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The Role of Genetics

How does a person in their late teens or early 20's who felt fine all their life just crash so hard, but no amount of herbs and fruits can get him/her back up?  Yet some people can eat the worst diet and not get sick until they’re 50/60/70 or older.

Why do certain collection of symptoms occur in different people?

The answer is genetics.

Genetics make all the difference in the world.

Some can take chemo and mounds of toxicity and still keep going.  Some strong constitutions can go through hellville and get to wellville pretty easily.

Those with genetic weaknesses are working on weaknesses on top of fluid problems.

​Think about genetics in the human body.  What is genetic?  Blood is not genetic but perhaps blood cells are.  Fluids are not genetic, but cells are. When you ask if hair loss is genetic, you could have genetically weak hair follicles. That means acids take off hair that much quicker.  That’s why we see hair off quicker with each generation as no one is detoxing the head area.  The next round is more hair loss or true balding.  It’s a vicious cycle of genetically weak tissue and lymph stagnation.

Genetics is weakness of cells.  Those cells that are weak are going.  The problem is, we are acidic and the weak cells go down that much faster.  You can have something like balding look like genetics, but that’s just the weakness of cells. 

What can bring your tissues down or make them weak?  You’ve got genetics.  Who made that weakness in the first place and how did they make it?


Genetics could also mean genetic strengths. If you’re in a genetically weak area, you’re looking at an area weakened by the lymphatic system, rarely by the blood.

How do you get a symptom in an area?  Consider your genetics, you were born with a weakness and that weakness can play a vital role in your health.  For example, a weakness in the pancreas can affect your digestion of carbohydrates.  A genetic weakness in the kidney affects the giant lymphatic/sewer system of the human body.  Genetics means consciousness.

There’s so many possibilities when factoring in genetics and human expression of life.

What makes the adrenals go down?  Genetics.  What makes genetic weaknesses?  The type of food you eat, the type of chemistry you consume either makes your kidneys healthy or damages them.  Guess what side man has been on that coin of acid and base?  We've embraced the protein myth and have suffered the effects of acids.  We are involved in things that will be awhile for our society to catch up on.  Consider yourself blessed to be reading this.

Someone could have had a dad that lost their hair early.  The hair follicles could be genetically weak, but genetics didn’t take the hair off, chemistry took the hair off.  Now you have to realize the lymph system is the problem and we’ve been eating wrong our entire lives.  Acne has the same root problem – the lymph system being backed up.

You get certain traits from your dad and mom, and that includes genetic weaknesses.  Look at your family tree and ask yourself if you see a pattern in your family's health.  Any similarities in their levels of depression and anxiety?  Similar weight, height and muscular build?  Your genetics truly reveal the code with which you are working with.

The reality is that mama and papa have poor genetics for their kidneys and adrenals (and all the rest of their body), and they have negatively affected their genes with their high protein diets.  So by the time they have you, both of their weak kidney genes get realized into you (This is why I have a huge rant on this on the Pregnancy page of this website).

We're not done yet.  You're then in mama for 9 months sharing her blood and lymphatic systems.  So you are entering the world with a congested lymph system and poor kidney & adrenal gland functioning.  You're bottle fed dairy milk with corn syrup and added soy protein.  You're fed rice and pasta as a toddler.  Then you consume the standard American diet of high protein and starch, and now you see why we're getting leukemias and atypical cells in children left and right.

Where you see genetic weaknesses will ultimately impact lymphatic flow in that particular part of the body.  Slower lymph movement in that part of the body ultimately allows acids to create hypo (low) or hyper (high) conditions for that particular gland or organ. 


Life can feel like a cruel joke when you feel like a prisoner to your poor genetics and sluggish lymph system.  The good news is that we can "wake up the dead" and turn on the organs and glands, we can create an alkaline environment in the body to allow the "river" of lymph fluid to flow freely, and we can release the mind's hold on your freedom and autonomy as a human being.


We can regenerate the body and get you to experience your true potential of having proper gland and organ function.  We can get you to experience how life should be lived: without limitation.  Sadly, it takes a lot of work, but it's worth it.

Don't let genetics be the be-all and end-all of your life.  Nor should you define yourself by your genetics or even your lymph system.  

You are the product of many choices, some of which you had no participation in.  What you can choose is how to live your life here and now, and that includes what type of chemistry you put in your mouth.

Live in a way that enhances your genetics and lymphatic system.

Live your life as if you had no genetic weaknesses.  You'd be surprised at just how much your mind has held back your potential as a human.

In all things, don't take your life or what you see in the mirror so seriously.  

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