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The Underlying Cause of Your Symptoms


Every symptom ultimately involves the kidneys and lymphatic system.


The kidneys are the doors outside of your body and the main way for your acids, wastes and byproducts to leave your body.

Centuries ago, all it took to get well were a few water fasts and an all fruit diet.  Nowadays even all raw, organic and ripe fruit with water fasting isn't enough.  People's lymphatic systems are so agglomerated and backed up and their kidney and adrenal function are so low that we have to use tissue-specific herbs to pick up the glands and organs so that they can function. 

Almost every symptom Allopathic doctors can name is steeped in inflammation and acidosis.  Acidosis is the truth of the word and inflammation is the body’s response to that, including cholesterol, calcium and edema. When you see one of the 3, what is going on here?  Lymphatic stagnation.  A cationic environment is an acidic environment that causes dehydration and agglomeration.  You can see that in the blood when you see blood cells attaching or following like little trains. That’s an enzymatic-deprived and high protein diet. We are not a high protein species whatsoever.

Inflammation is a product of acidosis.  Acidosis is a product of protein eating as well as cellular metabolitic waste.

We are not trying to get rid of the inflammatory response, but the acids/proteins that the response is to.  There’s immune response to bacteria and viruses, but we aren’t talking about that.  We are talking about the calcium, cholesterol, and edema immune response to acidosis and proteins. The problem is with the chemistry.  If you remove the chemistry, your body backs away from an immune response.  The body is only doing what it can to survive.


That's why Dr. Robert Morse implemented botanicals in his Naturopathic practice 50 years ago and why we still heavily use them today: There is no other safe solution (apart from glandulars) to bring up atrophying tissue than with herbs and ripe fruit.


Dr. Morse has had 50 years to perfect herbal formulas for the organs and glands and with that experience he has established protocols for various cases.  Target the tissues and lymphatic system of your body.  We're going after the body's major fluid of the lymphatic system and the very tissues that are hypo functioning.  


Remember, we never want to stimulate a gland or tissue that is hyperactive.

Go after your weak genetics and clean your sewer system out. 

Fix the underlying cause of man's suffering and find your remedy in detoxing out cellular and metabolic waste out of your body.

You'll find no other solution to fix your symptoms than the lymphatic system. 


Anyone reading this is blessed to have this information when so many medical doctors ignore this simple truth.

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