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Sample Questionnairre Evaluation

Health Questionnaire Intro

Health Questionnaire Intro

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I've included a brief intro video on my approach to every questionnaire using the case study codenamed, "Hawkeye" provided in the Iridology course from Dr. Morse's International School of the Healing Arts

Every piece of information tells a part of the puzzle on your health.  Each section on the form allows more insight into what is going on with your health and what we need to do to get you well.

Your height, your weight, your age, the color of your eyes, your diet, and all of your symptoms help paint the picture of what is going on under the hood.  Your height signifies pituitary strength.  Your weight involves the thyroid and adrenals.  Your age can hint at the degree of genetic weakness in your kidneys and adrenals (as well as what your diet probably looked like when you were young).  Everything is related.  Your body is a bunch of cells and 2 major fluids.  

It all comes down to the Lymphatic system and your internal accumulated level of acidosis.  That's the system linked to all of your body's cells and their wastes.  What symptoms manifest for you all relate to genetics as lymph will accumulate more around your genetically weakened areas as opposed to your genetically stronger ones.

Your iris photos will further illuminate how constipated your lymph system is as well as reveal your genetic weaknesses and strengths.  

I hope this introduction helps give you some perspective on the holistic approach of true Naturopathy and the body's many hints to its operation.

My goal is to create more of these in-depth case studies for your learning.  I promise not to go too long in my analysis, but it's hard to stop being so passionate with so many people suffering out there.

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