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How Stress Will Kill You


Stress is not a bad thing in and of itself.  The problem is ultimately with our adrenal glands not enabling us to handle the stressors in our lives and the fact that we have more stress in the 21st century western world than any other period in history.

Poor adrenal gland genetics, weak kidneys on the road to failure, and high emotional stress is a recipe for disaster and it takes just a few minutes on TikTok to prove that.

It's funny how much this world wants to stress you out.  It's as if people know exactly how fast stress will kill you without understanding the physiological mechanisms that do so.  Isn't it convenient that people know how bad stress is, yet you'll still try to put as much stress in your life as possible?  What's the golden rule again?

It's sad to see that even medical doctors have no clue what the relationship stress has on one's health other than some correlation to heart disease.

What’s happening to people in this world today is an overload of stress from every angle of one's life: Stress of governments, world banking, regulations, etc.

Remember: Anytime medical doctors have no idea about any given health condition, you always know its the lymphatic system as the cause and that the kidneys and adrenal glands are involved.

When one is stressed out, the adrenal glands are getting hit.  Your adrenals are your sugar metabolism gland, kidney controlling gland, mineral utilization, your sexual performance, neurotransmitters, and more.  They’re like a second pituitary.  

The pituitary gland itself releases adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) into the bloodstream during times of acute stress.  Your pituitary gland actively influences your adrenals with ACTH, so we can look at that gland if working on the adrenal glands doesn't effectively strengthen them.  It's a similar case of working on the pituitary if one has hypothyroidism or hypoparathyroidism and working on those respective glands doesn't bring them up successfully.

In a stressful situation, your adrenals are down.  You are using your epinephrines and norepinephrines as you would in any activity, which means you are shutting down your dopamines and acetycholines which are for elimination. In an activity or stressful event, you lose elimination as the focus is on energetics to muscles, fight or flight syndromes.  The more stressed you are, the less elimination.  It’s like traveling. When you travel, it’s hard to poop. That’s because your epinephrines are moving, which shuts down your dopamines.  Low adrenals can accentuate this problem.

One of the hardest things you’ll find is to get your kidneys to filter again, and your adrenal glands sit right on top of them.  When you’re ready to fight, your kidneys shut down as all your energy goes to your muscles.  If you’re stressed out, you’re in an “epi” mode, you’ll lose filtration.  As soon as you relax and get your dopamines going, then you can pee and poop well.

When dopamine is low, you don’t pee right.  Stress keeps your epinephrine up, but reduces dopamine so that elimination is more difficult from a neurological perspective.


The Adrenal Glands are Key

What sits on the kidneys?  The adrenal glands.  All this stress and all this emotion keeps your epineprhines up, and suppresses your dopamines which are your elimination.  We like dead animal food of slaughterhouse meat full of epinephrine, so we are eating epinephrine, and then we wonder why we have chronic fatigue since we are taking this neurotransmitter for years through our meat.  It acts just like a steroid and you will lose your adrenal glands.  We have extreme adrenal and kidney failure in mandkind.  Less so in islanders and moreso in northerners.

The weaker the adrenals, the more stress you have over nothing.

With weak adrenal glands, you will fret over anything and everything that may not go right or as planned.

The more your adrenals are down the more stressed you are.  The more acidic you are, the more stressed you are.

One of Dr. Morse's clients had a stressful life experience and became very stressed out and anxious.  A week later their stomach was distended and bloated.  In a stressful time, your adrenals take a dump.  How strong your adrenals are genetically determines how quick you rebound from emotional hits.  If you’re you’re emotionally down, your kidneys are down.

This is a stressful planet to be on and is an adrenal thrasher to boot.  Living on this planet is an adrenal stressor like nobody’s business.

If you have extreme bursts of adrenaline when dealing with minor stressors, then you have sensitive adrenals.  If you automatically respond sympathetically and centrally, it could be pituitary involved as well.  All your endocrine glands could be going up too.  It’s just sensitivity, and too much sensitivity comes from an acid sky.

One of Dr. Morse's followers stated in a letter that, “Stress is my enemy.”  No kidding.  That’s your adrenals.  Your enemy is your inability to take the stress and deal with it properly, to ultimately control the stress.  That happens with weak adrenals.  When the adrenals are weak, it’s hard to learn how to control stress and not care.  You have to learn detachment.  The more you care, the more it controls you.

Another client that wrote to Dr. Morse has a stressful, on-call, 24/7 job, and that’s enough to keep your adrenals humming with epinephrine’s but not dopamine’s, meaning elimination would be severely affected.

With weak adrenals means you will not be living up to your potential, as the demands of life will choke you and smother you.  You may find ways to cope with your stressors, but you will never be able to rise above your stress.  That's why we have to implement extreme measures to heal your body, and the foundations to healing are alkaline chemistry found in a diet of fruit and herbs complete with plenty of rest.

Rest is Paramount

Rest is key.  Dr. Morse had a client from New York/New Jersey that had esophageal cancer.  Morse couldn’t help him as he wouldn’t stop working no matter how many times he told him to stop.  He was telling him, “You gotta stop working.”  The reason is neurotransmitters.  When you need energy for muscle and activity, you will not have energy for everything in your body, that’s not how it works.  You have your epinephrine and norepinephrines for activity, fight or flight.  Then you have your Dopamines and Acetylcholines for elimination.  They work on the kidneys and bowels for elimination.  When you are low in these you get constipated and you can’t eliminate well.  When you’re stressed, that side shuts down and your epinephrines go up and you can’t poop well.  When you go on trips, you can’t poop as well unlike when you’re relaxed around the house.  A shift in neurotransmitters.  There’s a physiological reason for this.  Rest is at the kingpin of getting well.  Most of you deserve a rest, to relax and have some fun once in awhile.

Your lifestyle (stress), diet, poor genetics, backed up lymph system, uncontrollable emotional states, lack of control of the mind and thoughts – You are here to conquer these things.  You have to get to the heart of these factors that are holding you back.

Healing is a relaxation mode.  You want to relax.  No one said you had to do the hard time on this rock.  Our governments have got us stressed out, and we’ve created that.  Only the people can save the country.  And it begins with you. 

You Have to Stop Working

Your job will most likely be the biggest stressor of your life, mainly due to just how many hours you devote to your job both on and off the clock.  It's not just the 8 hours you're clocked in, it's the time preparing for the job, the time spent commuting to and from your job, the time spent racing back to your desk after getting lunch, the time spent putting your things away and preparing your home for the next work day.  Then come in all of your additional commitments and priorities, many of which become jobs in and of themselves.

You can't work most jobs with full-time hours and expect your adrenal glands to heal.  It won't happen.  Apart from a few good jobs out there (which you don't have access to), you will have to work jobs with insane key performance indicators where you will be expected to perform like a machine with no margin of error or breaks, lest you be called out for "time-card theft" or "not being a team player" or whatever other form of gaslighting corporate American loves to use against you.

The standard Monday through Friday, 8am-5pm, 40 hour work week paradigm is the antithesis of health and longevity.  That applies even more for the salaried jobs requiring 50+ hours weekly. 


You have to pay the bills and the jobs you can actually get an offer for will be the high turnover, high stress jobs with insane expectations and little respect from customers and management alike.  "Welcome to the Real World," "Welcome to being an adult," and "Work is work, and is not supposed to be fun" are the common retorts of those that worship corporate America, flaunt their achievements, and boast of their superiority as corporate drones. 


These same people are eventually the ones that drop dead from acidosis.  You cannot escape the consequences of high stress, protein consumption or acid chemistry, no matter how good your genetics are.

I'm not naive.  I know we have to work these garbage jobs to pay bills.  I've worked my fair share of terrible jobs (and still do) and stayed at them far longer than most people should have because I needed the experience and money these scarce opportunities presented me.  I didn't have much choice and that is sadly the reality for most Americans: They can't afford not to work and so they're stuck in this 40+ hour weekly work limbo where they dig themselves further down a pit of adrenal gland burnout.

Ultimately, you have to stop working if it means you can heal your adrenals and get your kidneys to filter.  You have to sacrifice your lifestyle, even for just a season, if it means you can work less hours and reduce your overall stress load.

Do whatever you can to live as cheaply and frugally as possible so that you can afford not to work for a year or two.  Save as much money as you can in a world that is only getting more expensive as the Federal Reserve prints more money by the day.  

If you have to live in your car or sleep on a couch, then do so for a season to allow yourself necessary time to heal in a society that constantly has no time.

You ultimately have to look out for yourself.  People will judge you for choosing not to work.  People will call you lazy, entitled, or just plain inferior.  Ignore these people.  You have to focus on health, and that means putting yourself first. 



The secret to healing your adrenals is letting go of the mind and removing thought from your life.

You can take all of the best fruits and adrenal gland-specific herbs in the world and still not heal those glands.

You'll soon realize that the mind is the limiting factor in your detoxification journey.  Many movies in Hollywood have explored this theme to one extent or another, whether it's Office Space, the Matrix, or even Into the Wild.  The characters in these movies truly didn't find themselves or their joy until they let go of their attachments in this life.

You more experienced you get on this detoxification adventure, the more you realize just how powerful the mind is and how it can throw you in every negative direction it can.  Your mind can literally undo any positive things you consume, whether organic fruit or herbal formulas or any other medicinal product.

If you can pick up your adrenals enough and build your detachment enough, your stress will end.  If you could just not care and live detached, it will not bring stress.  Easier said than done.

This world will do everything it can to control your attention, control your thinking, and control your happiness.  

Sometimes life has a funny way of helping you detach. 


Working enough terrible jobs and getting rejected by enough employers for a job offer helps one detach from the corporate rat race and drop any desires for a career.  You'll eventually not care enough to want the job, and the manager doing the interview will pick up on this and actually offer you the job because you're not like every other candidate that will grovel for the position.

Going on enough dates spending large sums of money, getting ghosted, and even getting catfished will definitely help you find contentment in being single and help you lose your desire to find a spouse.  What's humorous is that the contentment of being single will make you that much more attractive, so that when you do find a suitable partner, you will be in the best possible position mentally to meet and date them.

Speaking of life experience teaching us lessons, even your own health journey can be something of a trap and enslavement.  You can become obsessed with detoxification and getting healthy, to the point where you take things much too seriously.  You put so much effort into going raw so you stress out commuting to various grocery stores to find the best deals on quality fruit.  You forego a cooked meal a few days into a fast in an attempt to be healthy, when all the while the cooked meal would have enhanced your detoxification by reducing your overall stress.  Going on raw can be very stressful when all of your life you've been on cooked foods.  Sometimes we hold ourselves to such insane standards to get well that we truly become more stressed than when we were eating garbage foods.

Relinquish that tight vice grip on trying to be so healthy all the time.  Let go of your desire to filter from your kidneys.  That become an obsession of mine that only undermined my very results.  You absolutely have to put the work in for detoxification, but that doesn't mean you have to stress over it or have it be the major focal point of your life.  We detoxify to live, not live to detoxify.  Many of us are living in such pain and misery that our attachment to getting healthy is out of necessity, but we must not forget to love ourselves in the process.

It's truly in the act of letting go that we receive so much more in return.  Cast your bread upon the waters, for you will find it after many days.


Tools to Enhance Stress Management

For any major stressful situation, always use the antispasmodic herbal formula.  It's always wise to have a bottle in your medicine cabinet for those stressful events that you have no control over.  

You can also use Bach's Rescue Remedy Flower Essence formula during stressful times to take the edge off.

Take as many kidney herbal formulas as you can.  When taking multiple kidney formulas simultaneously, try to have one formula in the capsule form and the other in the tincture form in an attempt to hit the kidneys via different avenues.

A protocol for stress management absolutely must focus on the adrenal glands and the endocrine system.  We want to utilize an adrenal glandular short term to power the adrenal glands and wake them up from their slumber.  

The adrenal gland herbal formula and the Endocrine Support* herbal formula are both essential to stress management.  We have such adrenal gland weakness in our society that you can take these formulas every day for the rest of your life if you want to.

We also want to go on a parasite cleanse given the adrenal gland weakness guarantees low sugar metabolism, which means you will invite fungus to ferment your sugars as you aren't metabolizing them properly.  

We'll use the 3 Lung formula as a lymphatic formula to help break up mucus that could be blocking your adrenals and kidneys.

We absolutely want to clean and strengthen the GI tract, so the GI Renew and GI Broom formulas are essential.  The gut is the seat of the autonomic nervous system, and we want to tame and strengthen any spasticity therein that could make one more hyperactive in the face of stress.

The condition of your adrenal glands just about matches the condition of your autonomic nervous system since the adrenal glands produce the neurotransmitters for it.  Let's use the Brain & Nerve formula and the Circulation* formula to get into the head and strengthen you neurologically.

Use Licorice Root for cases of low blood pressure where your systolic (top number) is below 120.



Protocol for Stress Management

Emphasis on rest above all else: No work or stressful life commitments while detoxing.

Diet: 100% raw fruits, berries and melons only.  Stay as close to this raw diet as possible for maximum energy and minimal digestion.

Glandular: 400 mg Adrenal Glandular, 1 capsule 3 times a day for up to 3 months

Herbal Formulas: Adrenal gland herbal formula

At least 2 kidney formulas (one capsule, one tincture)

Brain & Nerve Formula

Circulation Formula*

GI Renew (# is relative to bowel frequency)

GI Broom (capsule or powder blend)

Parasite M

Parasite G - Only do 2 bottles and then stop if you see no large bugs in stools

3 Lung Formula

Liver/Gallbladder Formula

Pancreas Formula

Endocrine Support*

Licorice Root (avoid if you have high blood pressure)

Antispasmodic herbal formula

*Note on Endocrine Support*: This formula has herbs that will enhance the thyroid.  If you have hyperthyroid issues, please avoid this formula and use the Adrenal gland formula instead.

*Note on Circulation formula*: If you have tumors, cysts, polyps, or lipomas, please refrain from this formula until you work with a qualified Detox Specialist.

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