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All About Water

The fastest way to get hydrated is to eat ripe and juicy fruit, not drink water.

A diet of cooked foods will only dehydrate you and rob you of energy.  

Remember the old saying that drinking lots of water is helpful? It’s not helpful.

When you get into high acidosis and kidney failure, you pass the water right through you.  There is no hydration with water. Proper hydration is interstitial.  You will just pee the water right out.  I wouldn’t drink juices either.  Eat your fruit whole.


Fix the prostate and kidneys.

The advice of drinking half your bodyweight in ounces of water is not only harmful, it's stupid. 


Let me ask you this: Does a mountain gorilla drink half its weight in ounces of water?  A male adult mountain gorilla will weigh around 450 pounds.  Do you think they drink 225 ounces (14 pounds) of water a day?  On that same note, how many calories do you think an adult mountain gorilla eats on any given day?  On a good day they'd be lucky to get 1500 calories, let alone 2000.  

You don't need all the water and calories the "experts" are peddling.  What you need are hydrating and energetic foods that also cleanse the body.  You need ripe fruits, berries and melons.  You also need to fix digestion, absorption, utilization and elimination to get the body well.


When you get into high acidosis and kidney failure, you pass all the water the experts tell you to drink right through you.


There is no hydration with water.  You'll get some hydration from the minerals in water, but you Proper hydration is interstitial, meaning between the cells. 


I'd be careful with juices as well in a very dehydrated case as you don't want to retain too much water in an acid medium only for that water to end up in the heart or lungs.  Eat your fruit whole to avoid taking in too much water from fruits as opposed to juicing.  Fix the kidneys and move your lymph.

Edema is a huge issue as so many people are walking around with 10-20 pounds of water.  

When you are eating a raw fruit diet, how much water should you drink daily?  Only when thirsty.  You'll get plenty of water in all of your fruits.  In fact, you can switch the water out for freshly brewed herbal teas instead, giving you the benefit of the herbs as well as a liquid to drink. 


So many people carry giant flasks of water with them everywhere they go and rush to the restroom all the time to pee, and still end up dehydrated.  Yet you can stay hydrated by just eating raw fruit throughout the day and never rush to go pee (that is, if you have a strong bladder and kidneys).


Which Water Should I Drink?

My desire is that people focus more of their attention on getting quality fruit than they do on what type of water they drink. People get very serious about their water choices.  Some love distilled water, others love reverse osmosis.  


  Obviously one should try to avoid drinking tap water right out of the faucet.  That's the one source of water that is safe to stay away from.  One should also steer away from plastic water bottles given the sheer landfills full of used plastic out there.  However, if 40 pack cases of plastic water bottles from Costco or Sam's Club are your only affordable sources of water, then go for it.  Yes, the bottles will most likely leech plastic into the water if exposed to any sunlight or hot weather, but I'm not too worried about that in the grand scheme of things.  I'm worried about your kidneys after eating some meat then the plastic from water bottles.

Sure, a whole house water filter system is ideal but even an adapter that attaches to your sink or a water filter pitcher are also great affordable options.  Use whatever is convenient and fits your budget and focus your hydration from fruits, not water.


Regarding Alkaline Waters


Please avoid waters whose pH has been altered to be more alkaline.  Do not go past 8-8.5 pH in your water into alkalosis.  Your blood needs to maintain a 7.4 pH, and by going with too high a pH in your water, you run the risk of alkalosis.  Alkalosis is a serious issue and you can potentially die from complications.  Do NOT mess with blood chemistry by dumping acids or alkaline waters in your body.  

We've never had these extreme 10+ pH waters available to the public before.  They will market these waters as the antithesis to man's acid diets.  We are literally guinea pigs for these companies to sample their latest chemical concoction. 


Remember: It's all about balance.  Stick to the foods whose pH closely matches the blood.  Those foods are your fruits, berries, melons and vegetables.  You don't have the dangers to Blood pH on fruit as you do on proteins or alkaline water. 


Do not play games with your life.  Always stay along the path and avoid any and all gimmicks!

Focus on fruits to hydrate you and be content with some bottled water and you'll do well.

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