventually alkalize your body, heal your glands and fix your metabolism more and more so that the pounds will come off eventually.  Detox, detox, detox!

How to Deal with Excessive Weight Loss on the Fruit

Let's say you are eating tons of fruit and avoiding fat and protein consumption, but you're losing too much weight and your family starts commenting that you look like a skeleton.  If you eat a lot and lose weight, you could have worms, hyperthyroidism, or malabsorption. With malabsoption, you can eat all you want and your goodies aren’t getting absorbed. Go after the lymph system, kidneys, and adrenals.

Fatty acids are absorbed through the small bowel into the lymphatic capillaries through the lymphatic duct into the liver.  If you have malabsoprtion, this doesn’t happen.  Fix malabsorption and you’d be surprised how little you need to eat compared to before.  When you’re malabsorbed, nothings getting in, you’re always hungry, and you can never really fill yourself.  Add on top of that parasites and fungus, that makes you hungrier on top of that.  Go after malabsorption and killing parasites.

With malabsoption, you can eat all you want and your goodies aren’t getting absorbed.  Go after the lymph system, kidneys, and adrenals.

What causes malabsorption?  What could block nutrients from the mucosa of the small bowel, absorbing through the cells of the small bowel wall, into the lymph or vascular capillaries?  A lot of nutrition doesn’t come into the blood from the small bowel, it goes into the lymph system. The blood needs to be in the perfect pH range.  Out of balance chemistry causes problems for man.  At the same time, you can have someone as emaciated, thin, and as malabsorbed as possible and their bloodwork could look perfect.

You have to fix malabsorption.  You need to clean the mucoid plaque on the bowel walls, you have to reach interstitially into the lymph system as this is a big deal. It’s easy for the plaque to come off with herbs and foods.  You’ll see black stuff coming out in your stools. White flour products are the biggest glue on the planet, that’s gorilla glue.  That will plaque up the bowel wall.  The GI Broom herbal formula works wonders on cleaning plaque from the bowel wall.


Malsbroption leads to IBS, Crohns Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, cancers and all kinds of things.  You can’t have malabsorption without adrenal gland weakness.  You can’t have malabsorption and healthy adrenals and filtering kidneys.  It’s also the problem of blood sugars.

You can be heavy and be malabsorbed, which is the worst of both worlds.  All that extra weight stresses out everything.  It’s better to be thin and malabsorbed than fat and malabsorbed.

Most people will get a little too skinny on a fruit diet, but you can't fix that by going back on the fat and protein which will just cause excessive weight gain and swelling.  Don't treat the weight loss, fix the cause of malabsorption instead of treating it with high fat and protein diets.  Dr. Morse's clinic has never lost any client due to excessive weight loss from fruits.  It reaches a point where you will have to choose enduring comments from friends & family or pleasing others just to not be persecuted.  You need to dig deep and detox the body. 


I've suffered malabsorption since my youth.  I was a fat child that always ate so much in every meal and never reached satiation.  The constant starch and poor food combining meant I had constant itchiness as well as toenail fungus on every toenail.  The lymph stagnation in my bowels, stomach, liver, and pancreas was made manifest in constant gas, bloating, nausea, vomiting, and dehydration.  I always recalled eating more food than anyone at the kitchen table.  When the family would get Pizza Hut delivered, I was always eating an entire box just on my own, plus wings and breadsticks.  I still remember just how many plates I could stack at Hometown Buffet.

Stacking on the plates, eating family sized meals, and overeating really is just ignoring the underlying issue. 

Fix the cause of malabsorption by going after the lymph system.

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