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Mental Health


Your anxiety, depression, and all manner of disordered thinking, feeling and behavior are all the product of glandular weaknesses within a stagnant, constipated, and agglomerated lymphatic system.

To put it another way: Depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, neurological disorders, dementia, and all other manner of Psychological ailments/dysfunction are not a mental problem but a physiological problem.

I wanted to make that point perfectly clear.  In fact, mental health is very simple to understand and cure.  It all goes back to the kidneys and adrenal glands and their role in filtering the very acids that are suppressing and damaging the very glands and organs responsible for your mental and behavioral abilities.  Let's also not forget how imperative the parathyroid glands are to your calcium utilization and self-esteem. 


I regrettably pursued a worthless undergraduate degree in Psychology (most undergrad degrees are worthless as it is, but I double-downed on a worthless subject) with hopes of pursuing a doctorate in Clinical Psychology or something along the lines of health.  My intention was to help find some remedy for various mental issues (inspired primarily by my parents and their deep psychological pathology).  However, I wanted to drop out multiple times during my undergrad given how worthless the experience was, but I was foolish enough to stay just to get a degree to cover my losses and help with employment prospects (of which the degree became a liability instead of an asset).  Hindsight is always 20/20.


The further I went through my studies and interacted with my professors, the more I came to grips with the futility of "science" and "research" in the modern day (and the ignorance and arrogance of these "professors" with PhD's).  I can tell you first-hand these clowns in Academia and Allopathic medicine know absolutely nothing about mental health, especially in regard to the organs, glands and lymphatic system and how it relates to one's mental faculties and abilities. 

The "Scientific" field of Psychology is now an absolute joke, one that is currently the vehicle for much of the political agendas going on in our world today.  Need I say more, or do you need further reminders?  If so, go on any social media platform at the moment and tell me there is no agenda to change how you think and believe.  While you're on that social media platform, ask yourself if our "mental health" is getting better or worse by the day?  So much for the "experts" with PhDs and their research on "mental health."

The glory days of Philip Zimbardo, Stanley Milgrim, Albert Bandura, Solomon Asch and many others in the 20th century have met their untimely end to an era of political correctness and social agendas.  

The medical "professionals" are still doing the same foolishness they were doing 50 years ago, despite millions of lives negatively affected by anti-depressants, SSRIs, anti-anxiety meds, anti-psychotic drugs, Ritalin, and any other pill they can charge top dollar for.  So many lives directly and indirectly ruined in order to "treat" a problem they don't understand, even when the cause is so simple and in their face.


That's why they're still pumping pharmaceuticals and pushing cognitive behavioral therapy with no remedy in sight.  They don't understand the problem, yet they're treating it anyway.  Sounds like a great idea, doesn't it?

Consequently, the American Psychological Association needs to be shut down, effective immediately.  The politics this association has pushed have gone too far, to the destruction of so many lives.  The DSM-V needs to be altogether banned, ripped up, and flushed down the toilet.  While we're at it, we can shut down the National Institutes of Mental Health (and the other institutes comprising the NIH).  This madness has to stop before more pain, suicide, and death continue to escalate.

In most of these "mental illness" cases, you don't need therapy and you most certainly don't need pharmaceutical drugs.  Yet all our society wants to do is get everyone on therapy and pump expensive and toxic drugs down their throats, all while completely ignoring the underlying cause of their problems.

You will only find your remedy in restoring your mental health in the detoxification of your lymphatic system and in the strengthening of your organs and glands (namely the adrenal and parathyroid glands).

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