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The Truth About What They Call "Cancer"

When you have a cell that’s damaged, that’s a cancer cell.  It must be damaged to a certain level of damage or mutation, since up to a certain level of damage is referred to as an atypical cell. 


All cancer cells are the same in that they always have 2 things you see involved: Acids/proteins and mucus (the immune response to the acids/proteins).  The proteins and acids the cells were discharging can no longer be filtering through the kidneys. Little by little the lymph system backs up into the tissues, creating intraculleular acidosis and inflammation.  Kiss that cell goodbye.

A cancer cell is nothing but a cell with massive protein molecules attached to it with mucus.


Cancer is not a blood problem, it’s a lymphatic problem.

99% of the cancers are lymphomas, meaning a cancer of the lymphatic system.  Lymph is literally in the name of these cancers.  What’s another name for lung cancer?  Lymphoma.  That word is referring to the lymphatic system.

You start out lymphatically from your mother. Your lymph and blood systems are tied to momma.  Mom feeds you and cleans you while you’re in her.  If she’s not filtering and cleaning, you are not filtering and cleaning as the baby.  That’s why you see so many atypical cells, cancer cells and tumors in newborns.

When you see a cancer cell or a damaged cell, you see mucus and proteins.  You see that for all of them.  They call it amyloid plaque.  What that does is break down the function of cells.  If a cell was originally producing T3 or T4 as an example, not anymore!  Or those cells are producing much less or have cut down production.  If you have a tumor or cyst in an organ, it shuts down that organ from the inflammatory response.  The chemistry in your body that it doesn’t want produces an inflammatory response that nullifies your body's function.

Understand causative factors and what mutates a cell.  Clearly we have to rid the body of the inflammation (or acidosis) causing atypical cells.  The problem is the logistics of filtering the very acids out of the body that are harming your very cells.  The further from the kidneys you see tumors and damaged cells, the harder it is to detox that out.  When you open the kidneys, you pull the plug on them and you get drainage. 

You never want a lymph node biopsied or removed.  You want cancer cells in your lymph nodes.  Why?  Who is there for those cancer cells?  Macrophages.  They are there by design.

Everyone probably has cancer/atypical cells within them.  People’s lymph systems have been stagnant since they were born.  These are just damaged cells.  Open up the highway and these cells will be taken to the lymph nodes and the macrophages will break them down and you’ll pee them out.

Such simple logic and knowledge has to be met with the killing machine of Allopathy and their ignorance of the body's design.


As a result, western society must live with the consequences of modern medicine's attempts of "treating" atypical cells without fixing the underlying cause.  Those repercussions have resulted in the deaths of millions of brothers, sisters, husbands, wives, uncles, aunts, and friends. 


The deaths are still piling up, which means the healers on this planet have much work on their shoulders to raise awareness on how to get the body well.  


But first, we have to go over just how people are being treated for "Cancer" in the name of Science.

The Lethal Treatments for Cancer












There actually used to be some awareness of the healing properties of plants when it comes to human "Dis-ease" in the American Cancer Society back in the 70s and 80s.  Whoever was in charge of the above campaign was most likely fired and blacklisted as you will never see anything related to truth involved with marketing "cancer" prevention and treatments again.  Instead, the USDA had doubled down on the Food Pyramid (which was a marketing stunt for Big Agriculture), GMO crops, and the use of every conceivable pesticide, rodenticide, fungicide, and herbicide on American crops.

If only fruits and vegetables were used to treat "Dis-ease" by the medical establishment.  Instead, now we have to discuss the lucrative killing practices by Allopathy to maintain the status quo in the name of Science.


Chemo creates cancer cells. You’re using the same type of chemistry to treat that’s causing the problem. That’s one of the biggest oxymorons our society has bought into.

You don’t kill your cells.  That’s an oxymoron.  You don’t kill cells that are mutating from acids.  You kill one, you kill them all.  What you do to one, you have the ability to do to thousands and tens of thousands around it.  You make healthy, you make well.  Mutation can become unmutation.  There is regeneration.  We hold the banner for tissue regeneration.  We don’t see Naturopaths do it with paleo diets, vitamins, minerals or supplements.  Been there and done that.

CBS Network did a study that those diagnosed with cancer sooner and took treatment sooner died much sooner.  Harvard showed that those that did nothing after diagnosis of cancer lived 3-4 times longer than those who got treatments for cancer.

Of the leading causes of death for ages 25-34, the 1st is accidents, 2nd is suicide, 3rd is homicide and 4th is cancer.

There’s no Humanitarian reason why you would do chemotherapy.  Chemo goes right through the tissue.  Cancer is a damaged cell and chemo damages cells.  Oxymoron.

High Protein Diets

The medical establishment has been foolish enough to endorse high protein and fat diets for cancer patients because sugar feeds cancer cells.  All sugar feeds all cells.  It’s carbon.  That’s a moot point.  How do you get a cancer cell?  How do you produce an atypical cell and then a cancer cell?  How does the damage occur to the cell?  You need to understand the lymphatic system and exactly what the cell’s job is to eliminate its metabolic waste into the interstitial fluid, which the lymph fluids take right to the lymph vessels into the lymph nodes and out the kidneys you go.

To starve the body of sugar is both stupid and destructive to one's health.  The Atkins philosophy was to starve the body for sugar and it will have to turn to its fat reserve for sugar.  That’s not how you get rid of a cancer cell.  You can always convert an atypical cell to a healthy cell if you remove the acids that are degenerating the cell.  Consequently Atkins killed a lot of people, as have most of these Paleo/Keto thinkers.

Paleo is a lie to fatten the wallets of its proponents while feeding into their addictions to meat due in part to their weak adrenal glands.  The orthorexia in conjunction with the fear of sugar has not only harmed millions, but is ultimately distracting the world from embracing the remedy that are fruits and herbs for people's health issues.  Chemo is bad enough, but to then add on the Paleo diet on top of that?  You have a lethal combination that brings nothing but death in its path.  The fastest way you can have someone with atypical cells die at an even more progressive rate is to feed them more protein.  The fastest way to destroy your kidney and gut tissue is to consume protein and dairy products.  

Trying to "starve" atypical cells ultimately starves ALL your cells, and now you have no energy or fuel to power an already depleted body.  How do you think your kidneys and adrenals will function with no energy?  Will your organs and glands function better or worse with no sugar?  You better thank the Maker your liver converts fat into sugar or else all of these Paleo enthusiasts would be dead right now.  Your liver has this functionality as a survival mechanism, but we abuse this mechanism to possibly get shredded and lean for the summer?  You would rob your body of fuel and starve yourself by counting calories while eating nothing but fat and protein to maybe lose some weight?  The foolishness and greed of this generation just keeps getting worse and worse.


Why not fix your adrenals to fix your sugar metabolism and eat more fruits and vegetables instead?  You would lose a lot more weight and fuel your body at the same time.  Oh, that's right, the fruits and veggies won't swell your muscles up so that you look muscular and attractive to other people.  You may even look like a skeleton while eating the fruits and veggies as you are already malabsorbed and have severe sugar metabolism issues from weak adrenals.  Don't go back to the fat and protein just for ascetics.  You will ultimately pay the price with your kidneys and life.


The Only Way to Cure the Underlying Cause of What They Call "Cancer"

If you think you can cure a damaged cell by withdrawing the main fuel source for the human body, then you are out of your mind.  As soon as you stop taking carbohydrates, what does your body now have to turn to for carbon?  Fats.  Now your glycogen is broken down to glucoses.  If you don’t have any fat, now you go after amino acids, and your body will have to break down your structures.  What do you think happens when you have to go after your body's very structure?  Goodbye kidneys, adrenals, GI tract, and the rest of your tissues.

To the one suffering from atypical cells and kidney degeneration, understand the lies and addiction that was sold to you by popular charlatans in the media and culture and run the complete opposite direction. 

We need to detox the very acidic wastes that are causing your cells to become atypical.  The end goal of detoxification is tissue regeneration, not curing any "dis-ease" or disorder.

Rest as much as possible for the adrenal glands to turn on the kidneys.  Embrace fruits and vegetables as your only true fuel source for your species. 

If you want to regenerate the body, eating 100% raw is mandatory.  You don’t regenerate anything on cooked foods.  That’s how you take your energy down, by using cooked foods for balance.

Fruits, berries and melons regenerate your physical body, regenerate your emotions, and settles down your thinking process, bringing you to the moment.  Acids bring excessive thinking and emotions, and of course pain and swelling.

Which fruits help with tissue regeneration the most effectively over the long term?  The Subacid category.  Grapes as the perfect food for man, organic or not, it doesn't matter.  Morse holds grapes in high esteem as a cure-all food.  If you get grapes from Walmart, you’ll still be able to cure yourself.  Berries are great too but a little acidic.  Apples are fantastic but difficult to find ripe (like most fruits).  

Can you regenerate on a mono apple diet? Absolutely.  Can you regenerate on a mono banana diet?  Not so much as bananas aren't astringent, but absolutely anything is possible.  We as a collective of healers are still learning and experiencing new things every single day.  There is power in alkaline chemistry and there is power in thought.  Simply changing your thoughts can take you out of a "fight or flight" mode and put you into a state of calm and tranquility.  It's that state of calm where we get the kidney filtration and the removal of wastes out of your body.  Change the very state of your thinking and the chemistry going into your body, and tell me you don't experience healing to some degree.


I do not recommend anyone experiencing the underlying cause of "cancer" engage in a water or dry fast, unless their body is forcing them to or they are working with a qualified Detox Specialist.  These depleted cases absolutely need the energy and electricity of raw fruits to get their body to function.

Why Raw is Unfortunately Not Enough


Dr. Morse gets a lot of raw foodists with what they call cancer visit his clinic.  Just changing your diet is not enough.  He used to think food was all you needed back in the early 70s.

I'd like to say raw fruits and relaxation alone are enough to move your lymph system and detox from your kidneys, but that would be naïve.  We are dealing with such severely impacted lymphatic systems from birth on top of poor genetics that it would take years to reach a suitable level of healing.  This predicament of genetic weakness and lymphatic congestion is compounded by vaccines and the other 2000+ known neurotoxins in this world.  The problem becomes even worse when you realize just how warped this culture and society has become, and just how stressful this life truly is for both young and old, male and female, rich and poor.

So many with "cancer" have helped themselves going on raw diets over the last century.  Many have adopted the protocols found in The Grape Cure by Johanna Brandt to great results.  The great naturopath Arnold Ehret has helped so many people find remedy in the early 20th century with raw fruits.  The Natural Hygienics Movement (Now "Fit For Life") pushed raw vegetables to a small amount of success in the late 20th century.  Modern day protocols like Medical Medium's have promoted raw foods to great results with their followers.

There is power in the raw as evidenced in the lives of so many changing their diets from the cooked side, but the quality and strength of fruits just isn't enough to combat the levels of degeneration that we are seeing today.

To put it another way: Even the best quality astringent fruits are just too slow in moving one's lymph system. 

The other major issue with just raw fruits alone is the fact that they don't directly enhance one's genetic weaknesses.  The fruits will work on one's internal fluids, but they will not specifically target specific tissues for enhancement. 


Dr. Morse has mentioned that berries in particular target the endocrine glands, but not to the clinical level that we as healers require for a client in a timely manner.

We are working against the clock and time is not on our side when we are dealing with individuals that are filled with decades of poor eating habits and stressful lives that have left their damaged imprint on their psyche.  

It would take years for someone suffering a chronic lymph stagnation issue like Lupus, Lyme's or Fibromyalgia to heal on fruit alone.  There are stories and anecdotes out there on doing so on foods

We as healers need tools to expedite the astringent lymph busting process while simultaneously find tissue-specific products that hit the individual glands directly at a rate that berries could not.  

What man needs, God provides.  Herbs have entered the chat.

Nature's Tools for Healing the Dis-Ease of "Cancer"

Herbs are the key to clean and strengthen one's sewer system causing the very atypical cells that are the problem.

By the time any naturopath sees someone diagnosed with cancer, they've already been juiced and pushed on a high protein diet, so the healer has their work cut out for them.

Dr. Robert Morse is the most aggressive herbalist on the planet.  I cannot find anyone else as experimental with herbal formulas as him.  His clinic in Port Charlotte, Florida has had over 50 years of experience in curing the underlying causes of all sorts of health issues utilizing herbs and diet.

Dr. Morse has fashioned herbal formulas with the specific intention of using them in a clinical setting.  His tinctures have a 1:4 ratio of herb to menstruum, which is unheard of in the industry.  You will not find stronger herbal tincture formulas on the market today.  I would not be pushing these herbs if they didn't work or there was a better herbal product on the market today.

Note: I get nothing from promoting these herbal products.  There is no financial incentive for me to promote these herbal products whatsoever.  The integrity of my name is on the line, and I would not recommend a product unless it worked and brought you to health.  Period.

If you can find bulk whole herbs on the market like dandelion, slippery elm, and plantain leaf, by all means use them and benefit from them.  If you don't have access to bulk herbs, then you need to consider using Dr. Morse's herbal formulas as raw fruits aren't enough for the genetics and stagnant lymph fluids we are doing with today.  Let's not even consider the state of your cells after being juiced with chemo.  The deck is stacked against us yet again.

Use these botanicals to clean and strengthen you body's tissues.  Dr. Morse has named each formula for the respective tissues they work on for your convenience.  An example being the adrenal gland herbal formula works on the adrenal glands.

I've included an extensive protocol for those suffering from the underlying cause of cancer down below.  Message me if you have any questions regarding the herbs or this protocol.

The Strategy for Curing the Individual

The key takeaway points when using herbal formulas for a cancer case is understanding that an individual has had to have such a level of lymphatic stagnation in order for them to get a diagnosis of "Cancer."

We can't just hit a cancer case with a ton of lymphatic formulas as their kidneys are failing. 

You get a cancer case on lymph formulas and be ready for tumors to explode and a lot of urinary tract infections and pain.  

Use the 3 Lung formula as the initial lymphatic formula to break up lymph nodes, hardened sputum, and mucus.  Dr. Morse has learned the lymph node formulas are pretty strong and most people are pretty congested.  He has now taken off the lymph node formula for the first month of his clients' protocols and has added the 3 Lung formula in its place.

We have to open up the doors of the kidneys, and that means we need to hit them with at least 3 kidney formulas, preferably all 4 that Dr. Morse offers.  Take 2 of the kidney formulas in capsule form and the other 2 in tincture form, as we are trying to maximize absorption of these herbs in every pathway we can.

We would not want to give the Circulation herbal formula to the client as their tumors would grow even larger from the enhanced blood flow.  We wouldn't want to give the Circulation formula to anyone that has tumors, regardless of getting any diagnosis of "cancer."

We don't want to use teas because the cancer case is so acidic that they will retain water.  The last thing we want is for the person to develop congestive heart failure or pulmonary edema.


To get the "cancer" diagnosis in the allopathic medical system, an individual would need to go through a system of pessimism, speculation and negativity giving said individual no hope and only fear.  You can count on such a client having wrecked adrenal glands from their dealings with medical doctors.  This is on top of an already stressful lifestyle that most Western people uphold and worship as a means to combat being called "lazy" or "entitled."

We need to use adrenal glandulars to stimulate the client's adrenal glands while also using the adrenal herbal formula to regenerate those glands for the long-term.  Always use glandulars on a short-term basis (1-3 months), although you can use the adrenal glandulars far longer than other glandular products simply because the adrenals are so down in people and can take a beating.

Use the parathyroid glandular to bring up the calcium utilization in the individual as well as their mood and overall happiness.  Dealing with worthless doctors who know absolutely nothing about "cancer" besides juicing the hell out of you with radiation is depressing.  Reverse that depression and get the person using calcium efficiently by picking up the parathyroid glands.  That calcium is vital for nerve transmission and is the body's main antacid.

Sample Protocol to Cure the Underlying Cause of "Cancer"


I'm sparing no expense with this protocol given just how extreme one's condition is to diagnosed with cancer.

Follow the recommended dosages for each herbal formula and take them 3x a day.

Take this protocol for as long as you have tumors and tissue weakness.

A 100% raw fruit, berry and melon diet is required with no exceptions.

400 mg Adrenal Glandular (1 capsule 3 times a day for up to 6 months)

50 mg Parathyroid Glandular (1 capsule 3 times a day for up to 3 months)

4 Kidney Formulas (Use all 4 different numbered formulas and use a combo of 2 tinctures + 2 capsules versions)

Skin Formula

Endocrine Balance*

Adrenal Gland Herbal Formula

Bones & Connective Tissue Herbal Formula

Heal All Herbal Blend (Tea, tincture or capsules)

Pituitary Herbal Formula

Parasite M

Parasite G (Use for 2 bottles and stop if you see no large bugs in your stools after those 2 bottles)

Brain & Nerve Herbal Formula

3 Lung Herbal Formula

GI Renew (formula # dependent upon bowel frequency)

GI Broom (capsule or powder form)

Pancreas Formula

Liver/Gallbladder Formula

Chem/Metal Detox Herbal Formula

No-Glow Herbal Formula (Use if one has undergone radiation treatments)

Licorice Root (Avoid if you have high blood pressure)

 *Endocrine Balance has herbs that enhance the thyroid.  Do not use in cases with hyperthyroidism.

Closing Thoughts on this Epidemic of "Cancer"

The bodies we are bringing into this world are different. 

They are more toxic and have more atypical cells at birth than those bodies from the 1900s.

These same bodies have weak genetics in their kidneys and adrenals, guaranteeing poor filtration and emotional problems from birth.

We are forcefully vaccinating these same toxic bodies, suppressing them neurologically for the sake of "immunity."

We feed these individuals a culturally appropriate diet of meat, dairy, wheat, and soy, then wonder why they develop tumors.

We then juice these people with chemo because we don't understand what the kidneys do.

We also forget just how much stress shuts down the adrenal glands, further suppressing the kidneys in their function.

The cycle of poor genetics, terrible diets, high stress, and the deadly treatment of atypical cells and tumors by allopathy continues.

Until you do something about it.

Follow the principles of alkaline chemistry.

Get on fresh, astringent, raw fruits, berries and melons for the rest of your days.

Use Dr. Morse's herbal formulas to strengthen your tissues.

Clean and strengthen your body.

Get rid of the stressors suppressing your adrenal glands.

Detach from every fixation this world wants you to focus on.


Heal, and enjoy the rest of the days of your short life.

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