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The Appropriate Role for Allopathic Medicine

Medical doctors are the top killers on this planet.

Allopathy is the true alternative health modality, not Naturopathy.  We've been around for thousands of years while Allopathy rolled right in 100 years ago and became the prominent "Health" modality in our society, all thanks to Rockefeller.  Creating pharmaceuticals to treat symptoms became a lucrative business in the early 20th century, and Big Pharma has been a dominating force to this day.  

Who started the American Cancer Society?  None other than Rockefeller's son, Rockefeller Jr.

Allopathy has no business in health.  A treatment based modality cannot heal anything, nor should it ever be pedaled as "primary" care.


I know there are some good medical doctors out there that care for human life and actively help others.  They're in the minority.  They are trying to help others in a treatment based modality that merely covers symptoms while making the problem worse by not fixing the underlying cause. 


95% of what Medical Doctors call "dis-eases" are just acidosis and the effect acids have on your tissues.  Yet so much time and money has been spent to treat the symptoms of this inflammation, when going after the Lymphatic system with fruit and herbs is all it would have taken to get the person well.  

The tragedy in all of this is how simple health really is, and how Allopathy has ignored that simplicity and truth about the Lymphatic system and stuck their head in the sand, all the while collecting a fat paycheck subsidized by the scam of health insurance. 

As it stands, Allopathic medicine is a killing machine at its worst and an expensive waste of time and energy at its best.


The two applications that Allopathy thrives in and should focus their attention on are emergency services and necessary surgeries. 


Emergency Services




Emergency medicine would absolute benefit from the field of naturopathy and botanical science.  Instead of using antibiotics on someone that got a snake or spider bite, use lymphatic formulas to detox the venom out.

Instead of using pharmaceutical anti-seizure medications, use an herbal anti-spasmodic formula like what Dr. Morse offers in his clinic. 

Instead of using inhalers to help the asthmatic breath, use an herbal antispasmodic to relax the lungs while purging the individual of mucus.  Inhalers just lock everything in, creating lymphatic nightmares down the road.

Do you see the trend here? 


Emergency medicine has limited itself to only the use of toxic pharmaceuticals instead of healing botanicals.  As a result, the aftermath of the pharmaceutical usage isn't too good.  Just ask those that recently visited the emergency room and were pumped with pharmaceuticals.  That long list of side effects quickly rushed through those expensive TV commercials are a reality and norm.



Surgery can be a beautiful tool for a variety of applications, but the essence of surgery involves cutting and damaging tissue.  All that cutting of tissue is traumatic and inflammatory.  All of that trauma will show up in all forms of acidosis, including bleeding, swelling, and scar tissue.  Not to mention the blowback from being under anesthesia.

Please don't have surgery unless absolutely necessary.  Do not let any medical doctor pressure you into a surgery you do NOT need only to pay for their new luxury vehicle in the process.

If I had a nickel every time someone had an unnecessary surgery completed (and I'm not talking about plastic surgery), I'd be a millionaire.  


The Orthopedic surgeons are the worst as they will readily perform surgery on the back and spine for anyone suffering back pain when the true cause are the kidneys and adrenals.  

Do NOT let them remove any lymph node or any organ/gland from your body for any reason whatsoever. 


Doctors readily prescribe the gallbladder and appendix as "vestigial" organs, when in reality they are lymphatic organs.  It's their ignorance and arrogance with regard to the human body that costs you your health and your life.

You are ultimately the consumer when it comes to surgery.  Let the buyer beware and understand the serious risks of going under the knife.

The Cult of Science


If you're vaccinating children, treating "cancer" with chemotherapy, or removing lymph nodes for whatever purpose, you are the definition of a "quack" and are actively living contrary to science.

Many people that worship and defend Allopathic medicine as "science," namely those who are financially benefitting from the murder train and who view themselves as superior and elite, will blast Dr. Morse's protocols and teachings as pseudo-science.

What these people fail to realize is the entire "Cancer" industry is based on unscientific practices that literally kills everyone in its path.  Gotta love science when it's used to hurt others.

Where is the science that radiation actually renders a purpose "cancer free?"

Chemo creates cancer cells.  You’re using the same type of chemistry to treat that’s causing the problem.  That’s one of the biggest oxymorons our society has bought into.  If you bought into this scam system, might I call you out as having no integrity and participating in worldwide murder and genocide?

The numbers on chemo show: As 100 people walk in and get juiced, 6 walk out half-way alive.  Gotta love how science just keeps doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.  No, that's insanity.  You are insane if you support the various forms of treatment done by Allopathic doctors today.  If you cannot step back, assess the murder going on before your very eyes, and call into question who is conducting the "science" that you so readily cling to, might I say you need help?

Could it be someone is "conspiring" against you and the entire human race under the banner of "Science?"  Where did I put my tin-foil hat...Alex Jones is that you?

If the field that you align with, namely Allopathic medicine, is actively participating in hurting and damaging real people each and every second in the name of "science," maybe it's time we get away from the "science" being pumped out by the "Experts?"

Maybe it is time to realize that "science" has been bought and paid for and has a long way to catch up to Truth.  That's why the supposed "pseudo-science" teachers like Dr. Morse are working as hard as they can to explore uncharted waters when the health "experts" are too busy killing children with vaccines and chemo.


Where's the Evidence on the Lymphatic System?

For anyone to say that Dr. Morse's practice and protocols for regeneration are unscientific and lacking evidence, I MUST first call into question Allopathic Medicine's heinous practice of using chemotherapy, pumping children with heavy metals via vaccines, or removing dozens of lymph nodes from a patient just because they contain atypical cells.  

After humbling yourself and putting away your pride and desire to rip off others, you may wisely ask, "Where is the scientific evidence for the kidney connection to the lymphatic system?" 


That is a valid question, one that deserves full transparency for its answer.

We do not know how the lymphatic system is connected to the kidneys.  Dr. Morse has said this before multiple times in his Q&A videos.  We don't know of any port or duct that channels the lymph vessels into the kidneys.

The lymphatic system is not a closed system like the blood.  This system MUST find a way to exit the body or else you will reap the harvest of acidosis.  If acids win, you lose.  Ultimately, we are going to need to rewrite the anatomy and physiology textbooks.

That is being fully transparent.  Just because we don't know the mechanism of how the lymphatic system flows into the kidneys doesn't mean it isn't a reality and a vital principle to get well.

Isn't it funny that the answer to all of man's health issues isn't displayed in the anatomy & physiology textbooks?  If it were, then the allopathic community would have embraced the kidneys and lymph system much more than they do now.  The remedy of detoxification would be widespread as the actual books finally reveal the importance of the lymph system.  Since the textbooks don't reveal what Naturopathy has known and tested for decades, Allopathy is on a spiral of death and destruction as they focus their attention only on the blood for man's remedy.


Dr. Morse has seen people in his clinic start filtering time and again on an astringent fruit diet and herbs.  Does our lack of knowledge on the concrete mechanism of channeling lymph into the kidneys for elimination nullify the results he gets clinically?  Certainly not.  The question then is why are you nullifying the discoveries he and many of those following his same principles discover every day?

This all goes back to epistemology, or how we know what we know.  Who is engaging more into the scientific method?  Dr. Morse or allopathic doctors administering chemo, hormones, steroids, vaccines, and pharmaceuticals?  

None of these treatments pass any standard of "science."  You take chemo and you die.  You get vaccinated and you drop dead from neurotoxicity and a stroke.  You take hormones and steroids and the respective gland or organ that produces them goes down.  You get your lymph nodes removed and you swell up and die of your own acid wastes that cannot leave the body.

You play stupid games and you win stupid prizes.

As I said earlier, we are traveling through uncharted waters of discovery.  The understanding of the lymphatic system, the kidneys, the endocrine glands, the GI tract, and the rest of the body's tissues has been demonstrated by Dr. Morse and everyone else that has trained under him, yet you want to nullify and minimize our learning and discovery because it isn't bought and paid for by the pharmaceutical giant that you have stock options in, right?  Gotta make that easy money somehow.

Is Dr. Morse operating so outside the field of "science" that even science is proving him wrong over time?  Nope, on the contrary.


Medical "science" had "discovered" the lymphatic system in the brain called the "glymphatic system" in 2013, yet Dr. Morse has been preaching from the 1970s about the lymphatic system of the body being systemic, meaning head to toe and surrounding all of your body's 100+ trillion cells.  Dr. Morse wasn't just pulling this out of his rear either as he was following the teachings of Bernard Jensen, Herbert Shelton, Arnold Ehret and others who were slowly discovering the vast beauty that is man's lymphatic system.  Everything Dr. Morse was discovering fell directly in line with these teachers' discoveries. 


It appears Naturopathy has been far more scientific and groundbreaking than Allopathy over the last 100 years.

Let me get this straight: Dr. Morse was preaching about a lymph system in the brain and everywhere else in the body since the 70s and yet science only discovers the "glymphatic system" in 2013.  Might I also suggest that "science" will also find the exact mechanism of which the lymph system flows into the kidneys sometime in the next 20 years (if we're lucky)?

Will science also confirm that you shouldn't administer chemo to someone with atypical cells?  Will science verify that you shouldn't take out people's lymph nodes?  What about removing entire organs and glands?  What about giving hormones and steroids?  Vaccines? Antibiotics?

At what point is "science" unethical?  When do you draw the line on what constitutes "science" when people's lives are being destroyed in an unethical manner?


Will you lie to me and tell me that chemotherapy isn't unethical? 


Will you lie to me and state that chemotherapy doesn't do far and away more harm than good?

Will you justify the murder of innocent humans just because some people wearing white coats tell you it's the only acceptable treatment for the "Dis-ease" called cancer?

How long are you going to wait for "Science" to catch up to the evil practices of the medical establishment today?  How long will you stay apathetic to the evils going on RIGHT BEFORE YOUR EYES?

At what point will you stop hiding behind "Science" for a cure and be the one to actually do the "Science" yourself?

It appears that Dr. Morse is actually operating AHEAD of science.  He is more scientific than the very best of allopathy, because he doesn't operate under the unscientific principle of chemotherapy as a cure for "cancer."  Dr. Morse actually appears to be experiencing GROUNDBREAKING discoveries that Allopathic medicine will take decades to figure out.  Allopathy will continue to wallow in the mud killing people left and right until its own arrogance is its own undoing.  Unfortunately, the scam of white coats and degrees is alive and well in America today.  That's why we have what's called Progressive Credentialism, vanity degrees, and the Affordable Care Act.  All to stroke the egos of those that keep the gate.  

The medical establishment is operating outside of science to treat what they call cancer, killing millions in their wake, yet Dr. Morse is accused of operating outside of "science" and actually does no harm and allows people to cure themselves of their lymphatic problems.  Yet you won't believe real patient testimony, or even try eating fruits yourself to see what the effects are because the "experts" tell you to fear sugar.  You also scoff at the lymph system being related to one's health problems just because "Science" hasn't given you exactly what you want.  What's funny is that you're not even getting what you want from your studies on chemotherapy and vaccines, yet you still approve of its administration to kill millions.  Good on ya, mate.  

Who is operating more ethically and in line with the Hippocratic Oath?  Just because Morse doesn't operate under the parameters of pseudo science that Allopathy has locked themselves into doesn't mean he's less ethical.  On the contrary, Naturopathy does no harm by actually fixing the underlying cause of "dis-ease" and illness.  Curing the underlying cause is always more ethical and scientific than treating it with chemo, supplements, vaccines, hormones or steroids.

Might I be so bold as to hope the medical claptrap community stops juicing with chemotherapy and stops vaccinating children?  Can we stop playing with human life?  Can we stop trying to control the masses and cause endless amounts of suffering?

That seems like a pipe dream at this point.  The money is too good to be true, and expensive luxury cars just keep getting more expensive, especially in this economy.

It appears that "science" is 50 years behind the curve due to the need for peer-reviewed journals and "observable" double-blind studies when it comes to the lymph system.  It's too bad, your cure is right there staring you in the face (especially if you have skin problems like eczema, then it's really apparent).  I love how we need to "wait" for science to find a cure when we have thousands of people fixing themselves every single day across the world.  I find it hilarious how closed-minded one can be when the simplest answer is usually the best one.  


I can just hear it now, "You have no data supporting Dr. Morse's observations on the lymph system!  This is all a lie to make lots of money!  He's a quack and a liar!  He's not a medical doctor!"

The data you're looking for is right next to all of the dead bodies that Allopathic doctors juiced with chemotherapy or removed lymph nodes from as a means to stop replicating cells.  It's right next to all of the removed organs and glands that had developed stones or atypical cells.  It's right on top of the mountains of pharmaceuticals that have terminated the lives of its patients.

Why are your cells replicating?  What could possibly be damaging a cell's DNA so much that it can't stop replicating?  Maybe it's the acid chemistry you take in on a daily basis?  Nah, it couldn't be that, that would be too simplistic and unscientific of an answer.  Its gotta be something in the blood...

Enjoy being unwell and bringing nothing but death and pain in your wake. 

Wisdom is justified by her deeds.

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