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Regarding Donations

Any donations I receive (or lack thereof) have no negative effect on my effort, drive, passion, and motivation to help others.



I do not do this for the financial benefit.


If I receive nothing for my efforts, than that is a cost I am willing to endure.

However, if in your heart you feel compelled to donate, then I give you my heartfelt appreciation and gratitude.


Thank you in advance to anyone that does donate, your love is appreciated!

If you wish to donate, here are some buttons to my corresponding Paypal, Venmo, and Cash App links to do so.  


All donations go only to me and no one else.

Rest assured that no donation ever goes to vanity or leisure. 


My goal is to be a wise steward with everything I have. 


Try to make your donations as anonymous as possible. 

May you find fortune and wealth with the G
olden Key to Detoxification!

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