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Facts & Questions

1) Why are you doing all of this? 

Ecclesiastes 11:1 comes to mind: Cast your bread upon the waters, for you will find it after many days.

If you haven't noticed, there's a lot of suffering in this world today, and I've been called to lessen it in anyway I can.  God doesn't need my good works, my neighbor does.  With everything I've learned in my life thus far, it would be irresponsible and severely unwise to let my knowledge and experience in Health all go to waste.  I feel like everything in my life (including my poor health) has pointed me to being a healer, and I'm doing my best to perfect that skill.  If I can inspire more people to be healers, to stand up for truth, and to fix this warped culture, then all the better.

I realize that by putting myself out there, I risk all sorts of repercussions by those that want to support the new world order.  I risk being doxxed, stalked, physically attacked, cancelled, blackmailed, harassed or even murdered by those that benefit from this present evil age.

Despite the many risks, is trying to spread truth and help my neighbor actually worth the cost?  Would it be better to be apathetic and let this world burn to the ground?  I'm sorry, but I've suffered enough evil in my lifetime to never just pass by on the other side when I see someone laying on the road half dead.  Compassion drives me towards standing up for truth and to turn away from apathy.


If this website crashes, if I get cancelled, or if no one wants any help with their health, then oh well.  I'm not after anyone's approval or the favor of any man or woman.  I'll continue to be the healer I've been called to be, no matter what the consequence or cost. 


If I can just help one person, just one anonymous soul, then it would have been worth it.  


The time and effort of setting up this website, studying and completing certifications, watching every Dr. Morse YouTube video, the fruit I've eaten, the herbs I've used, the fasts I've endured, the mistakes I've made to repair my health over the years, they all came at a tremendous cost. 


If anyone can take my knowledge and experience as laid out in this website and apply it to their own life with some success, then it was all worth it.  Take and learn from my trials and tribulations.  Learn from my many mistakes.  Understand my passion and drive for truth compels me to speak out against the evil of this age. 


Life is absolutely bountiful in more ways than we can possibly comprehend.  I hope and pray that you can share in that bounty with me.


2) Do you charge for anything?

At this time, I don't charge for anything.  It's not that I don't believe one can have a successful business helping people get well.  You can absolutely make money in the natural health field legitimately helping people.

For where I am today, and from what my spirit and intuition are telling me, I don't want any barrier of entry to healing and getting the message about detoxification.  The foods and herbs necessary to get on the path of health already have a price, and rent isn't getting any cheaper.

To be honest with you, I'm not seeing enough activity and exposure from any other Detox Specialists out there to raise awareness and spread knowledge.  The people who went viral on Instagram over a decade ago have sold out and have strayed far from Dr. Morse's teachings on detox.  

Other Detox Specialists I've met virtually over the years got burned out and dropped out of the field altogether for various reasons.

Beyond the work of Dr. Morse's clinic, Ailin Duran of SpiriTrawpical Healing, Mark James Gordon, and  Nichlas Brandon of, there is a severe lack of Health players in the field promoting the true message of regeneration through detoxification.  I thank these people and the many others spreading truth and healing others.  They all have my respect.

Seeking pathways to monetize my services would inhibit my goal to spread knowledge and truth and be a witness for that.  It doesn't make me any more moral than anyone that does decide to charge and make a living off of being a healer.

Writing a book isn't going to spread awareness and no one has time to read a book nowadays.  Neither is planning a seminar or retreat in line with getting the message out there to as many people as possible.

With most platforms being heavily censored, I have to be careful in how I grow and spread the message as effectively as possible without compromising the message.  The name of the game right now is using this website that I have complete control over in addition to as much written and video content I can make to aid in educating the masses.

Where I go from here, I don't know.  Could I start charging for my time?  Perhaps one day.  Regardless, I will continue to try to help as many people as I possibly can because time is running short.

Please note that while I currently don't charge for anything, that doesn't mean my time is not valuable.  I reserve the right to utilize full discretion on who I use my time for.

3) What do you think of Dr. Robert Morse?

I highly respect Dr. Morse and regard him as one of the greatest healers of our time.  I cannot say that about most people in the health-sphere today.  I do consider myself a student of his teachings on detoxification. 


He is one of my greatest inspirations in the health world.  Is he perfect?  Absolutely not.  Has he made mistakes?  Yes, but haven't we all? 


While I do subscribe to his teachings that pertain to health, I do not hold the same spiritual beliefs that he has.  I also do not hold the same moral beliefs about God, the nature of evil, the concept of karma, abortion, marriage, or the origins of human suffering that Dr. Morse holds.  

I do admire Dr. Morse's ethics of putting people first before financial gain.  The guy lives in a mobile home and drives an old pick-up truck.  His YouTube channel is still not monetized (and is still in danger of being shut down for exposing truth).  That should tell you where his heart is at.  Dr. Morse wants people to become healers and he knows that they will find solutions and remedies that even he has not found or encountered yet.  I'm doing my best to enhance his teachings while going in my own personal direction (without compromising the truth), the very thing Dr. Morse wants for all of us.

4) What is Detoxification?

In simple terms, it means getting out the wastes and toxins that are inside of you.  The very sewage destroying your cells need to exit out of your eliminative organs, the 2 kidneys and skin.  The only way you can support your kidneys, skin and the rest of your body is with a cleansing diet.  Meat, dairy, grains, nuts, seeds and even vegetables are not going to cleanse the body.

When you want to clean your shower doors, do you go for a cleaning product made from wheatgrass juice or from lemon juice?  You need the astringents that are found primarily in fruits, berries and melons. 

The herbs are also high in astringents and are excellent tools to strengthen and enhance the cells of the body.

You can even get some astringent power from alfalfa sprouts and similar plants that are packed with chlorophyll.  However, you'll find the fruits will provide the hydration, energetic power, sugar, flavor and astringents your body needs compared to most vegetables.

Cleanse and hydrate the body by opening up the doors of kidney filtration.  Once you start seeing sediment in your urine, you know you are well on the path of detoxification.  Even if you aren't seeing sediment yet, eating fresh fruits and taking some herbs is paving the way of hydrating and moving the giant lymphatic system.  Don't lose heart and give up!  Keep on pushing through!  We are all on this journey together!

Lastly, detox is more than just chemistry and nutrition.  It's also about letting go of the attachments of the world, the negative thinking, and the hyper fixation on the self.  You'll find as you get healthier that your focus changes, the mind chatters down, and the negative thoughts and insecurities go away.  Get rid of all the mental burdens holding you down.  Love yourself and others.  Accept the mistakes of the past and be in the here and now.  It will all be alright in the end.  You're on this website for a reason.  You're on the path to Welleville.  Embrace everything that pertains to health.  Embrace that passion to get well and let no one stop you!  Enjoy this adventure for the rest of your days and inspire others to do the same.  Enjoy the ride!

5) "You're Wrong and Teaching Lies to People!"

I know this isn't a question, but it's bound to be something someone out there shouts out to me in all caps.  I'm after truth.  I am after a remedy, a cure, a true solution to bring people back to health and vitality.  Show me the path to health and I will follow and evangelize that path.  I am obligated to follow the truth.  I am not bound to any guru or ideology that is incorrect.  I highly respect Dr. Morse, but if his protocols and diet recommendations do not get people well, then I'll move elsewhere.  The problem is where will I go?  You cannot tell me high fat and protein will get people well.  You have to be joking if you are going to pump that Paleo/Keto BS in front of me.  What about raw meat and fruits (true Carnivore diet)?  While raw meat is always better than cooked meat, we still aren't carnivores.  Your Creatinine will shoot over 1 on that meat and your eGFR (estimated glomerular filtration rate) will be approaching under 15 (signaling kidney failure) before you know it.  The adrenaline in the meat coupled with the lipids from the meat both buffer acids and will stimulate you, but you're only masking your symptoms and not fixing the underlying cause of the problem.  You can't get well on supplements either.  Been there, done that.  

Vegetables are not enough to heal and be vital.  The Natural Hygienic movement (the largest offshoot of Naturopathy in the 20th century) tried that and didn't get very far.  Remember all of the carrot juice fasting and green drink enthusiasts in the 60s and 70s?  They didn't get very far, and neither did the Health coaches of that era.  Recall Bernard Jensen's 3 month carrot juice fast and how his tumors did not get any smaller once he completed that fast.  Learn from the experiences of previous generations as we truly are running out of time to be playing such games with our health.  We have to stay on fruits only and not descend to any lower level.


Unfortunately, a diet today of only fruits is not enough due to their low quality unless you head to Costa Rica or the islands, but even then the level of acidosis and genetic weakness in people today overshadows the power of eating just fruit.  You have to go deeper, and that's why we look to herbs as one of the best tools to clean and strengthen the body's tissues.  You can't do that with supplements, and you certainly can't do that with isolates or pharmaceuticals.  And yes, I do advocate glandulars because of the level of genetic weakness we have to deal with in society today.

If you really think I'm wasting my time pursuing regeneration for myself and others via an astringent fruit diet and tissue-specific herbs (and glandulars), then point me to the correct path.  Go to all the natural health supplement manufacturers and find me a better tool for healing one's kidneys and adrenals.  Find me a better GI tract formula than Dr. Morse's GI Broom.  Find me a better loose-leaf tea assortment of various plants and compare it to the Heal-All tea, kidney tea, stomach tea, or 3-lung tea blends. 


If you can find me better tools, then I'll use those instead.  It's about health and not choosing some person or worldview to confide in.  I'm not in this for the money or status.  I'm here for truth and healing as that is my passion and calling in life.

Before you even suggest anything, ask yourself if said advice, protocol or product has been used in a clinical setting, or has had some historical application over the years.  Have people been seriously hurt or damaged by said advice?  Is someone making a profit off this method and what is their lifestyle (mansion, women, expensive cars, etc)? 


Remember Arnold Ehret and his legacy in healing others.  Remember also Bernard Jensen and his history of healing people over the decades.  Recall how much Jensen has esteemed Dr. Morse as the greatest healer on the planet.  Ask yourself who truly ranks high in our day for their ethics, morality, and credibility for healing others.  There's only a few names out there in the health space that have any credibility nowadays.  We will all be judged and held accountable for our actions one day.  Wisdom is justified by her deeds.

6) Are you Vegan?

No, I use glandular products that contain desiccated bovine (cow) tissues used for the purpose of bringing up the function of organs and glands.  I am forced to use them for myself and others because of the level of genetic weakness we are dealing with in society today.

Apart from the short-term use of glandulars, I absolutely avoid any and all animal products.  Remember that I was so addicted to meat and dairy during my Paleo days from early 2015 until early 2017.  Back then, just the thought of dropping meat from my life was depressing.  I truly was an addict of meat through and through.  And I had super weak adrenal glands only reinforcing the meat addiction.  I've watched enough slaughterhouse videos of animals being killed to never want to eat meat again, no matter how good that neurotransmitter kick would feel.

I can use glandulars and have no cognitive dissonance or feelings of hypocrisy because I'm using them in a clinical setting.  I'm using them and encourage the use of them for clients strictly as a tool to pick up glandular function.  Herbal formulas alone are sometimes not enough to enhance the function of the adrenals, thyroids, parathyroids, thymus, and pituitary glands.  Dr. Morse has had years of experience using glandular products for his clients and has seen results with them, as have I.

If I absolutely HAD to eat an animal product (in a ridiculous hypothetical scenario), then it would probably be raw wild-caught sockeye salmon.  That's one premium dish I favored in my Paleo days.  This option is well over $20 per pound nowadays, so it makes no financial sense to ingest raw flesh when I can get 4 organic bananas for $1 at Trader Joe's.  The sheer amount of inflation we see in grocery stores is creating more vegans than ever before it seems.

If you want animal flesh with the least repercussions and fallout, then go for raw wild-caught, sustainably sourced salmon.  The salmon is full of neurotransmitters to give you that stimulation while also tasting good raw with a good texture.  Always eat your animal flesh with vegetables to help buffer those acids from digestion.


Please do not eat eggs, whether cooked or raw.  I don't care if they're pasture raised.  Eggs are extremely constipating and damaging to your kidneys.  I don't even want to get into the chicken industry and how these farms go about getting these eggs.  The conditions these poor chickens are raised in are atrocious, and let's not even talk about what occurs to male chickens.

Avoid organ meats.  I know people on the Carnivore diet love to gorge on liver, brain, testicles, and kidney tissue, but these tissues are full of heavy metals.  The sheer amount of protein will destroy your kidneys regardless.  If one's kidneys aren't filtering, how much more do you think the animals raised in a slaughterhouse aren't filtering?  Yet one wants to eat the flesh of these animals who are constantly stressed?  Well, at least you get more Adrenaline in those slaughterhouse meats to further suppress your adrenal glands.


You are always better using glandular products from grass fed cows to work on your particular gland weakness then you are eating heaps of dead tissue of that specific organ or gland.  Good luck even finding adrenal glands or parathyroid glands from a cow to purchase from a farmer.  Let's not play these games and use the potency and practicality of glandulars to help us in regeneration.  With glandulars, you get the potent tissue you need to stimulate your cells while simultaneously avoiding eating sheer amounts of dead tissue.  If we're going to use animal products to heal, let's use the smallest dosage we can for the maximum effect, and we get that in glandular products. 

Lastly, Dr. Morse has mentioned the morality of glandular products similar to that of a transplanted organ.  Would you call someone with a kidney transplant a vegan if they didn't eat animal products?  Would you consider them a cannibal?  Would you say they are immoral?  We use the specific tissues of a sustainably raised cow in a clinical setting strictly to help bring up the organs and glands so that they function better.  We uphold the morality of glandular products in a clinical setting because they consistently work to bring about glandular function.  Endocrine and organ function is paramount to health, and that is why glandular products are moral to utilize in this setting.  Anyone that considers themselves a Vegan should never feel guilt for utilizing a glandular for the purpose of getting well.

7) Where do you get your protein?​

The same place primates and herbivores get them from: Plants. You don't need protein, you need amino acids. How big do elephants get from vegetables?  How about a Horse?  If you're not getting large and powerful from fruits, berries, and melons, don't blame the plants but blame your lack of digestion, absorption, utilization, and elimination.  The mass and bulk you get from proteins is just inflammation and swelling.  You will deflate like a balloon the second you get off the protein.

Most people are malabsorbed and have to rely on starch and protein to look bigger.  Clean out the mucoid plaque in the gut to fix your absorption of food and therefore get bigger and fuller.  Most vegans are extremely malabsorbed and their diets of grains, nuts, and seeds do not help clean the plaque in the bowels.  The protein from the vegan's diet of fake meat, beans, nuts, seeds, and soy products will keep them at a "normal" weight, but the second that vegan goes raw is when you see the skeletons in the closet.

Fix the underlying cause of why you look like a skeleton despite eating over 3000+ calories of fruit and vegetables.  Don't blame the fruit.  Blame your lymphatic system that is involved in digestion, absorption, utilization and elimination.  Now, you may look like a skeleton for awhile on fruit, but eventually you will have cleaned yourself out enough that your weight will rebound.  Dr. Morse has worked on many individuals that looked like skeletons and he has never lost a single case due to malabsorption.  

8) Does fruit sugar feed candida?  Should I only eat vegetables and avoid fruit to starve fungus?

No, fruits will not feed fungus.  Vegetables will not feed fungus either but they won't help you cleanse and detox the body either.  If you are having fungal issues of any kind, you will only be able to handle fruits and vegetables, and any tubers, grains or syrups will spike your fungal loads.  Fruits and veggies are monosaccharides, which are simple sugar molecules, and their digestion, absorption and utilization is infinitely easier than that of any disaccharide or polysaccharide. 


Your adrenal glands produce cortisol that is critical in the utilization of sugar, or in getting sugar through the cell wall into the cell to be used as fuel.  Anything more complex than a monosaccharide like sweet potatoes, rice, or oatmeal will attract fungus because you cannot possibly metabolize all the complex sugar you ingest in a timely manner.  Complex sugar is too difficult for man to use efficiently, which further proves that monosaccharide foods like fruits and veggies are truly species-appropriate for man.  Your body will ferment whatever sugar you cannot digest, absorb, and utilize as a means to protect itself.  If you have adrenal gland weakness (which most do), then you will not metabolize your sugars properly, no matter if they're simple or complex.  

People try to circumvent their fungal issues by going to fat and protein consumption, but that will only lead to further adrenal and kidney degradation, worsening one's fungal problems when they eventually have to get back on carbohydrates due to our cell's requirement for sugar.  

Fix the adrenals, get on some parasite M & G formulas, and stay on the fruits and vegetables and you can get through any fungal problem.  You could have fungal issues on fruit due to weak adrenal glands.  In such a case, focus more on green drinks, use 400 mg adrenal glandulars and stay on that Parasite M formula until your adrenal glands strengthen enough and you get your fungal load down to a workable level.

9) Why do so many Vegans look malnourished and ultimately quit (even adopting an anti-vegan perspective)?

A vegan diet is free from animal products, which have adrenaline in them. Your adrenals should be producing your neurotransmitters, but everyone nowadays has adrenal insufficiency.  The meat eater gets a stimulant kick each time they eat dead flesh.  A vegan drops the meat, and then they crash since their diet doesn't hide their adrenal weakness like a Paleo/Carnivore diet would.  The meat is compensating for weak adrenals.  This explains the addicting nature of meat and why so many are apprehensive to doing so even for short periods of time.  Switching to a vegan diet deprives you of that stimulating effect and the result is you have an energy crash.  Not only that, but you see the vegan "deflate" because the meat they were eating prior was swelling them up.  You look fuller on the meat as you are literally filling yourself up with acidosis.  On top of all of this, most vegans eat a garbage diet of Beyond Meat/Impossible Meat, nut butters and milks, seeds, wheat and other grains, and a bevy of soy products.  Once you realize just how sickly man is do you realize how meat consumption can mask organ and glandular failure.


The Ex-vegan returns to meat only to mask their symptoms and feel "normal" again and gets mad that the vegan diet didn't mask their symptoms.  It's the sheer ignorance of the neurotransmitters in meat that has everyone bamboozled and addicted.


Fix your adrenal glands. Clean and strengthen the tissues of the body.  And above all else, get beyond the label of "vegan" and start embracing what man truly is: A Frugivore.  

10) I don't like fruit, what are my options?

Usually when people say they dislike fruit, what really may have happened was they had an unripe fruit that ruined the texture and taste of their eating experience.  The fruit at the grocery store is no way reflective of just how extraordinary fruit can be.  Real fruit should be in-season, sweet, picked ripe, and free from as many pesticides as possible. If you don't like most fruit, try to get them organic and in-season from an actual farmer rather than these overpriced grocers like Whole Foods, Kroger, and Sprouts.  See if you can find any quality fruit from the Sweet category (like bananas, figs, and green grapes), then the Sub-acid category (like apples, pears, peaches, grapes) and even the Acid category (like lemons, grapefruit, and mandarins).

Another reason you may not gravitate towards sweet things is because you're craving more salty foods, which is indicative of adrenal gland weakness.  It can be hard to enjoy fruit when you're only craving salty foods.  Some people have gone to extremes of salting their fruit to make them palatable.  

When in doubt, you could always pour as much honey as you'd like on your fruit to enhance their flavor.  Honey on some banana slices with a little bit of cinnamon and dried coconut flakes is a great meal.  

If none of the fruit options satisfy you, why not try some smoothies?  You can use organic frozen fruit that is usually always high quality and picked fresh.  Frozen strawberries, mangos and wild blueberries are affordable at Trader Joe's and Aldi's and work well with ripe bananas for a delicious smoothie!  

I would recommend juicing your fruits, but juicers are so expensive and such a hassle to clean and use that they're not the most practical.  It's worth mentioning though as an option.

You can try adding organic cane sugar or coconut palm sugar to your smoothies to enhance the flavor.  You can even add the sugar straight on top of your fruit as well.

If honey, smoothies and added sugar don't do the trick, then I would suggest trying some dried fruit.  You get the concentrated sugar and flavor without the bulk or water.  That texture may be just the thing for your tastebuds.  You can even add honey to your raisins, medjool dates, figs or dried mango slices!

At the end of the day, treat the fruit like medicine and eat as much as you can tolerate.  Dig in for a season, get on the herbs, rest up and then when you've dug in deep enough to your liking, then you can go back to a maintenance diet of mostly raw foods with a cooked evening meal. The fruit will always be there to keep you hydrated, energized and on track.

Experiment and find out what works best for you, your budget, and your location.

Understand that sometimes we just have to deal with eating bland food for a time.  Your health is worth a little bland food now and then.

11) What do you think of XYZ diet?

High fat and protein diets will destroy your kidneys and bowels.  Now the trendy diet is to go "Carnivore"  with full meat, butter and tallow and even ditch the fruit.  This is just a repacking of Dr. Atkins' diet.  Dr. Atkins had killed a lot of people.  Even if you buffer your symptoms with all of the fat and feel a little bit better, you are sending your kidneys a one way ticket to failure.  

OMAD (One meal a day) is convenient for many, but it is foolish to stress the body with so much food in one sitting only to compensate by fasting for the remainder of the day for that "high."  I know what a pain it is to prepare fruit and "graze" throughout the day, but it is as simple as preparing a bowl of fruit in the morning and eating that little by little throughout the day.  Your adrenals and gut will thank you for eating smaller meals more often.  Let me ask you this if you love OMAD:  How are you going to have strong and vibrant energy all the time if your last meal was filled with heavy cooked vegan or paleo food?  Your energy will unfortunately come from stressed adrenal glands secreting tons of adrenaline to compensate for the lack of consistent sugar in your diet.

Low-calorie diets will destroy your adrenals.  There's absolutely no reason other than fasting for you to greatly reduce your food intake.  You will go into starvation mode and cause your adrenals to secrete tons of adrenaline to give you enough energy to get through your day.  Notice how many people on lower calorie diets are all on coffee and stimulants to get through their day.  That level of stress is not worth any supposed weight loss.  I always stress people eat as much fruit as they want, when they want.  Fruit is the great weight loss hack.  They're not fattening, they hydrate, and they're easy to digest.  Remember that you are a frugivore!   

A diet of grains will fill you with fungus and mucus.  Grains are extremely acidic, we can't digest them properly, and they leave a sticky and gluey mess in the kitchen when cooking.  That sticky residue gets stuck on your bowels when you eat them, causing impactions and constipation.  People are so full of fungus that even one bowl of rice is enough to get you itching like crazy from the fermentation of all that sugar which invites all sorts of candida to clean up the mess.  Sweet potatoes and plantains are great maintenance foods to eat instead of grains.  Millet and quinoa are also good substitutes for white and brown rice, although they can be abrasive to the bowel wall.  The least offensive traditional grain would probably be raw, organic, non-gmo corn.  If you had to have a grain, some organic corn chips, organic corn tortillas or even organic corn on the cobb is a good treat.  However, there's no reason to go back to grains.

Go all fruit or stick to a 75% raw/25% cooked arrangement for your daily diet.

12) I did X amount of months as a raw vegan/Fruitarian, why didn't I see results?

We have reached a level of genetic weakness and lymphatic stagnation that not even the best fruits on the planet are enough anymore. Dr. Morse has stated that in the past decades ago, Healers would have their clients go on extended water fasts to heal. The practitioners would use the Tongue test to see changes in the color of their tongue during said water fasts to prove how deep their fasting has taken them. Those days of simply healing on fruit and water are gone. 


This is exactly why Dr. Morse was looking for tools to help him heal. He found in a vision from God to use His herbs and the rest is history involving working with different suppliers to make the best herbal line of products on the market today. For most people today, diet and rest alone are not enough. You have to get on the herbs. The level of lymphatic stagnation and genetic weaknesses in society is so great that not even the best fruits can move your lymph system to any great degree.  The lack of lymph movement is compounded by the reality of routine vaccinations, high stress social relationships, high stress jobs with little pay, an extremely high cost of living, and poor quality fruit in grocery stores.  People aren't getting well because everything in this life is trying to sabotage your healing and your ability to cure yourself.

13) I've been on thousands of dollars of Dr. Morse's herbs and months of raw organic juicy fruit and have NOT seen any results or improvements in my health.  This is all a lie!

First and foremost, I'm not going to nullify your subjective analysis of the state of your health after months on the fruits and herbs.  However, while you might not feel any better, it doesn't mean you're not cleaning and strengthening your body.  Did you take iris photos before starting the fruits and herbs?  Have you taken iris photos afterward?  The eyes can show you the improvements in your lymph and genetics infinitely more than one's feelings or senses.  

We have reached a point in human history where even water and dry fasting isn't enough to get people well.  And that is carrying over to fruits and herbs too.  Our genetics are so weak compared to prior generations that it's taking people years if not decades of fruit and herbs to get well.  That's what the 2010s had taught Dr. Morse as he went through countless Q&As.  Many times there was a question from someone in their early 20s who went raw for 6 months and took herbs religiously during that season and saw no kidney filtration.  There was one person that went on a 5 month grape fast and had no healing crisis or felt any better.  There was another client that

Here's a recent example of a 25 year old client named Matthew who tried every fast, detox, remedy and product under the sun apart from Dr. Morse's herbs and had absolutely no improvement in his symptoms and health.  He was knocking on death's door.







Time Stamp for when Matthew's case is brought up in the video: 13:09

Clients like Matthew are now the norm and not the exception.  This is what we are dealing with time and again.  We are at such an impasse with our lymphatic congestion and emotional stress that many are having difficulties just finding some slight relief.  This world is literally doing everything it can to suppress our healing.  Our fruit quality is garbage, the stress from governments is at an all-time high (vaccines, insane cost of living, high rent, no good jobs, traffic, taxes, etc) and family and friends can turn on you for any petty reason.  

It may be cliché, but you may have to travel abroad to Thailand or Costa Rica for a season.  You may have to drop a toxic relationship (if you're not married), or quit a bad job.  We may have to surgically remove whatever burden is heavy on your shoulders and perform a major lifestyle change (including your sleep schedule).  Please refer to my recommended lifestyle changes (and please stop watching the news & get off social media).

Stress could very well be suppressing your adrenals and that's why your kidneys still aren't turning on.  The neurotoxicity from vaccines cannot be understated either.  Let's not forget the miles of lymphatic fluid that has developed ever since you were in mama for 9 months.  Everything is working against us and we are dealing with decades of high protein diets that have destroyed our tissues.  We are dealing with a slew of factors all contributing to a health crisis never seen before in history.  It is actually unbelievable to see the levels of kidney failure that we see today. 


We have to set expectations that we are not going to fix everything within 6 months on the most strict fruit and herbal protocols out there.  That's the reality.  Yes, there were generations prior that were able to get out of wheelchairs just on fruit, but those generations had less stress, stronger genetics and less neurotoxicity overall (vaccines). 

I'd be happy to go over your eye photos (I don't charge for anything, period) and troubleshoot your protocol and symptoms.  We will most definitely need to use glandulars if you're not on them already.  We are going to need to keep on the diet and herbs in a cost-efficient manner without burning you out and making you lose faith.  If it takes 20 years, then it takes 20 years.  There is no other path to getting well than going to the alkaline side of chemistry.  This is a lifestyle for the rest of your life and not a quick sprint.  I am here to be a guide and help you along that path.

My final tip is to love people.  What good is it to start filtering through your kidneys, have lots of energy and not be in pain if you can't use your health and abilities to benefit your neighbor?  Cast your bread upon the waters as it says in Ecclesiastes 11:1.  Be generous, even if there's no return.  That's what true health really is all about.  

14) Do you smoke Marijuana/Cigarettes/Vape?

My father smoked 5 packs of cigarettes a day and didn't die of a Lung-related complication.  He used to smoke right in my face when I was a child.  I despised the smell of cigarette smoke and I could tell the negative effect it had on my body (and my dad).  I never wanted to put anything with fire into my body.  I guess I was more in touch with the toxic state of my health in my youth than I realized.  

I have never tried marijuana, nor do I ever plan to.  Ask 100 people on the street to name one herb on this planet for a $20 reward, 99% of them will mention Marijuana.  They won't mention Goldenseal, Echinacea, Slippery Elm, Marshmallow, Mullein, Gotu Kola, Skullcap, Ginkgo Biloba, or the dozens of other medically known herbs.  The natural health field has absolutely dropped the ball on pronouncing the power and diversity of the herbal kingdom.  Thank God there are people like Dr. Morse espousing the power and healing ability of the herbal kingdom. 


Marijuana is the most overrated herb on the planet.  It is a toxic herb and whatever benefit of THC therein is nullified by smoking the herb into your blood.  If you must take in marijuana, please use a water pipe, or better yet, eat something that has marijuana inside it like a gluten-free cookie.

Please don't acidify your body by smoking anything, even herbs.  I know someone will chime in and say they had a grandmother smoke 50 packs a day for 50 years and die of pancreatic cancer or something directly unrelated to the lungs.  Acidosis is still acidosis.  Sure, grandma had strong genetics in the lungs and poorer genetics in her pancreas.  The acids she was taking in from the cigarettes contributed to the stagnation of lymph in her GI Tract.  Everything is connected by the 2 major fluids, blood and lymph.  You take in acids via your diet or inhalation of smoke and you affect the blood and lymph.  What parts of your body that go down first via lymph is related to genetics.  Don't take genetics for granted thinking you're off the hook from lung issues just because your parents didn't suffer from lung complications.  Acidosis will reveal itself in whatever weaknesses you have, and by then you will have a lot of work on your hands in order to get well.

Dr. Morse has mentioned a wedding of 100 people that occurred in a tent.  That tent caught fire and in less than 3 minutes 50 people had died.  They acidified their blood faster than their blood can steal calcium out of its walls.  They died from acidosis.  Let that sink in the next time you want to smoke anything.


Don’t smoke.  Think for yourself and go your own way.  If that means you don't get people's approval because you don't visit a Hookah lounge or a party with a bong, then so be it.  Your health is more important than people's approval.

15) After learning everything on health and detoxification, how should I live my life?


We go back to Ecclesiastes for the answer.  


Ecclesiastes 12:13-14 (ESV): The end of the matter; all has been heard.  Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the whole duty of man.  For God will bring every deed into judgment, with every secret thing, whether good or evil.

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