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Depression is NOT a "Dis-ease" or mental disorder due to low serotonin and/or dopamine levels.

Depression is not a mental problem but a physiological problem.


The underlying cause of Depression is calcium utilization problems.  Your body cannot use calcium effectively.  The parathyroid glands control the metabolism of calcium in the body.  Absolutely no one in the Psychology field has linked the parathyroid glands to Depression.  There are ZERO peer-approved journal articles slightly hinting about anything of calcium, the parathyroid glands, and their link to depression.  It is unbelievable to see Allopathy ignore this simple link of the parathyroid glands to depression, but then again there's no money in curing people so there's that.


The tragedy in all of this is how the allopathic community has "treated" this parathyroid issue with pharmaceutical anti-depressants.  These drugs have not only caused countless suicides, but have caused so many issues from side effects alone that it bears repeating what a waste Allopathy has put in society's lap.  "Treating" a "Dis-ease" is one thing, but using expensive pharmaceutical drugs and robbing people of their hope for a cure and wasting their time is another.  

I wonder how many suicides, mass shootings, violent acts, terrorist attacks, mob violence, and self-mutilation could have been preventing by NOT treating these people with anti-depressants for depression and anxiety?


If you think you can reverse someone’s depression through conversation, behavioral modification and nutrition, you are wrong.  You HAVE to fix the underlying cause, otherwise you are ultimately wasting that person's time in a world where we have the knowledge to fix things!

Let me put it this way: Treatment is NOT enough in a world that is as hostile, narcissistic, corrupt, expensive, and hellish as this one is.  

I will not accept a world that doesn't accept the readily available cure for the underlying cause of depression and anxiety, and neither should you.

How to Cure the Underlying Cause of  Depression

In order to get the body out of depression symptoms, we have to get the body to utilize calcium more efficiently, meaning we have to go after the parathyroid glands. 

We also have to stop the very type of foods that leech calcium from the body making your symptoms worse: Protein.

Fruits and vegetables are naturally high in calcium that is more readily usable by the body than any other type of food, especially dairy (no matter how many lies the American Dairy Association wants to throw at the general public).


The Blood is 7.4 pH. What happens when you throw acids in?  The body steals calcium out of basement layer of connective tissue. That’s why we see varicose veins, spider veins, bleeding easily, and the link to depression. 

Calcium is the main component of nerve transmission, skeletal connective tissue and is also used as an immune response as an antacid (one we don’t want to use as that calcium is borrowed from other parts of the body).

When you eat protein, all of the nitrogen and phosphorus makes you lose calcium.  The blood becomes acidic and has to steal calcium out of its one layer of connective tissue from the vein, so you see herniation of the vascular walls, hernias, spider veins, varicose veins, and aneurisms.


Too much fungus in the body can lead to depression and unhappiness (dealing with sugars and low energy). 

The liver is also the seat of anger, explaining why so many alcoholics have anger issues. 

Thus, we will eliminate starches and grains from the diet to avoid adding to the fungal problem.  We are going to use a liver/gallbladder herbal formula to clean and strengthen the cells of the liver and gallbladder to lessen the anger.  We are also going to implement an adrenal glandular and adrenal herbal formula to boost adrenal gland function which will strengthen the client emotionally and rid them of excessive negative thoughts, paranoia and anxieties.  

Lastly, we want to incorporate the Bones & Connective Tissue Formula in order to provide the body with plant based calcium that can be readily utilized unlike calcium from dairy.

To summarize, we are going after the parathyroid glands, the lymphatic system, and all of the organs and glands.  We are focusing on a calcium-rich diet of fruits and veggies and avoiding foods that leach calcium such as meat, dairy, and grains.

Summary of the Steps to Heal the Underlying Cause of Depression


Get on a 100% raw fruit, berry and melon diet

Eat fruit frequently and do not let yourself go without food for more than about 2-3 hours. 

Do not fast yourself and put excess demand on your adrenals to produce neurotransmitters for energy.  Get your energy from your fruits!

Get on an herbal protocol, making sure to include the Bones & Connective TissueEndocrine Support*, Brain & Nerve, and Circulation* herbal formulas.

Take the Parathyroid glandular (50 mg) 1 capsule 3 times a day.  Finish 1-3 bottles and stop.

Sample Protocol to Cure the Underlying Cause of Depression


The protocol here will implement a glandular for both the parathyroid glands and adrenal glands.  There are no known herbs that directly target the parathyroid glands (blame man for his focus on pharmaceuticals and not herbs).  So the best we can do to hit the parathyroid glands is with a glandular as well as incorporate Endocrine Support*, Brain & Nerve, and Circulation* formulas to get into the neck and head regions to hopefully bless the parathyroid glands with much needed alkaline chemistry.

What is the first principle of detoxification? Rest.

Diet: 100% raw fruits, berries and melons only.  Stay as close to this raw diet as possible for maximum energy and minimal digestion.

Glandulars: 50 mg Parathyroid glandular, 1 capsule 3 times a day for up to 3 months

400 mg Adrenal Glandular, 1-3 capsule 3 times a day for up to 3 months

Herbal Formulas: Adrenal formula

At least 2 kidney formulas (one capsule, one tincture)

Brain & Nerve Formula

Circulation Formula*

Bones & Connective Tissue Formula

GI Renew (# is relative to bowel frequency)

Parasite M

Parasite G - Only do 2 bottles and then stop

3 Lung Formula

Liver/Gallbladder Formula

Pancreas Formula

Endocrine Support*

Licorice Root (avoid if you have high blood pressure)

*Note on Endocrine Support*: This formula has herbs that will enhance the thyroid.  If you have hyperthyroid issues, please avoid this formula and use the Adrenal gland formula instead.  It is possible for one to have hyperthyroidism yet have hypo-parathyroid function.  Use the adrenal herbal formula with a parathyroid glandular in this case.

*Note on Circulation formula*: If you have tumors, cysts, polyps, or lipomas, please refrain from this formula until you work with a qualified Detox Specialist.

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