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The Importance of Digestion and Absorption



Recall the 4 Principles of Wellness.


1) Digest your foods properly.

2) Absorb those foods into your intestinal wall into the lymph system or blood capillaries.

3) Utilize/metabolize hormones, steroids, neurotransmitters, and enzymes.

4) Eliminate byproducts from all of these processes.

The Pancreas, Upper GI tract, Stomach, and Liver/Gallbladder are involved with Digestion.

The Lymphatic system in the small bowel and colon is involved with absorption.




It is so critically important to digest and absorb the foods you eat.  When you can't digest and absorb the very foods you put into your mouth, then wellness cannot be achieved.  You are effectively starving your body of nutrition by not digesting your foods and absorbing them.


How can you feed the cells of your body when you can't break down your foods and absorb them into the villi of your small bowel?

You cannot get proper utilization of your nutrients if you don't absorb them in the first place.  You can't absorb them if you are not breaking them down either.


You certainly cannot eliminate the byproducts of digestion, absorption and utilization if your colon, kidneys and skin are backed up and constipated.


What are the eliminative organs of the body?  The Kidneys, Skin and Colon.

The Destruction of GI Tracts from Proteins and Acids


It’s hard to deny as a fact that eating animal products damages the GI tract and the kidneys.

All food is not designed for the human just like all foods are not meant for carnivores, herbivores and omnivores.  Fruits aren’t designed for cats and meats are not designed for humans, just like beans and grains and other dead foods. With beans and grains, they have the highest phytic acid of the foods, and phytic acid itself blocks absorption on top of enzyme inhibitors. Hence why beans and grains are dormant foods that we can store them for long times, and then germinate them and break them down.  Does soaking something for a week for it to be more alive sound like health?

Get away from cooked foods.  Starch is a glue as is dairy.  They're very mucus forming and plaquing.  Proteins are destroying the colons of man.  

When we consume excess protein, it creates an acid environment in the duodenum, of which all the alkaline digestive enzymes therein (and in the small bowel) operate at 7.5-8 pH.  That’s essential to have the alkaline environment, even for Lipase and Protease which are for your lipids and peptides.  When you are constantly putting proteins in, you are getting incomplete digestion and the parasites/microbes will come in and finish up the job of incomplete digestion.

You can pack on muscles with protein, but you will acidify your body while saying goodbye to your colon and kidneys.  You will be on your way to forming tumors as the inflammatory response is a protein response.  Your main immune response is against acids and proteins.

High protein diets destroy the kidneys and GI Tract.  There are numerous studies done on high protein diets and colon cancer.

What do we eat and how much?  Eat as much fruit, berries and melons as you want as frequently as you want.  It’s what you eat and not how much.  In this era of malabsorption, digestion issues, and low thyroid and adrenal gland function, we need to eat more fruit in general.  Smaller meals more often is still the general principle to live by.  

How many people have Crohn’s or IBS?  Many people have had their colons removed or parts of them.  These are only 20 and 30 year old people and they’re having their colons cut out.  Their Xrays come back and you see a thickened bowel wall.  That’s interstitial spaces.  If you have Crohn’s or IBS, the problem is in the lymph system.

For anyone that has had their appendix removed, you know immediately you have GI tract problems.  The appendix is the lymph node of the GI Tract.  What makes lymph nodes swell and deteriorate?  Acids.

The kidneys and GI Tract are the 2 big blockers.  Your GI tract can block your sinus from draining.  Your kidneys can block your entire body from draining.

The GI tract is often involved in headaches.  Constipation and stomach problems can create major frontal headaches and nausea.  Getting the body healthy pulls you out of migraines. 

The tongue is representative of your GI tract.  To get a quick picture on the state of your bowel health, open your mouth and stick out your tongue.  What color do you see?  If you have a white coat on the tongue, that indicates stagnation of the lymph system in your GI Tract.  The further back the white coating is on your tongue, the further in your bowels your stagnation lies. 

The frontal lobe represents the stomach.  When you’re having problems with the stomach and GI tract, you’re going to see problems with hair loss, thinning of hair, and headaches.

Lymph can get stagnant in the bowel wall.  In the bowel wall are the cells and 2 fluids.  You have to get to the kidneys to get to Crohn's or IBS.  You can clean the GI tract and do some pulling on that too.  Check for parathyroid weakness in your iris to see if your bowels have been distorted from high acidosis - pocketed, prolapsed, ballooned, you can strengthen all that up.

When you feed babies high protein and fats, it creates serious problems of acidosis and ketosis.  Now with babies more compromised in their liver/gallbladder and pancreas, they cannot even tolerate Mother’s milk.  These are cases where we absolutely need to introduce herbal tincture formulas into their lives to get their digestion back to normal.

Your babies on high protein and fat diets are the spastic, neurologically jittery and colicky ones.  You can link purple crying to poor digestion and digestive pain.


Be cognizant when attempting to detox your bowels.  When you detox, you could even stop digesting.


More Nutrition is Not the Answer


When you add up all the nutrition like royal jelly, raw honey, raw fruits, berries and melons, you’ve got more nutrition than most animals eat in half a year, easy.  It’s not about nutrition, is it? No, it’s about digestion, absorption, utilization and elimination.

There’s no deficiency when you are eating foods grown ripe and picked ripe.  If there are any deficiencies, it’s from malabsorption, adrenals, and a lack of proper utilization.

When you can’t eat fruit and you have stomach pain from fruit, it shows you have a lot going on at the stomach and liver and pancreas. You may want to go with green drinks first, and then cut your fruit juice in half with water. If your stomach can’t handle fruits, you may have to go down to the bananas and dates.

Slow digestion?  That’s the thyroid.  Thyroid controls rate of metabolism.

Gas and bloating brings us to the pancreas.  Use the pancreas formula or the liver/gallbladder formula or alternate. A bottle of liver and a bottle of pancreas.  A pancreatic glandular can be used to wake everything up.  Clean those bowels up and eat smaller meals.  Superchew your foods.

A weakness in the pancreas can affect your digestion of carbohydrates.  Undigested food in the stool is the result of a weak pancreas. 


The pancreas is how you digest your carbohydrates.  If you’re not digesting carbs via digestive enzymes, then they will digest via fermentation with the help of fungus.

You can get true acid reflux where you’re low in bicarbonate from the pancreas and you can’t neutralize hydrochloric acid and pepsin well.

When taking the herbal formulas for the digestive organs, capsules are better when dealing with pancreas, liver and the stomach & bowels.  Liquid tinctures absorb and work quicker but capsules may be preferable.

Malabsorption is a Lymphatic Problem

The secret weapon to fix Malabsorption: The GI Broom Herbal Formula (Capsule or Powdered Blend).  It was made specifically to clean and restore the GI Tract.  The herbs in the GI Broom pulls on the mucosa of your gut to open up absorption.  This formula is intelligent as it only has 2% charcoal and bentonite clay.  Most GI tract "cleansing" formulas on the market today are full of ridiculously high amounts of charcoal and bentonite clay that will expand and bind up in your small bowel, forcing you to visit the Emergency Room.  Dr. Morse uses wisdom with his formulas and takes proper ratios into consideration when designing a formula.  I challenge you to find me an herbalist that does the same for herbal products designed for a clinical setting.

If you eat a lot and lose weight, you could have worms, hyperthyroidism, or malabsorption.  With malabsorption, you can eat all you want and your goodies aren’t getting absorbed.  Go after the lymph system, kidneys, and adrenals.

The paradox that eludes medical doctors is that you can have someone as emaciated, thin, and malabsorbed as possible and their bloodwork could look perfect.

When you’re malabsorbed, nothing is getting in, you’re always hungry, you can never really fill yourself.  Add on top of that parasites and fungus, that makes you hungrier on top of that.  Go after malabsorption and killing parasites.

If your lymph system is backed up, it’s backed up in the gut wall, so you are not absorbing through thick mucus.

You can’t fix malabsorption through nutrition.  Sucking down vitamins, minerals and supplements will not fix your issues.

For those who are chronically underweight for their structure, you either have digestion or malabsorption problems.  Dr. Morse’s thoughts are always malabsorption as what system has to be down for digestive problems?  The lymph system.  In the liver, you see the growth of problems by fatty tumors and elevated liver enzymes and that’s acidosis.  If you’re backed up in the pancreas, you are also in the bowel wall, the esophagus and the head area.

Dr. Morse has had men down to 80 pounds before.  They’re not dead, they’re alive and well and back to their normal weights.  You have to fix things and you may look like a skeleton for awhile.

You can’t have malabsorption without adrenal gland weakness.  You can’t have malabsorption and healthy adrenals and filtering kidneys.  It’s also the problem of blood sugars.

Malabsorption could include mucoid plaque on the bowel wall.  It’s easy for the plaque to come off with herbs and foods.  You’ll see black stuff coming out in your stools.  White flour products are the biggest glue on the planet, that’s gorilla glue.  That will plaque up the bowel wall.

Next step from malabsorption is Crohn's, Ulcerative Colitis, or IBS.  


When you have IBS, you are going to have malabsorption.  IBS is caused by the acid side of chemistry.  Think about the wall of the hose.  What makes up the GI tract wall?  That’s where the problem is.  Besides mucoid plaque and impactions from diverticulum, interstitially in the wall is the problem.

The best way to lose weight, whether you’re 700 pounds or 300 pounds, is you have to get as raw as possible.  You can add cooked food if you need to balance out.  The heavier you are the harder it is to do raw.  Because of severe gland shutdown of thyroids, adrenals and pituitary, you have to fix these glands to help with digestion, absorption and utilization.  Edema is also a huge issue as so many people are walking around with 10-20 pounds of water.  We’re also trying to metabolize levels of sugars that the body cannot begin to do, so you’re seeing blood sugar issues.

For those that suffer chronic constipation, there are 2 main reasons.  The #1 is neurological due to the adrenals which control the autonomic nervous system.  Get your neurotransmitters up to help with peristalsis.  The #2 reason is the lymph system in the wall of the GI Tract that hardens after years.  Someone can be very obese and have extreme malabsorption.  A hardened bowel wall and low neural response creates constipation.  Meat, beans, eggs, and grains are also very constipating.

Be careful of doing a Colonoscopy at any age – You’re taking a camera up a garden hose of your GI tract.  If you have a fault or hole (polyp) in the wall of the garden hose, that’s your lymphatic system.  There’s cases of perforated bowels from these procedures.

On the other side of the treatment spectrum are Colonics: Cleaning the outer portion of the colon with water has some benefit and application in a clinical setting, but you ultimately need to clean the bowel wall interstitially with herbs and diet.

The GI Tract: Involved With Everything


Everything is symbiotically related.  It’s all one.

There is a link to the gut tissue and the rest of the body.  Remember the embryo looks like a tadpole.  As the cell opens up, you have a head forming and the tadpole tail.  That tail is the spinal column and gut tissue, the GI tract.  All your organs and glands come from that tail.  It was once said that all your organs and glands are wrapped in gut tissue.  So you have an embryonic and symbiotic relationship between the GI tract and the rest of the body.  Mid-descending colon is where the heart came from.  A spasm in the descending colon could make you feel like you are having a heart attack.  You can have spasticity from a genetic heart weakness that affects the Colon and get spasticity from protein and feel chest pains from it.

On the same theme, the brain is linked to the gut.  To detox the brain, you have to detox everything below it first, and that includes the GI Tract and the axillary (armpit) lymph nodes.  They drain through the kidneys.

Have you ever experienced when you have a bowel movement your sinuses drain?  The GI tract can hold back the drainage of the head.

Where else will we look if we have chronic head problems?  The colon.  We have to drain the brain of acid sewage which backs up all the way to the head from the bowels.

When you have stomach problems, you will have neurological problems as you are right at the head of the autonomic nervous system.  Add stomach problems to adrenal weakness and you have real issues with breathing, digestion, and anxiety.

You can’t fix the back until you fix the corresponding organs and glands.  Fix the organs, glands and the bowels and your back comes right with it.  Get into the kidneys and GI Tract, and the back gets restored.  Also hit the Parathyroid glands because of calcium utilization.  When you’re strengthening connective or skeletal tissue, or improving nerve impulses, you want to be utilizing calcium.

Heart palpitations could be from low calcium utilization, low neurotransmitters, high lymph acidosis in the heart, inflammation in the descending colon, or gas building up in the GI tract.  All these reasons can be responsible as everything is interconnected by the same lymphatic system.

When you have a pituitary weakness, 9/10 times you have a transverse colon problem as it is attached to your brain with a symbiotic relationship.  Sinus drainage, pineal, pituitary, you can see the links in the iris all the time.

Your body is a unit and the GI Tract is such an important core of that unit.

Methodology to Restore the Bowels

When suffering digestive issues, it's advisable to steer clear of the acid fruits.  You may not be able to tolerate subacid fruit like apples and grapes either, so you will need to stay in the Sweet fruit category for a little while.

You may not even tolerate sweet fruits well either, and for that I recommend going to green drinks while seriously digging deep with botanical formulas.  Eventually you can build up to the sweet fruits and then into the more astringent subacid category.

For the herbal formulas, the GI Broom herbal formula is the secret weapon to help clean acids both on the wall and in the wall of the bowels.  6 capsules (or the equivalent powdered blend) first thing in the morning or right before bed would be a healing way to start or end your day.  We want you to start your day energized with fruit and the GI Broom needs a 2 hour window before any foods to work properly, so plan accordingly.  That's why I recommend the GI Broom for bedtime over mornings, but to each their own.  

The GI Renew (formerly named Stomach & Bowels formula) is also a timeless herbal formula used over decades in Dr. Morse's clinical practice.

Heal All Capsules and GI Renew #1 are interchangeable.  If you need to move due to constipation, go to GI Renew numbers 2-5.


GI Renew #5 is close to a laxative, but it’s not.  You can take it and not be addicted to it.  It’s for people with Crohn’s.

If you're on GI Renew numbers 2-5, work your way down steadily until you are more regular so you can eventually be on GI Renew #1 or the Heal All Capsules.

If you have any diverticulitis or bowel pocketing, get on a 50 mg Parathyroid glandular, 1 capsule 3 times a day.  Complete 1 or 2 bottles and then stop as you don't want to overstimulate your parathyroid glands.

You can use the pancreas formula or liver/gallbladder formula for pancreatic weakness.  The liver/gallbladder formula has herbs that work on the pancreas formula, while the pancreas formula does not have herbs that work on the liver/gallbladder.  Use both if budget permits. 


A pancreas glandular may not be necessary for your individual case, unless you see no evidence of digestion in your stools when eating raw fruit and super chewing.  Dr. Morse mentions one case of a client eating an apple and pooping out an apple with no digestion in-between.  It's these cases of severe pancreatic weakness where a pancreatic glandular for a month or two should be considered.


Remember the importance of the kidneys in filtering the giant lymphatic system.  Your sewage waste is ultimately what we want to go after as the culprit for the devastation going on in your bowels.  Use 2-4 kidney formulas if your budget allows and combine tinctures with capsule blends.

The adrenal glands are equally important to restoring as are the kidneys.  Use a 400 mg adrenal glandular in addition to the adrenal gland herbal formula to wake those babies up and turn on the kidneys.

Use licorice root for when you have low blood pressure.

With anyone suffering digestive issues, we do not want to pull on their lymphatic system too aggressively or suffer the painful consequences.  Go with the 3 Lung herbal formula which is a lymphatic formula in its own right and a mucus/tumor buster.  We can break down the mucus inflaming the GI tract without pulling too hard on the kidneys and lymph system.

Sample Protocol to Heal One's Digestive System

GI Broom - 6 capsules (or equivalent powdered blend mix) first thing in the morning or right before bed.

GI Renew - (Formula # based upon bowel movement frequency)

50 mg Parathyroid Glandular (1 capsule 3 times a day.  Complete 2-3 bottles and then stop)

400mg Adrenal Glandular (1 capsule, 3 times a day. Use for 3-6 months and then stop)

All 4 Kidney Herbal Formulas (Kidneys I, II, III and IV) - Use a varied combination of 2 capsule formulas and 2 tincture formulas

Adrenal Gland Herbal Formula

Endocrine Support*

Skin Formula

Liver/Gallbladder Formula

Pancreas Formula

3 Lung Herbal Formula

Brain & Nerve Formula

Circulation Herbal Formula*

Parasite M

Parasite G - Only do 2 bottles and then stop if you see no large bugs in stools

Licorice Root (avoid if you have high blood pressure)

*Endocrine Balance has herbs that enhance the thyroid.  Do not use in cases with hyperthyroidism.

*Note on Circulation formula: If you have tumors, cysts, polyps, or lipomas, please refrain from this formula until you work with a qualified Detox Specialist.

The Bottom Line


The damage we have put our GI Tracts through with our poor diets cannot be understated.  As a result, we have suppressed our ability to digest the foods we consume on a daily basis.  Not only that, but we are suffering such high levels of malabsorption where many people look like walking skeletons.

The beautiful thing is that we can fix your digestive problems.  We can use astringent fruits and herbs to clean and restore the bowels, enhance the pancreas, and strengthen connective tissue.  There is hope for those suffering severe pain from IBS and Crohn's.  There is hope for the 20 and 30 year old's considering the removal of their colons.  The hope is primarily in alkaline chemistry, and the beautiful herbs that restore, soothe and cleanse our digestive tracts.  

It all comes back to the gigantic lymphatic system that runs through your entire digestive tract.  Clean and strengthen your body's digestive organs.  Get on the GI Broom and GI Renew herbal formulas.  Get on as much astringent fruit as you can handle.

Remember to always destress and relax.  I know it can be extremely stressful dealing with digestive issues.  You have to relax and understand you've found the remedy to your issues.  There's no need to be afraid, nervous, or distressed any longer.   


I wish I had known all of this back in late 2014 when I was experiencing painful IBS.  I'd like to think that all of that pain so many years ago is what brought me to this point.

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