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The Implications of Having Children Today

Please do not have children until you are well.

When you conceive, you want the best child you can have. You have to be smart about children and not have them out of emotional needs.  That’s the worst thing that has happened to people, including my parents. 

You start out lymphatically from your mother.  Your lymph and blood systems are tired to momma.  Who are you in for 9 months?  Mama. You share blood and lymph with mama for those 9 months.  Mom feeds you and cleans you while you’re in her. If she’s not filtering and cleaning, you are not as the baby filtering and cleaning.  She sets your lymph system.  That’s why you see so many atypical cells, cancer cells and tumors in newborns.

For potential mothers-to-be: Please do not even think about having children until you are filtering through your kidneys and see visible sediment in your urine every day.

If you have children in the face of your poor health, with the awareness of your poor genetics, and with the understanding of your impacted lymph system, then you owe it to your children to fully guide them to the path of health, whatever the cost.

Mama's lymph system becomes the child's lymph system in the womb.  If mama isn't filtering, baby isn't filtering, it's as simple as that.

We are developing stunted growth in children.  We have babies with atypical (cancer) cells coming out of mama.  The genetic stance on our cells are so bad that children are being born without faces, tissues or body parts.  Let's not forget the babies being born bald.  Bald is not beautiful!

If I could insert my own opinion on my own website: I don't think many people should be having children nowadays given the level of genetic weaknesses seen in kidneys and adrenals for most potential parents as well as the lymphatic stagnation seen in most potential mothers.  The sheer level of pituitary gland weakness in women also guarantees miscarriages and the inability to hold a child to term. 


The deck is stacked against all potential mothers because they are unhealthy systemically.  It all goes back to the lymphatic system and kidneys and most women are not in a position to have healthy children.

Fix the glands, move the lymph system and get the kidneys filtering before you have sex.

Why have children that are guaranteed to be genetically weaker than children born 100 years ago?  Why subject them to a government that will mandate vaccinations further suppressing them neurologically and subjecting them to seizures, ADHD and autism?  Why have children that you know will have major anxiety issues on top of congestion problems, calcium problems, digestive issues and whatever other genetic weakness you and your partner will give to them?  Why bring children into a world as hostile as this one?  One where the government will want to control them every step of the way?

Focus on the people already in this world rather than bringing more damaged humans in.

Forget whatever "legacy" you want to continue.  There will be no legacy with kidney failure and adrenal weakness in your children.  There will only be a severe uphill battle to get well when dealing with terrible fruit quality, costly herbal formulas, skyrocketing rent, and mandatory vaccines.  Let's not forget the exponential amount of stress in this society today.  It will only get worse.  You must be more responsible now given your knowledge of detoxification to spare any potential child from a life of pain and misery.  


Think about the suffering of your potential children before you have sex.

Men: Think about getting a Vasectomy as soon as possible in order to control if and when you have children.


Diet and Protocol During Pregnancy

Please be as raw as possible during your pregnancy


Please have absolutely zero protein foods during pregnancy.  The more fruits, berries and melons, the better.  What mama eats during pregnancy is exactly what baby eats.

Do you want a quick, pain-free delivery with no red baby?  Eat 100% raw fruits, berries, and melons.

Dr. Morse doesn’t recommend a 10 day grape fast while pregnant.  He doesn’t recommend detoxing while pregnant.  Dr. Morse never gives lymphatic herbs or parasitic herbs (Parasite M & G) in pregnancy.

You can do the liver formula in pregnancy.


His clinic and counselors have never lost a fetus ever by women coming into his clinic pregnant.  He’s even had cancer cases where the mother was pregnant and they did not lose the fetus.

Dr. Morse’s granddaughter during her pregnancy took the kidneys, endocrine glands, adrenals, brain & nerve, Superfood Blend, and GI Broom herbal formulas and still had a 10 pound baby full of muscle.

Glandulars are safe during pregnancy.  Plenty of women have used glandulars while pregnant according to Morse.  Stay away from the heavy hitters like the lymphatic herbs (although some women have been brazen enough to take them).


Please Breastfeed Your Child


The diet and genetic weaknesses of the mother goes into play for the quality of her milk.  Acid-forming food eating mother makes for an acid-forming milk producing mother.  You get colicky and mucusy burping baby from the acid milk.

We have to get the mothers healthy to have healthy milk.  Unhealthy acidic mothers will just feed their babies acidic milk.  If you feed your babies acidic milk, now you have your baby’s lymph system backed up.  If the baby starts forming tumors, the state will grab your baby, force chemo, and in most cases kill them.

What should a mother do to keep her breast milk from drying up?  The herb Fenugreek (found in the 3 lung herbal formula) is good for promoting breast milk.  The female reproductive formulas would be great too.  At the same time you want a raw food diet.

Parasite M and other formulas containing black walnut hull will decrease or stop breast milk production for lactating women.

Whatever you do, do not use traditional baby formula that is filled with dairy, soy, corn syrup and every chemical additive known to man.

According to a video dated from May of 2022 on Dr. Morse's website, Dr. Morse has been trying to release a baby formula for his clinic and his product is stuck in testing at a lab.  He has been trying to release his own formula for over 5 years now, but I don't see the product releasing until 2023. 


In the meantime, you can go about making a baby formula of your own.  Different recipes have been thrown around, but using a combination of bananas, avocados and water seems to offer the best texture and thickness for a baby bottle. 

If anyone has some good baby formula recipes, please let me know.

For Women Suffering Postpartum Depression

Depression comes from parathyroid weakness and the inability of the body to utilize calcium. Calcium is the main component of nerve transmission, skeletal connective tissue and also used as an immune response as an antacid (one we don’t want to use as that calcium is borrowed from other parts of the body).

Babies use mama’s calcium. If mama has a parathyroid weakness, even on a great diet, she can’t utilize calcium and the baby may inherit that same weakness genetically, which means they can get growing pains and mutations.


The baby you raised in the womb required a lot of calcium to produce, calcium that you cannot afford to lose because you aren't metabolizing calcium properly because your parathyroid glands are down. 

This goes back to my argument that most women should not have children because their glands are down and their lymph systems are an absolute mess.

You don't metabolize calcium, and there goes the ensuing depression.  

You force a lot of calcium loss either from high acidosis or having a baby, and there goes even more calcium loss and depression.


Eating your placenta for calcium does nothing when your parathyroid glands are down.  Taking calcium supplements will harm you even more as isolated calcium is not well metabolized by the parathyroid glands, meaning you will turn that isolated supplement into rocks.  

The best tool we have for the parathyroid glands is the parathyroid glandular.  You can get it on Dr. Morse's website. Take 1 capsule 3 times a day for the duration lasting1-3 entire bottles.

If you're suffering postpartum depression, use the parathyroid glandular, take a full herbal protocol (check Protocol Page) and eat a 100% raw fruit diet.

For Women That Have Problems Conceiving


If you can’t conceive or hold children to term, that’s your pituitary gland.

Irregular monthly cycles, bleeding too much during menses, can’t conceive children, can’t hold to term, that’s all your pituitary.


It’s easy in the field of naturopathy to get a woman to conceive.  Conception is one thing, then producing a body riddled with the same weaknesses as the mother is another.  The big problem with conception 9/10 times is always the pituitary.  These are women who are estrogenic, have excessive bleeding in menses, their menses is irregular, and therefore they abort easily.


Get on the female reproductive herbal formula for 2 months and also get on the pituitary glandular for one bottle and see if that brings the pituitary in order.  Remember the link of the transverse colon and the head (from one's embryonic development).  Clean up the bowels knowing there’s a relationship from the embryonic stages of the head with the tail (remember the "tadpole" phase).  They are all symbiotically related.  The GI Broom formula is fantastic for cleaning and strengthening the bowels.

Stay on an astringent fruit, berry and melon diet to cleanse and hydrate the body.  It will take more time to get into the head where the pituitary is to clean then somewhere like the chest wall.

Protocols for Children

Dosages: For a 6 month old, 3-4 drops per formula 3 times a day is all that is needed.

For a 3 year old, 5-7 drops per formula 3 times a day would be sufficient.

For children weighing 25-50 pounds, 2/3 of a dropperful would suffice.

For children weighing 50-75 pounds, 1 full dropperful would suffice.

Increase the amount of drops as the child grows in weight.

Children are just little humans so there is no difference in detoxification between them and adults except for the dosages of herbs and number of formulas.

The same 100% raw diet is recommended for both children and adults.

The healthier the child, the more relaxed the child is.  The more acidic the child, the more hyperactive the child.

Children only need 3-7 herbal formulas for any given protocol.  I prefer giving more formulas rather than less given the severe lymph stagnation and genetic weaknesses found in children today.  Plus, a single bottle of tincture will last you a long time for a child, so the investment is absolutely a no-brainer.

Use tinctures instead of capsules as they're so much easier to give the child, plus you don't have to worry about measuring out the whole herbs from the capsules.

Morse doesn’t give too many glandular products to children, not that it would hurt them but that he doesn’t see the need to.

You can put the drops in the child's formula/food for added convenience.  The child won't taste the miniscule amount of drops, yet reap the benefits of the herbs!

Sample Protocol for a 6 Month Old Child

2 Kidney formula tinctures (Use different numbered formulas): 3-4 drops 3 times a day

Adrenal Gland formula tincture: 3-4 drops 3 times a day

Endocrine Balance tincture: 3-4 drops 3 times a day

Brain & Nerve tincture: 3-4 drops 3 times a day

Circulation formula tincture*: 3-4 drops 3 times a day

Liver formula tincture: 3-4 drops 3 times a day

Pancreas formula tincture: 3-4 drops 3 times a day

You can subtract the 
Pancreas formula for budget reasons as the Liver formula has herbs that hit upon the pancreas as well.

*Note: Avoid the Circulation formula if the child has any tumors.

What To Do After Vaccinating your Children


When the State forces you to vaccinate your children or suffer losing them, you have little options beyond leaving the country.   

They’re using live viruses in the vaccines, including the Covid vaccine.  Vaccines also contain Graphene oxide (lead), aluminum, mercury, and iron.  That is the wrong way to get an immunity.  Natural immunity lasts a lifetime, vaccinated immunity, who knows?  Plus, the toxicity factor: you are putting into a body that already has lymphatic problems even more toxins (lead) for the sake of "health."

Get a room of 100 parents with children that have ADD, ADHD, seizures and autism.  Most will say that the issues stemmed right after the vaccination of the baby.

How many people are running around today with ADD, ADHD, seizures or autism because of vaccines?  Millions.  Thank you pharmaceutical world and the allopathic community.  Now we’ve got to clean it all up, and we can.  It's just more difficult now than before due to worse genetics in the children, poorer quality and more expensive fruit, and the ever-increasing stress of this society.

First thing to do with a child that is vaccinated is: Give them the Upper Circulation and Brain & Nerve herbal formulas.  Kidneys, kidneys, kidneys!  Pick up those adrenal glands too!  Given a child's low weight, your herbal formulas go so much further, so the herbs are not too costly financially when one bottle of a kidney formula can last over a month.  Plus, the child doesn't have the complex mental stressors that an adult or even teenager would have, so you don't have the mind as a large obstacle in the healing process.  

Detox the neurotoxins out.  Get them on a raw organic fruit, berry and melon diet.  If the child was raised on starches and meats, you will absolutely have a more difficult time getting them on raw since the child is full of fungus and is addicted to the meat given their adrenal weakness.  This is where we have to get creative: Banana Ice Cream (Nice cream), mixed fruit bowls, smoothies, juices, "cereal" of fruit pieces in boxed coconut water or coconut milk, homemade lemonade with organic lemons and organic coconut palm sugar/cane sugar, boxed coconut water with added fresh squeezed lime, and even some homemade apple sauce.

Organic produce is the only acceptable level for those with neurotoxicity, including children born with adrenal gland weakness on top of vaccinations.  The pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and rodenticides truly bring one's neurological system down.  Anything non-organic can cause shortness of breath and does not bring enough electric charge compared to organic produce.

If conventional produce is your only choice, then wash pesticides off of fruit with a good veggie wash as these are neurotoxins.  You could be eating a salad in a restaurant thinking you’re eating healthy and you start getting shortness of breath or an anxiety attack.  Congrats: You just ate a bunch of pesticides. 


Organic produce is considered a "scam" and pesticides are considered safe for general consumption.  Funny how something is considered "safe" in light of sheer ignorance of the lymphatic system and neurotoxins.  That's why "cancer" is killing everyone left and right and autism rates are skyrocketing in children.  Yet glyphosate is still legal and we're vaccinating people left and right while juicing them with chemo to boot.  That’s how this country rolls right now.

Protocols for Animals


Dr. Morse's Clinic states the following in their FAQ section for Pets on their website: "Pets respond wonderfully to Dr. Morse's formulas! Formulas should be administered according to weight. You can use the weight guidelines on the bottle, or for very small animals calculate the dose based upon one single drop per 8 pounds of body weight."

When administering herbal formulas to animals: You can pour the drops into your pet's water bowl or in their food if they're on a wet food diet.  You can also empty the contents of a capsule of an herbal formula into your pet's food bowl.  Worst case scenario: You can pour the herbal tincture into an oral syringe and feed your pet the formula directly or even just stick a capsule inside a chunk of food and have them swallow it whole.

Animals have lymph systems and endocrine glands just like humans do.  Thus, use the kidney and adrenal gland herbal formulas to aid your pet's detoxification

Dogs are omnivores and do not have sweat glands (which is why they pant).  Dogs universally have kidney weakness.  Thus, it's always a good idea to monitor their protein consumption and be very generous when it comes to giving them herbal kidney formulas.


Cats have the disadvantage of being carnivores, meaning their diet will not aide them in moving their lymph system.  Cats need to rely strictly on herbal formulas for their remedy.

Herbs are the only things to use for cats. You can’t go with fruits as their digestive system doesn’t work with fruits.

Dr. Morse does not have iridology charts for cats, dogs, or horses.  I believe there are some alumni from the International School of the Healing Arts that have desired to start the task of creating an iridology chart for animals, but I'm unaware of anyone making strides in that project.  

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