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This "dis-ease" is characterized by delusions, hallucinations, disorganized speech, and chaotic thinking.  All the symptoms come down to the functioning of your glands, namely the adrenal and parathyroid glands. 

Get your glands functioning and clean the body of acidosis and get everything working as it should, then any and all "positive" or "negative" symptoms are eliminated and the individual is restored.

Excess stimulation in the central nervous systems from acidosis will affect every facet of your body's sensory and motor processes.  Calcium is critical in nerve transmission and calcium must be utilized by the parathyroid glands.  Hypo-parathyroid function not only means central nervous system problems, it also entails all the issues with depression (and suicide).  Combine that with hypo-adrenal gland function, which entails not producing enough neurotransmitters.  This will lead to paranoia, restlessness, and chronic fatigue (also explaining the negative symptoms).

What side of chemistry would be responsible for the deterioration of the brain and body?  The Alkaline or Acid side?  Acidosis is the underlying cause of all negative and positive symptoms.  Hearing things that don't exist, seeing things that don't exist, motor problems, paranoia, impaired thinking, word salads, and excessive movements all have their cause from the acid side of chemistry.  When medical doctors are bewildered by any "Dis-ease," you know immediately the problem is the Lymphatic system. 

Medical doctors will call attention to the large amount of water collected in the brain of anyone suffering from Schizophrenia.  What they fail to realize is that the body uses water to buffer acids.  When water accumulates in the brain, it is a dead giveaway that there's a high amount of acidosis in the brain.  If there's acidosis up in the head, then that means that individual is backed up not only in their head but all the way down to their toes.  Their kidneys have failed and their adrenals (which sit on top of the kidneys) are also down to boot, explaining all of the anxiety and paranoia also associated with Schizophrenia.  If their kidneys are down, their entire body goes down as they can't filter their wastes out of the body and ultimately perish from their own sewage.

When you open the kidneys, you pull the plug on them and you get drainage.  With that drainage comes the rise of cellular regeneration and life.  When it comes to Schizophrenia, regeneration of the adrenal glands and parathyroid glands brings about order out of the chaos and peace to a once acidic body.  

You will only find order and function by following the laws of  alkaline chemistry.  You will only get "Dis-ease" and disorder by going down the pharmaceutical and Paleo route of high acidosis.

How to cure the underlying cause of Schizophrenia


The protocol for Schizophrenia will be largely the same as for depression and anxiety.  We want to hit both the parathyroid glands and adrenal glands together with glandulars as well as herbal formulas given the severe state of glandular weakness we find in all Schizophrenia cases. 


If the client's blood pressure is low, we want to use licorice root to enhance the blood pressure to get one's systolic number as close to 120 as possible.  Licorice root is the one herb that will bring up blood pressure fast.  If your blood pressure is 100 or 90 over, you have low neurotransmitters and the more fatigue you willll have. You can’t poop or think well, and that’s the autonomic.  The lower the blood pressure, the lower the electrical response. You lower the electrical response to the myelin sheaths, and they decay and become chronic.  That’s when you run into heart arrhythmias, bowel movements, and everything else controlled electrically.


We are after the lymph system in every case so the 3 Lung Herbal Formula is critical in breaking down mucus and obstructions to that head region.  Lymphatic formulas will be crucial but only when we get the individual to filter through their kidneys, otherwise sewage will backup at the doors of the kidneys and create tumors.  Lymphatic formulas may be too strong for the client, so we can utilize the 3 Lung Formula as a lymphatic formula in its own right to work on the lymph system.


The Brain & Nerve and Circulation herbal formulas are critical for the nervous system and head region.  We want to promote circulation to the head (if there are no tumors present in their body) to strengthen the brain and not stroke from the effects of acidosis.  The Circulation formula increases oxygenated blood flow aggressively to neurons. The Brain & Nerve formula enhances the function of neurons, and we need all of the function we can get with a Schizophrenia case.

We need to clean up the GI tract in every case as it is guaranteed to be a mess with our modern diets of meat, dairy, and grains.  If you want to get into the head region, you need to detox the bowels.  All of the toxicity in one's bowels makes its way up to the head region.  Remember all of the nerve ganglia in the gut and how the autonomic nerve "brain" is in the gut as well.  The GI Renew and GI Broom formulas are paramount here.

Summary of the Steps to Heal the Underlying Cause Schizophrenia


Rest, rest, rest, rest, rest and more rest.

Get on a 100% raw fruit, berry and melon diet

Eat fruit frequently and do not let yourself go without food for more than about 2-3 hours. 

Do not fast yourself and put excess demand on your adrenals to produce neurotransmitters for energy.  Get your energy from your fruits!

Get on an herbal protocol, making sure to include at least 2 kidneys formulasAdrenal Gland herbal formula, 3 Lung herbal formula, Bones & Connective Tissue, Endocrine Support*, Brain & Nerve, and Circulation* herbal formulas.

Take the Parathyroid glandular (50 mg) 1 capsule 3 times a day.  Finish 1-3 bottles and stop.

Take the adrenal glandular (400 mg) 1-3 capsules 3 times a day for 3-6 months.

Sample Protocol to Cure the Underlying Cause of Schizophrenia


What is the first principle of detoxification? Rest, especially for those with adrenal and parathyroid weakness

Diet: 100% raw fruits, berries and melons only.  Stay as close to this raw diet as possible for maximum energy and minimal digestion.

Glandulars: 50 mg Parathyroid glandular, 1 capsule 3 times a day for up to 3 months

400 mg Adrenal Glandular, 1-3 capsule 3 times a day for up to 3 months

Herbal Formulas: Adrenal gland herbal formula

At least 2 kidney formulas (one capsule, one tincture)

Brain & Nerve Formula

Circulation Formula*

Bones & Connective Tissue Formula

GI Renew (# is relative to bowel frequency)

Parasite M

Parasite G - Only do 2 bottles and then stop

3 Lung Formula

Liver/Gallbladder Formula

Pancreas Formula

Endocrine Support*

Licorice Root (avoid if you have high blood pressure)

*Note on Endocrine Support*: This formula has herbs that will enhance the thyroid.  If you have hyperthyroid issues, please avoid this formula and use the Adrenal gland formula instead.

*Note on Circulation formula*: If you have tumors, cysts, polyps, or lipomas, please refrain from this formula until you work with a qualified Detox Specialist.

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