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Dr. Morse's Store for Glandulars:

What are Glandulars?


Warning: Glandulars are NOT vegan.

A glandular is raw tissue, the cells from the same gland from a bovine (cow) source. 

The benefit of taking like for like energetically enhances the tissues to a greater level than herbs do.

Morse has used glandular products since the early 1970s. Nutridine and Standard Process were the 2 main companies for glandulars back then.

We use glandulars to pick up the function of certain glands or organs that are genetically weak.  We are "waking up the dead" tissues that just don't seem to want to function.  Glandulars work under the Homepathic principle of "like for like."  As an example, by introducing bovine adrenal tissue to one's adrenal glands, the hope and the observation is that those cells start to "remember" their function as adrenal glands.

Some people can’t handle glandulars, others can vibrationally speaking.  When your glands are in a hypo state, they’ll take anything. They need to be uplifted and turned on.

Dr. Morse doesn’t traditionally give more than 3 glandulars to any given client.  Only use a glandular for a month or two.  The adrenal glandular you can be on for longer.

Morse doesn’t give too many glandular to children, not that it would hurt them but that he doesn’t see the need to.

Glandulars are safe during pregnancy.  There are plenty of pregnant women on glandulars according to Morse.  Stay away from the heavy hitters like the lymphatic herbs (although some women have been brazen enough to take them).

The Glandulars most used in Dr. Morse's Clinic

  1. Adrenals

  2. Thyroid

  3. Parathyroid

  4. Pituitary

  5. Pineal

Dr. Morse has used eye, pancreas, kidney, and thymus glandulars with special cases, but the above 5 are the most historically used by Dr. Morse in his clinic.


Implementing Glandulars in Protocols

Do not use glandulars for any hyperactive gland function.



Acids can stimulate a gland or organ.  For any client with hyperactive (high) gland functioning (and not hypoactive), you always want to detox the stimulating acid factors.  You don’t want to step on any hyperactive tissue with any herbs or glandulars.

For those with hypoactive (low) gland functioning, you can use a glandular for a month or two along with your herbal protocol and raw fruit diet.  The adrenal glandular you can be on for longer.  People are so low in the adrenals that you can take the adrenal glandular like candy.









Adrenal Gland Glandular

When a client has low blood pressure: Adrenal 400 mg glandular for a month and a half, followed by Adrenal 200 mg glandular, after that add adrenal herbal formula with licorice root in combination with adrenal 200 mg glandular. After that protocol, drop the adrenal glandular and stay with adrenal herbal formula with licorice root.  Checking the pituitary as well is key.

With extreme anxiety, try the Adrenal 400 mg glandular (1 capsule 3 times a day), see if your body can tolerate those. If not, try adrenal herbal formula with licorice hitchhiked. 

For 80 or 90 systolic (top number) blood pressures, I’d use both a 400 mg adrenal glandular and an herbal tincture with licorice root.  Many times an adrenal glandular won’t raise your blood pressure, so you then have to use licorice.

The lower the blood pressure, 100 and below, go on 400 mg adrenal glandular.  If you’re around 115 systolic, you can go on a 200 mg adrenal glandular.  You can use a bottle or two of adrenal glandular before switching to an adrenal herbal formula with licorice root.

If your blood pressure is high, you want to stay around 200 mg adrenal glandular or drop down to the adrenal herbal formula but do not use licorice root when you have high blood pressure.  Licorice root raises your blood pressure.

If you have high blood pressure, get on the raw fruits and detox the acidosis out of your kidneys and adrenals and your blood pressure will gradually drop down to your genetic baseline (90-100 systolic and 50-60 diastolic for most people)

Too much of the adrenal glandular gets you jittery, but Morse hasn’t seen too many people who couldn’t handle the 400 mg Adrenal Glandulars.  You could hit the adrenals until the cows come home, they are so down in people that it’s hard to make them overactive. The Thyroid would be much more sensitive to glandular stimulation.


Glandulars don’t bother the blood pressure so there's no concern there.

Some practitioners will realize while working on people’s endocrine glands that the glands don’t want to budge with herbs or glandulars. That’s when you know that person has an emotional issue or experience somewhere along their journey that hasn’t left them, and its suppressing their adrenal function and their happiness.

A practitioner may need to be a therapist for a little while as they investigate the underlying emotional hurdles their client has that is suppressing their adrenal glands.

Dr. Morse goes into great detail outlining the procedure for someone with low blood pressure to incorporate glandulars into their protocol.  Start with a 400 mg adrenal glandular, then drop down to 200 mg adrenal glandular, and finally go with the adrenal gland herbal formula combined with licorice root.  


Thyroid and Parathyroid Glandulars


Dr. Morse generally doesn’t use glandular for the Thyroid as a lot of people are on synthetic hormones like T3.  Be careful with the thyroid when using a glandular as its easy to pick up your thyroid and send it into hyperactivity.  You can send someone into hyperthyroidism really easily with symptoms like Tachycardia (heart racing).  Go with a 500 mg Thyroid Glandular if the Thyroid is really dead, otherwise stick with the 150 mg Thyroid glandular.  Combine with a 20-50 mg Parathyroid glandular with the Bones & Connective Tissue herbal formula.  


Morse has repeatedly brought up a client in various Q&A YouTube videos of a Nurse he knew that was taking a 400 mg Thyroid glandular that had to visit the emergency room due to her elevated heart rate.

Morse only keeps you on thyroid and parathyroid glandulars for a couple months at the most.  Try low dosages of the thyroid glandular first and then build yourself up.  

Client is having cramps in the right foot, the parathyroid is down. Use a parathyroid glandular and the bones formula to strengthen connective tissue in the body.

Pituitary Glandular


You can use the female reproductive herbal formula to fix the pituitary.  If that doesn’t work, you can use 1 bottle of pituitary glandular one capsule in the AM and one capsule in the PM.  With the pituitary down, it would be advisable to add in 2 bottles of a parathyroid glandular, one capsule 3 times a day with a Bones/Superfood Blend formula.

Dr. Morse generally does not use a glandular for the pituitary glands as they are tiny.  Every time he used a glandular for the pituitary gland for his clients, they made their factors soar like TSH and PTH.

Pineal Glandular


The pineal gland is the gland of rest.  When its chronic or atrophied, sleep is extremely difficult.  Melatonin is what the Pineal gland produces. Taking it will weaken your Pineal gland. Use a pineal glandular instead to strengthen the cells of the pineal gland.

  You can use a Pineal glandular, one or two capsules 1-2 hours before sleep. Work on the GI tract and get on Upper Circulation and Brain & nerve.

If your pineal gland is down, it’s highly suggestive of chronic sinus, transverse bowel problems and that your pituitary is down with it.  Detox!

Remember to implement behavioral methods to maximize your sleep.  Eat raw fruits exclusively for your diet, use a blue light filter on your desktop/laptop/cell phone after 9 pm, turn off all bedroom lights after 9 pm (with exception being your monitor/cell phone), don't engage in strenuous exercise before bed, take a hot and cold shower (always ending in cold water) before bed, and most importantly, learn to let go and relax.

Where to Get Glandulars


Dr. Morse's Store for Glandulars:




















You do not have to meet with a Clinician from Dr. Morse's clinic to purchase glandulars on his website.


As of February 2023, the Glandular store is back up and fully stocked after being down from Hurricane Ian.

As of now, there really isn't anywhere else to get glandular products apart from Amazon, but the jury is out on quality and potency of the products on that site.  Stick with the glandular products offered on Dr. Morse's store.

Next to Nature and Professional Formulas are both excellent brands for glandulars.  Standard Process is another brand that is good, but inferior since they cannot guarantee their cows are grass fed.

I'll keep you all updated on where to get glandulars as we truly are at a level that we need the electrical charge that glandulars provide.


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