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Man is a Frugivore, not a Carnivore or Omnivore

The best argument to use to prove man is a frugivore is not our teeth, our lack of claws, our lack of fur, our 26 feet of ringed bowels, or our appearance matching closely to primates.


The best argument is found in chemistry and is simply found in the answer to this question: What is the ratio of carbohydrates to fats to protein in human mother's milk?

If the paleo/keto thinkers are correct, there would be more fat and protein in mother's milk than carbohydrates, resembling the ratio of a cat's milk.

Surely a human baby would need milk with high fat and protein to grow big and strong, right? 

Instead we find that human mother's milk is primarily carbohydrate with fats being in 2nd place and protein content being dead last at less than 1%.  Meaning human mother's milk has a high amount of carbs, a moderate amount of lipids and a very small amount of protein. 

Mother's milk is sugar yet the experts tell you to eat lots of fat and protein?  


So it seems even a newborn baby human doesn't need that much protein.  Why does everyone ask, "Where do you get your protein from?"  Where does the newborn baby get their protein from?  In the less than 1% found in mother's milk! 


Now why would a 2+ month old infant or even a 12+ month old toddler need protein either if the breastfeeding newborn doesn't need much protein?  Why would man ever consume meat which is high in fat and protein when human milk is primarily sugar and sustains babies' growth?  Now what food group is primarily carbohydrate with fats being in 2nd place and protein being last in terms of amount? 


Fruits, berries, melons and vegetables match the ratio of the macronutrient profile of mother's milk.  Not meat, nuts, seeds, dairy, legumes, starches, or oils.


Now why did no one ever tell you this? Could it be that they wanted to make lots of money ($$$) off of you by selling you the paleo diet and expensive supplements (fish oil, probiotics, vitamins/minerals)?  

Man is a frugivore and our Gastrointestinal tracts most resemble that of a Primate.  We are 97% identical to the chimpanzee.  What does that tell you?  We are not carnivores.

True omnivores are dogs, hogs, chickens and bears.  We look nothing like those species.  

Primates are not omnivores and they most certainly are not carnivores.  Yes, man has destroyed the ecosystem for most vertebrae, including primates.  We have literally forced primates to do unthinkable things like eat meat out of desperation.  What has society forced you to do out of desperation?  What has it made you do out of ignorance?  Could it be eating the flesh of a dead, rotting animal?  Or maybe it is because you crave it?  If so, why do you crave dead, putrefying flesh?


The Addiction of Meat

People have this craving for someone to tell them that the bad foods are good for you.  People want to hear, “It’s ok to have your whole grains, just go gluten free.  It’s ok to have animal foods, just raise them better.  It’s ok to have eggs, just get them pasture raised. It’s ok to have dark chocolate, just get it 80% dark or higher.”


I'm here to pop your bubble and tell you it's not ok to eat garbage foods.  The reason being chemistry.

Protein is antagonistic to calcium.  It’s the nitrogen/phosphorus line, not your electrolyte line.  Your carbohydrates are your electrolyte line.  Mother’s milk and plants are carbon-dominated. 

Protein doesn’t give you energy, it is a stimulant. If you’re eating meat protein, then you’re taking neurotransmitters. It’s just like taking your hormones and steroids from meat as well.

You have to have fermentation involved with carbohydrates otherwise you get too acidic. The same applies for putrefaction with proteins. You have to have the interaction of the microbes to deal with excess carbon when dealing with starches, the same thing for protein and nitrogen as you need the proteins to break those down.

Meat has neurotransmitters in them from the slaughter and from the daily life of the animal. Most animals know when it’s coming. Taking neurotransmitters through your foods is as bad as taking hormones and steroids through your foods. The glands that need to supply the hormones and neurotransmitters go down since they’re not being used.

Meat is full of epinephrine because of the obvious kill.  We are used to being pumped up on neurotransmitters from the meat.  The first thing you notice when you stop eating dead animals is you get tired and fatigued.  Your nervous system will go down as you were supplying neurotransmitters to yourself without realizing it.  It’s no different than taking a steroid like cortisone from a medical Doctor.

You take neurotransmitters from meat, then your adrenal glands that produce those neurotransmitters go down.  Dr. Morse has seen it time and again with all of the endocrine glands: You take it and the body quits making it, including neurotransmitters.  The issue is that everyone has weak adrenal glands, so they go down in function even more from meat consumption.  It becomes a vicious cycle where you crave the meat to "turn on" because you have weak adrenals, but the meat you do consume then harms your kidneys, adrenals and gut tissue, so you crave the meat even further.


The addiction to meat becomes subtle in a culture that readily eats meat in every setting.  You crave the meat without thinking about it.  You act like an addict looking for your next fix.  You tell yourself you would never quit meat, no matter what happens.  That was me ladies and gentlemen.  I was as much an addict of animal products like the rest of the western world, until I realized the addiction I had and how it was ruining my life.


You become a zombie trying to stimulate yourself with meat just to maintain a sense of energy when in the background you are just acidifying your body and making the problem worse.  Now imagine eating meat for an entire generation of 30-40+ years and now you see the trouble man has put himself in.  This is what we are dealing with folks.

For those that say vegans kill plants and that it’s no different than killing animals for meat: You want to eat what a plant or tree bears, fruit.  No killing of a plant involved.  Just because death is all around us and animals die all the time, does NOT mean you can throw your hands up in the air, shrug, and say, "That's just life.  Death and taxes.  There's nothing you can do.  I'm going to eat meat now."  The death of animals does not change the reality that man is a frugivore and that man is also addicted to stimulants like meat.  

You must choose: Satisfy your addiction to neurotransmitters from meat or healing your adrenal glands with fruit that isn't addicting.  

The problem with embracing the message of fruit is the logistics of actually getting quality fruit on this planet.  Even the primates can’t go fully on fruit under the best conditions.  This planet isn’t a utopia for each vertebrae.  Every animal struggles to find its food.  We are in a fallen world characterized by death, and thus the perfect food group of fruit stands to be a stumbling block for many on the path to health.

Incite conversation.  Use one-liners. "Cooked foods are bad."  "Meat is dead tissue and stagnant blood."  "Oh, you like dead animals, huh?"  Get people to think for themselves and not be the zombie that society has conditioned them to be. 


It's time to awaken the dead and get people off the meat and onto the fruits, berries and melons.


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