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What is Kidney Filtration?

Kidney filtration simply involves the elimination of acids and toxins out of the body. 

Cells poop and send that waste to lymph nodes to be neutralized, and that waste then travels to the kidneys for elimination out of the body.


Your Lymph system is your sewer system and is lipid-based to deal with acids and toxins.

"Moving lymph" is filtration of lymphatic fluid through the doors of the kidneys. 

Lymph becomes stagnant when kidneys stop filtering.

Any stagnation of sewage builds fungus, bacteria and acidosis, which is exactly what man suffers from.

We need to get the suppressive and corrosive effect upon the cell by acids away from the cell.

To have a tumor anywhere in your body, you have to have kidney filtration problems.


Your suffering is determined by how fast you can get that lymph filtering through your kidneys.

That's why detoxification is so important and why the kidneys are so vital.

No One Is Filtering Nowadays

There was a time when I was clearly filtering from my kidneys, much to my own surprise given the state of my health over the last 2 decades.  I believe I was around 6 or 7 at the time and I remember being freaked out seeing sediment in the toilet bowl the one time I decided to analyze the toilet bowl instead of just immediately flushing.  I thought something was wrong with me, but little did I know that my urine was supposed to have sediment in it.

Those days of visibly seeing sediment in the toilet bowl were soon over as I wouldn't be seeing sediment for decades afterward.

No one in this society seems to be filtering from their kidneys either.

Just peek into the toilet bowl at any public restroom.  No one has the decency to flush, and every time I have to look into the toilet bowl I see no evidence that the previous user was filtering.   

So many people are in kidney failure it’s unbelievable. 

There is an epidemic of kidney failure in western society, and the exponential increase of atypical cells (cancer) and heart "disease" among the masses is evidence of this reality.  Heart problems and atypical cells originate in the kidneys.

You might go years without filtering the kidneys and not even know it.  All it would take is the right stressful situation to shut down your adrenal glands and you go down for the count.

If there is no filtration from the kidneys due to renal failure, there is a blowback to the blood.  Eventually one would need to go on Dialysis to clean the blood.  While Dialysis cleans your blood, it also strips your blood.

I hope you can see just what is at stake here.  Your life, as well as the lives of your friends and family depends upon how quickly we can get your kidneys to function as they were designed to.

The problem is we are running out of time and the days are only getting more evil.

What Kidney Filtration Looks Like


Pee in a Jar


The easiest way to see if you're filtering: Pee in a jar, put it in the fridge, and wait overnight to check. 


The jar should look like a snow globe with sediment flowing throughout.

Yes, I'm asking you to pee in a mason jar.  Yes, I know it's weird and I know you may feel a little uncomfortable, but we must do this to check your kidney function.


And yes, you are going to ask yourself, "What did I do wrong in my life to end up here peeing in a jar?"  The answer to your question is poor eating habits, your genetics and being in mama's womb for 9 months sharing her awful lymph system.

Just deal with the awkwardness.  You have to do what you have to do for your health.

You can buy a jar of pickles that would run you a little over a dollar at places like Aldi if you don't have a spare jar in your kitchen.

How to Get Your Kidneys to Filter


The kidneys are rebuildable.  All tissues are very rebuildable under the alkaline sky.  You can rebuild gastric, liver, and kidney tissue.

Let your foods be your medicine. 

One of the worst foods for destroying kidneys is protein. 

Remove dairy, animal flesh, nuts, seeds, beans, legumes, and starches from your diet.

Fruits, berries and melons are kidney filterers.

However, you can be a raw foodist, not get your kidneys filtering, and get worse.  This isn’t just about the foods.  It’s about fixing the filtration, the elimination of the body which has become stagnant, obstructive and dehydrating in nature.

We've come to a point where even the best fruits aren't enough to combat the enormous stagnation of lymph and weak kidney genetics.

If you don’t get your kidneys and adrenals hydrated and flowing, no matter how raw you are you are stagnant.  Even if your nutrition is proper, your elimination is stagnant and that will get you every time.  That’s why herbs are so important to help you with elimination. 

Use the herbal kidney formulas.  You can use any combination of all 4 kidney formulas together and use a mixture of both capsule and tincture formulas to integrate different forms of absorption.


Go to the 3 Lung formula as a lymph formula to break up tumors and mucus throughout the body.  You can use the 3 Lung herbal formula with much less restriction than the other Lymphatic herbal formulas.

As the kidneys go back online, you will be going through a lot of peeing as you open that up as a lot of herbs in the formulas are diuretics.

Don't Forget the Adrenal Glands


One of the hardest things you’ll find is to get your kidneys to filter again, and your adrenal glands sit right on top of them.  When you’re ready to fight, your kidneys shut down as all your energy goes to your muscles.  If you’re stressed out, you’re in an “epi” mode, and you’ll lose filtration.  As soon as you relax and get your dopamines going, then you can pee and poop well.

You have to go after the adrenal glands.  That is the first priority, but you can’t go after them without going after the kidneys, as the lymph system is what brings down the myelin sheaths and the adrenals themselves.  It’s a catch-22, the adrenals control the kidneys but as the kidneys get inflamed from proteins and break down and it backs up to the adrenals and affects them.

Use the adrenal gland herbal formula as well as a 400 mg adrenal glandular (1 capsule 3 times a day for 1-3 months). 

Use licorice root if you have low blood pressure (systolic under 120).

Rest like your life depended upon it.  Please take things easy and let go of any emotional attachments that cling so tightly.

Don't put excess demand on your adrenal glands to produce adrenaline from a busy lifestyle.  Hit the breaks and take things slow and easy.

The more you can listen to your body, the more you can discern when you are working or stressing yourself too much.

There is no filtration of the kidneys within the standard Western lifestyle of 40+ hour work weeks featuring unattainable robotic demands and metrics.

You'll need to get creative in how you can sustain yourself while simultaneously not participating in the Matrix of high turnover and high stress jobs to pay for ever increasing rent and food costs.

Finally, don't let the goal of filtering take over your life.  If you focus so much of your attention and desires to get healthy, you'll find it becomes a noose around your neck.

Love yourself and take things day by day.  That will help take the burden off your shoulders and your adrenals.

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