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Diet Cliff Notes

Below are my best tips regarding everything diet related.

Follow the principles of the Mucusless diet system: Eat the foods that cause the least amount of mucus, congestion, and inflammation in the body, which are your fruits, berries, melons, tubers, veggie-fruits, and tender greens.

You always want to pursue alkaline foods over acidic foods.

When in doubt on what to eat, eat more fruit.

The more you cook a food, whether fruit or vegetable, the more you change the chemistry and make the food more acidic.

Acid foods will negatively affect your kidneys, adrenals, and lymphatic system.  Not to mention bloat, congest, and otherwise wreck your gut tissue.

Even cooked, dehydrated, dried, and even canned fruits and vegetables are still better for human consumption than nuts, seeds, beans, grains, and dairy.  Even cooked fruits and veggies still have some power and merit to them, especially in slowing down a detox without implicating lots of mucus and congestion that any other food group would bring.  


One piece of advice regarding dried fruit is to avoid banana chips because they can be very hard on the teeth and dental bills are expensive, so just avoid the banana chips as they're not worth the risk.


Frozen fruit is convenient to use for any smoothie.  Frozen mangoes are generally the cheapest frozen fruit you can get in grocery stores and they're widely available.  The great thing about mangos are that they're always on the "Clean 15," meaning you don't have to get them organic:


Some speckled bananas with some frozen mangos make for a super quick smoothie.  Even some boxed coconut water added in would enhance the flavors, as would a little lime!


If you've run out of fruit and just have some frozen fruit in the freezer, you can merely leave the bags out to thaw and consume the frozen fruit that way.  This technique has saved me in a pinch time and again.

Veggie fruits are the best type of vegetable for human consumption.  Humans are not herbivores, so we do not do well with highly fibrous vegetables.  We need to juice or cook down these vegetables in order to digest them, which should tell that these foods are not suitable for man.


Avocado is a life-saver to add a raw element to your vegetable meals that is both widely available and satiating.  So when you need a heavier meal for dinner or even lunch, a couple of avocados can go a long way with any dish.  Use it for your guac dip with some cucumber slices as "chips," or you can layer guac on a giant bed of tender greens and alfalfa sprouts.  Use crushed raw tomatoes and/or lime for extra water content for the guac to have a good texture.  Don't go overboard with the avocado or you'll definitely feel it soon after!


When in doubt on what to eat: always opt for fruits or vegetables in whatever form you can find.  Even canned fruits and vegetables are preferable to dairy, starches, seeds, nuts, legumes, and the list goes on.


It is not how much you eat, but what you eat that matters most.  Never count calories and always eat intuitively.  Live in abundance and enjoy every bite while taking into consideration proper food combining.  If you're miserable or upset when eating, that will negatively affect your digestion.  Try to eat every meal with others if you can.

Above all things, remember to prioritize rest and relaxation.  You won't get any better perpetually living in a fight or flight mode, no matter how much alkaline chemistry you're consuming.  Always choose the activity, movie, Youtube video, book, video game, or conversation that will bring you up rather than tear you down.  Listen to your body to get a feel for what content really is uplifting you rather than killing you slowly.


I also wanted to conclude that detox is a process.  If you have to slow things down a bit, then that's perfectly fine.  This is a marathon race and not a sprint, so don't let any expectations weigh you down like a ball & chain.  You know the path to get well, and you can hop back on at a moment's notice.  Your awareness and knowledge is priceless in a world of non-playable characters. 


Take things one day at a time and enjoy every moment!

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