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The Downward Spiral of Man's Diet


Man has gone down the rabbit hole of high protein, starches, and all manner of super-cooked and Acid-Ash foods.  These acid foods create a stagnant, agglomerated and acidic environment in your lymphatic system.  Your lymph system thickens and backs up.  The free-flowing river soon becomes a stagnant pond.  Your eliminative organs of the kidneys and skin no longer work efficiently and your body accumulates the acids of its own wastes and ingestion. 

Eventually you see the destruction of tissue and the degeneration of your body.  Then come in the symptoms.  Joint pain settles in, memory and reasoning are suppressed, digestion gets worse, anxieties increase, chronic fatigue becomes the norm, depression sets in, pressure builds up in the head, water swells and accumulates in your lower legs, hair loss, bones become brittle, tumors and cysts form, tremors become more frequent, muscles lock up, and death becomes the untimely reality.

These symptoms may sound extreme for some, but our society is experiencing progressive degeneration at a level never seen before in history.

There are so many expressions of the body when suffering acidosis, but the end is the same: the death of tissue.

When acids win, you lose.  Plain and simple.

Most people ultimately die from the effects of kidney failure from one extent to another.


Your suffering is determined by how fast you can get lymph filtering through your kidneys. 

You have filtration of urine and sweating as the only 2 factors that must take place before you can get well.

We are dealing with the aftermath of our own wastes and sewage literally destroying us from the inside. 

You were dehydrated since birth from sharing your mother’s lymphatic system for 9 months, and your genetics and diet caught up with you.

We are coming against some serious acidic issues in the human body.  A lot of destruction, a lot of mutation in genetics, and a lot of dehydration.  There’s only one way back to "Wellville" and health.

We need to reverse the ingestion of Acid-dominant foods and introduce foods that are hydrating, energizing, and healing to the body.

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