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10 Steps to Getting Started with Your Health



If you're just getting started on this site and completely new to the world of health and getting well, here's a few basic pointers and videos to get you up to speed.

1) Drop all dairy products from your diet for the rest of your life.  Before you even visit the grocery store or do anything else, the best thing you can do right now in your life is eliminate all dairy products from your diet.  They are the most mucus forming and harmful to your body next to cooked meat, seed oils, and cooked tomatoes.

If you can just drop one habit to vastly improve your health, let it be stopping the consumption of all dairy products including sour cream, milk, cheese, butter, ice cream and yogurt.  This would be the one decision that doesn't cost you anything but would provide so much relief to your body.

2) Stop watching the news and minimize social media use (esp. TikTok).  The best thing you can do for your long-term mental health without spending a dollar is to stop watching any local or national news networks (even the alternative news networks).  Also equally as important is minimizing the amount of time you're on social media.  A little Facebook time with distant friends and family is fine, but please get off Instagram and absolutely drop TikTok from your lifestyle like a bad habit.  You may actually start to smile more often and not regret being alive in this world we live in.  Your mental health will thank you time and again.

Important: Do not read any YouTube/Instagram/Twitter/Tik Tok comments.  Don't even bother going on Discord or internet forums apart from some specific communities out there.  Save yourself the exposure to unhinged psychopathy and avoid toxic individuals.

3) Understand the Lymphatic System and the 4 basic principles to wellness: Digestion, Absorption, Utilization, and Elimination.

Your Lymphatic system is one of the body's 11 systems and is the most underrecognized, underappreciated, and underutilized system in every Health & Wellness modality today.

Your Lymphatic system is your waste/sewer system of the body.  It's the other major bodily fluid next to blood and water.  The blood feeds your cells and your Lymph cleans them.  This fluid is not self-contained in the body, meaning it should regularly be filtered out of your kidneys and skin, otherwise you run into severe health problems.

The Lymphatic system touches upon every cell in your body, and as a result impacts all of your body's tissues.  If your Lymph system goes out, you go down.

The 4 basic principles to wellness all touch upon the Lymphatic system, and there is no one wellness apart from moving your Lymph!

The 4 basic principles of wellness are as follows:

First, digest your foods properly.

Second, absorb those foods into your intestinal wall into the lymph system or blood capillaries.

Third, utilize/metabolize hormones, steroids, neurotransmitters, and enzymes.

Fourth, eliminate byproducts from all of these processes.

The 4 processes and the respective body parts involved:

Digestion: Pancreas, Upper GI tract, Stomach, Liver/Gallbladder

Absorption: Lymphatic system in small bowel and colon

Utilization: Hormones and steroids from the adrenal glands primarily

Elimination: Kidneys, Skin, and Colon

You have these 4 processes to always focus on as when any process is down, health is a struggle.

We have to work on the back end of these processes to get to fixing the front end, meaning we have to fix the kidneys before we can even think about improving digestion.

4) Watch this YouTube video featuring Dr. Morse, one of the greatest naturopaths of our time:







I find this video to be one of the best introductions and summaries of the principles of health, wellness, and the lymphatic system there is that's under an hour.

If you have some more time, consider watching these other videos that offer a comprehensive perspective when it comes to health:












These are just a hand-picked selection of different videos giving you some different explanations and examples on Detoxification.  The interview-type videos are great for introductions to newer people into this lifestyle as they cover most topics in a timely manner.

Dr. Morse does tend to ramble in his normal Q&A videos on his YouTube channel, so there can be a slight time investment required for his videos to get to the pertinent details.  That's why I'm trying to synthesize a lot of his information and insights found in his YouTube videos on this website.

Dr. Morse's YouTube channel is

You can search Dr. Morse's YouTube channel for any particular health condition listed in a video title.  Most of his videos have no time stamps, so you may have t
o sit through most of the video until you get onto the particular question involving your health issue.  Sometimes someone in the YouTube comments section would offer a timestamp on any relevant topic, so look out for those too.

Please reach out to me if you want a video recommendation on Dr. Morse's YouTube channel involving any particular topic.  I'd be happy to go through my notes and find a particular timestamp or video to help you.  I've watched just about every video on Dr. Morse's channel and I'm continually rewatching his content every single day.


5) Go outside and get at least 30 minutes of sunlight every single day. Don't rely on Vitamin D supplements, and stay away from wearing sunglasses apart from the most sunny of summer days.  Get full spectrum light into your eyes so you're not dependent upon sunglasses in your later years.


6) Add more fruits, berries and melons to your daily diet.  Buy more fruit from the grocery store during your grocery runs.  Bananas, apples, pears, raisins and dates are available at every grocery store year round.  They're relatively inexpensive (although everything is expensive nowadays) and can be found organic pretty easily (opt for organic if you can afford it).  The more fruit you purchase, the more likely you are to eat it especially when one's paycheck is getting smaller and smaller.  The more fruit you add to your daily diet, the healthier you will be.  Always try to have fruit as your daily breakfast.  Also, do not mix your fruit with any other type of food (including vegetables) during a meal.  Always have the fruit alone.



7) Do a fruit "fast" on the weekend.  Once you've visited your local grocer and have purchased enough fruit for the week, commit yourself to only eating fruit for the weekend.  You can eat as much fresh, frozen or dried fruit as you want whenever you want for those 2 days, but give me 2 solid days of fruit consumption.  I think you'll feel fantastic during those 2 days and afterwards.  Once you've done that, see if you can increase the number of days per week you can consistently commit to eating only fruit.  If you can commit 3 or 4 days a week on fruits, just imagine how healthy you will look and feel!

A tip to help make sure you always have fruit available while you do your fruit fasts is to have frozen and dried fruit in your freezer and storage pantry.  Having a pound of dates in your storage closet is a fantastic resource if you find out you ran out of fresh fruit on Sunday evening and you have work the next day.


8) Combine your foods properly.  Do not mix proteins with starches and do not mix fruit with any other type of food.  Do not combine any type of starch like rice, bread or potatoes with meat, dairy, beans, nuts, or seeds.  Otherwise you're going to neutralize the acids with the bases and invite fermentation and putrefaction to digest your foods for you.  Relax when you eat and super chew your foods for enhanced digestion as well.  Try not to drink liquids while eating as this will dilute or neutralize your digestive enzymes.  If possible, eat every meal or snack with someone rather than eat your food alone, you'll find yourself eat slower and enjoy the experience that much more.


9) Rest.  Relax.  Quit worrying so much.  What would be a simple suggestion to get your kidneys filtering and enhance your quality of life?  Let go and be here now.  Resting gets your adrenal gland function up which gets your neurotransmitters up.  You need neurotransmitters for energy and to get your kidneys to filter better.  Conserve your energy now to fight another day tomorrow.  Don't spend all of your energy stressing about today just to be in an energy debt tomorrow.  Never look back, it doesn’t matter what the past is.  That’s your ball and chain.  Don’t carry your ball and chain around.  Don’t waste your time in the past.  Live in the here and now.  

This culture does not understand what it means to relax, and as a result we are dealing with the effects of chronic fatigue, mood problems, and anxiety from a generation of people that cannot turn themselves "off."  You can stimulate yourself with coffee, exercise, music, mea
t, and dark chocolate, but you will eventually collapse.  Change your lifestyle to focus on rest and your body and mind will thank you.

10) Say Goodbye to any toxic relationship, immediately.  Sometimes you have friends that don’t trust you or understand you.  Parents and children can be that way.  There’s a certain quality of self you want to maintain while on this health journey.  Detached compassion is vital to learn.  Blood is not thicker than water, nor is dying early from the stress of a bad job worth the retirement benefits in the long run.  Let this be a reminder to do your best to leave the toxic circumstances in your life as far behind you as possible.  Recognize what people, commitments, and ideologies are holding you back from your potential to heal and move on.  Go your own way and commit yourself to what's best for you, and that is not being weighed down by so much stress in your relationships that you never get well.  This is all easier said than done, but make the goal of this journey to put your health first, and that will ultimately cause some relationships to cease.

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