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All About Nature's "Bugs"


Before listening to any health "guru" link bugs to every health ailment out there, ask yourself what system do viruses, bacterium and fungus live in?

We can't even begin to talk about bugs without introducing man's sewer system: the lymphatic system. 


What does it mean to move your lymph?  That is something every qualified health guru should be able to answer. 


Moving lymph is filtration of lymph through kidneys.  Lymph becomes stagnant when kidneys stop filtering.


Any stagnation of sewage builds fungus, bacteria and acidosis, which is exactly what man suffers from.

What is the role of most micro-organisms (e.g. bacterium, fungus, etc.) in your body?  Cleaning, creating vitamins, aiding digestion and conversion.

When you put someone eating the Standard America Diet (SAD) diet on fruits, they may immediately go into a cold or flu-like symptom.  Others can go days or weeks and never have the flu.  You see that in this viral situation with Covid-19.


Why would a viral, or bacterium or fungus hang around in the body?  Virals are antigens, and who knows how conscious they are compared to bacteria. 


Viruses are magnetically polarized to weaknesses.  Your inner environment is your host.


When your sewer system is backed up, why would you not expect to have bacterium increasing in activity?  You would hope they would to protect you.

Are Viruses the cause of every "Disease" out there?

People mistakenly attribute viruses to every human illness out there.  It's a convenient explanation that can certainly help you gain popularity and help sell a lot of books, but I don't want to name names.

Viruses certainly sound scary and mysterious, and the fact that Allopathy has no solid understanding of the lymphatic system only serves to reinforce the lore.

This has been the greatest downfall of the allopathic community: The lack of understanding of acidosis, what happens under that sky, and the lymphatic system and its major job in the human body.  It’s vital that you understand the sewer system of the human body.


Think of things systemically and holistically.  You’re not just trying to attack a virus, pathogen or germ, you want to know why there’s a home for these bugs.  Staph, strep, giardia, Covid-19, HIV, it doesn’t matter.  We’re all full of that.  What takes it off?  Go into culturing mediums.  Go into why you culture, and go after that, which is toxemia.  Toxemia is dealt with through the lymphatic system.  Go after that.  Use parasitic formulas, clean up the bowels and pick up the glands and you’ll be successful. 

You could sprinkle Covid-19 everywhere and some may get it and some may not.  When your body is ready to detox, it doesn’t matter what the trigger is.  It could be cold air, a viral, bacterium, or stress. 

Colds are caused by viruses and/or external pathogens and “cold/flu like symptoms” are no different than a healing crisis.

The trigger to get sick doesn’t matter, whether cold air, alkaline food, excessive bacterium or a virus.  The fact that your body gets into a detox is what is important.  When you’re healthy, you don’t get cold or flu-like symptoms.  Dr. Morse hasn’t had a cold or flu-like symptom in 20 years.  If he eats some yogurt or ice cream, then maybe he would get a cold from that.

You need to understand the lymphatic system and exactly what the cell’s job is to eliminate its metabolic waste into the interstitial fluid, which the lymph fluids take right to the lymph vessels into the lymph nodes and out the kidneys you go.

The kidneys control the lymphatic system, the one the virals are in.

Detoxification is the golden key that unlocks the door to regeneration, health and vitality.

Every AIDS/HIV client Dr. Morse has gotten, their lymph system was a mess.  Anytime your body can’t eject virals, you are not self-cleaning, and that means you will hold anything and everything.

AIDS involves a virus that attaches to cells due to one’s acidosis that creates immune responses.  You detox the acidosis out, and there goes the immune response.

Epstein-barr virus is mistakenly (or intentionally) attributed to almost every symptom out there, but it's easy to detox out of the body.

Go after your lymphatic system instead of trying to target these viruses directly.  


Bacteria is essential in lymph nodes.  Cell wastes are acidic, 3 pH acids around Coca Cola acids.  Try to hold Coca cola in your mouth and prepare to feel the burn!  Bacteria acts upon the cell wastes and brings the pH down to about 6 pH.  Those with a lot of antibiotic use ultimately get Fibromyalgia, Lupus and Lyme disease, characterized by systemic acidosis with tons of sulfur all over the place.

By taking antibiotics, you kill lymph node bacteria.  We have 3 ph acids from cell activity traveling through lymph vessels throughout your entire body to the septic tanks (lymph nodes).  If I have 3 pH acids hit the kidneys, bladder or any other organ or gland, anywhere you feel pain, you know that kidney on that side is down and you get hot spots on that side.

Your urine wants to be in the low 6s for pH.  You don’t want alkaline urine.  If you aren’t filtering through your kidneys, you will go into alkaline urine.  The kidneys and stomach are acid chambers but they should not deal with overly acidic conditions for long term as you can still ulcerate and break down gastric tissue as well as urinary tract tissue.  Your urine should be in the low 6s for pH.  If you have good bacterial action in the lymph nodes, you should have urine in the low 6s and you won’t be on your knees peeing.  Your saliva should be base in the 7.5-8 pH range.

As you can see, bacteria is vital in breaking down your acid wastes for proper elimination out of your kidneys.  Lymph nodes are full of bacteria to deal with acids.  You kill your bacteria and you can say goodbye to your urinary tract and kidneys.


Bacteria sadly also gets blamed for so many "diseases" in the medical world.   

In 40% of Pneumonia cases, there’s no pneumacocis present.  Since bacteria is not the causative factor in pneumonia, it is congestion and mucus.  Why is pneumacocis present ever?  It’s because bacteria works on your sewer system. You never kill your bacteria.  We are not better than nature.

If bacteria is so beneficial, should we take more of it in the form of stool implants, probiotics and fermented foods?  No, you're just treating your culturing medium without fixing the underlying issue of extreme acidosis.  Remove the acids and proteins and you'll naturally balance your bacterial load.

With that said, adding more bacteria to the body through lifestyle is a good thing .  ​Hand washing is a fallacy.  You want to get out and roll in the dirt.  Most farmers are very strong in their immune systems.  Fecal implants are similar to eating rancid or fermented foods, they’re therapeutic but do not fix why you have problems.  Probiotics don’t get the kidneys filtering to solve the problem. You lose energetics when you get to the fermentation and putrefaction stage.

Remember the reference Dr. Morse makes of a video on Ripley's Believe it or Not where a person suffering from cancer approached a shaman who told him to treat his condition with rotten meat.  After a few weeks of eating the raw meat, the individual no longer suffered any maladies.  The bacteria from the rotten meat aided the person in breaking down the sewage in their body, ridding them of their symptoms.  The bacteria from the rotten meat didn't help their kidneys, but it did aid in their lymph nodes.  You ultimately have to get to the kidneys to find your remedy instead of just treat.

Eating raw foods will naturally recolonize the gut with good bacteria.  Eat the wrong foods and you will always invite the wrong critters that have to clean up your acid mess.

The take-home message with bacteria is how vital they are in breaking down acids in our lymph nodes and how Allopathy made the fatal mistake of killing these bugs indiscriminately without realizing just how important they are for our detoxification.


Most people have fugal issues.  The fungal community includes warts, moles, and candida.  That’s an adrenal gland issue, a fermentation issue.  You don’t want to do starches.  Very few people can metabolize the level of sugars in starches without fermentation.  When you have fungal problems, fungal foods like starches, wine and cheese become your number 1 food, and that makes going raw very difficult. 

Why you see excessive fungus in people: Weak adrenal glands means low sugar metabolism which come with low blood pressure.  Weak adrenals are not producing enough steroids for you to have proper sugar metabolism.  Then we eat starches, breads and cheeses on top of that.

When you have adrenal gland weakness, you can chalk up to the fact that you’re loaded with fungus.  When it starts showing up on the toe nails is when you know you’re loaded.

We all have microbes in us and we’re all going to have fungus in us.  There’s a certain level of fermentation in the body no matter what.  There will always be some degree of fungus in a person.

When you have heavy fungus, you need to use diet and herbs to clean your lymphatic system to pull it out of the toenails.

Too much fungus in the body can lead to depression and unhappiness (dealing with sugars and low energy).

People with a lot of candida can’t deal with fruit very well.  Fungus is involved in fermentation.  We ferment our foods when we have wrong food combinations, combining protein and starch or combining fast digesting foods with slow ones.

The pancreas is how you digest your carbohydrates.  If you’re not digesting carbs via digestive enzymes, then they will digest via fermentation with the help of fungus.

Most people have pancreatic and adrenal gland weakness, meaning both digestion and utilization are down, giving us two-fold susceptibility to fungal overgrowths when eating starches or any other carbohydrate.


Fermentation requires fungus.  How do we make wine?  Where do we get yeast for?  Use herbs to get rid of the candida problem and fix the adrenals to increase cortisol levels to increase sugar metabolism.

Don’t forget antibiotics are also fungal attractors due to the sulfur in antibiotics being a fungal multiplier.

Dr. Morse has had fungus in people so bad, their toenails were yellow.  One can use an anti-fungal like the Parasite M formula on them and half the fungus would go away but they won’t be as effective until they clean their lymph system out.


How long before one sees their toenail fungus go away?  Make sure your kidneys are filtering, that's ultimately what this all comes down to.  You can have a nasty yellow toenail and take Parasite M to remove a lot of it, but it won’t remove it 100%.  You have to move your sewer system, and in doing that you have to fix the glands that deal with sugar metabolism, the adrenal glands.

While on this journey to health, you realize the body is layered in lymph, mucus and fungus.  You can feel like you got all the fungus out from a season of detoxing with raw fruits and an herbal protocol, yet soon after feel like you have to get more out. 

Fungus in people is so bad they ooze fungus and they smell fungus. You can’t control your diet if you’re full of fungus.  Once you get a hold of your fungus is when you will lose your craving for starches.

Brain fog can be a high fungus problem. Morse has seen people who couldn’t remember their name from high candida. The more acidic, the more swelling, the more brain fog.  The more inflammation, the more you can’t remember anything, the more pressure, the lowering neurotransmitters, low neuro responses, lower comprehension, and so on.

As you can see, fungus can be a very powerful microbe that can influence many aspects of your life, including your food choices.  


Protocol for Fungus, Worms, Bacterial Issues, and Viruses

If you see big worms in your client, you want to take Parasite G herbal formula for 5 capsules 4-5 times a day until you finish 2 bottles.  That's 20-25 capsules a day and you can go up from there.  You can stop taking Parasite G after finishing 2 bottles if there’s no worms in your stools.  Parasite M can kill worms but it is more for Fungus.  Dr. Morse has strengthened the formula to be a more powerful fungal killer.  2-3 capsules taken 3 times a day of the Parasite M formula would be sufficient.  For tincture blends of Parasite M, 2 dropperfuls 4 times a day is appropriate.  You want to stay on Parasite M for at least 2 months, 3+ months is preferable.

For Parasite M and G, only take them when you're taking kidney herbs and GI Tract herbs, preferably with an entire protocol if you can afford it.  You want your body to excrete the byproducts of the killing of both large and small parasites.  You don't want to go on a large parasite kill and hold in those waste products because of weak kidneys and constipated bowels.

With this protocol, the emphasis is on rest above all else because of the weak adrenal glands causing sugar metabolism issues inviting fungus.  

No work or stressful life commitments while detoxing on this protocol please.


Diet: 100% raw fruits, berries and melons only.  Stay as close to this raw diet as possible and avoid starches and meat!

Glandulars: 400 mg Adrenal Glandular, 1 capsule 3 times a day for up to 3 months

Herbal Formulas: Adrenal gland herbal formula

At least 2 kidney formulas (one capsule, one tincture)

Parasite M - 2 dropperfuls 4 times a day or 3 capsules 3 times a day

Parasite G - Finish 2 bottles and then stop if you see no large bugs in stools

Brain & Nerve Formula

Circulation Formula*

GI Renew (# is relative to bowel frequency)

GI Broom (capsule or powder blend)

3 Lung Formula

Liver/Gallbladder Formula

Pancreas Formula

Endocrine Support*

Licorice Root (avoid if you have high blood pressure)

*Note on Endocrine Support*: This formula has herbs that will enhance the thyroid.  If you have hyperthyroid issues, please avoid this formula and use the Adrenal gland formula instead.

*Note on Circulation formula*: If you have tumors, cysts, polyps, or lipomas, please refrain from this formula until you work with a qualified Detox Specialist.


They’re using live viruses in the vaccines.  That's the wrong way to get an immunity.  Natural immunity lasts a lifetime, vaccinated immunity who knows?  Plus, the toxicity factor: you have a body that has lymphatic problems and you're putting more toxins (Graphene oxide, aluminum, mercury, and iron) in your body.

Ask yourself: Why has there been such a sudden increase in people dropping dead from heart complications after taking the Covid-19 vaccine and subsequent boosters?  The media shrugs their shoulders at the cause, but we know the reality of heart issues stems directly from the toxicity of vaccines.  

Vaccines contain Graphene oxide (lead), aluminum, mercury, iron and spike proteins.  There is absolutely no health to be achieved by loading your body up with toxic metals.

There are over 2000 neurotoxins on this planet.  You can only imagine the suppression of our nervous systems in such a toxic world.

Vaccines cause neurological disorders like autism, and that is a fact.  Period.  Get a room of 100 parents with children that have ADD, ADHD, seizures and autism.  Most will say that the issues stemmed right after the vaccination of the baby. 


First thing to do with a child that's been vaccinated is give them the Circulation and Brain & Nerve herbal formulas.  However, do not give the child circulation formula if they have tumors.

Detox the neurotoxins out.  Get those adrenal glands turned on and the kidneys filtering.  Get them on a raw fruit, berry and melon diet. 

Focus on cleaning and strengthening the body, and not relying on some magic pill (or jab) to fix an internal environment you ultimately created by your food choices.

Folks, there's no quick fix to immunity.  You have to put in the work of eating a raw, cleansing diet and take tissue-specific herbs to strengthen your genetics.

Do not vaccinate yourself or your children.  Do not participate in yet another scam and debacle by Allopathy.  

No matter what new virus gets released by world governments, you can rest easy knowing you are moving lymph and eating an energy-rich diet.

Don't fall into fear and peer-pressure.  They want to control you with an ignorance of the lymphatic system and in how to heal the body. 


I will do everything I can in my power to not let that happen.  


If there was ANY positive side to this Covid-19 debacle, it was the fact that everything was shut down and people were in their homes for months on end.  For a brief moment, our society of hustle and bustle had stopped the chaos of modern life.  The crazy amount of unending traffic had cleared, noise and congestion on the roads had ceased, and there was a calm in society.  The busy streets were quiet.  Parking lots were empty.  The insanity of these modern "busy" lifestyles had taken a momentary reprieve.  

It took a virus as harmless as the flu to remind us of just how beneficial rest and relaxation is amid our busy and hectic lives.


The shut-downs were regretfully prolonged ad-nauseum to the detriment of our society, but there is something to be said of the enormous benefit there was to have everyone stop, pause, and relax at home for a season. 


Despite the paranoia and fear that was spread by Allopathy on this virus, our society should have embraced the virus as a means to have a healing crisis to detox.

This virus should have been welcomed as a means to have people detoxify their bodies on the cheap, rather than rely solely on diet and herbs to help them along the path.  Instead, we were ordered to mask up and not interact with others as a means to contain a virus that we should have welcomed with open arms.

You want a healing crisis.  You want to expedite a cold or flu-like symptom as you want to get out that which is wrecking havoc within, namely the acids, mucus and wastes destroying your cells.  

You ideally don't want to spend so much time and money on raw fruits and herbs if you don't have to.  You can get a lot of mucus and congestion out of you with one little virus for far cheaper and less effort than months on raw fruits and herbs.  

This is why Dr. Morse always recommends going into a room with sick people and hug them and kiss them.  If you can’t get into a healing crisis, try to get sick.  If you’re on herbs and raw foods, it’s all when the body is ready to get sick.  If you can catch something, you needed it.  If you get a cold or flu like symptom, you needed it badly.

The problem we always run into with Allopathy is how they treat anything, including the Covid-19 virus.  People couldn't breath?  Instead of running them on inhalers and respirators, allopathy should have utilized anti-spasmodic and adrenal gland herbal formulas.

Instead of using administering antibiotics, Allopaths should have utilized parasitic formulas like Parasite M and G amid a host of kidney herbs.

The 3 Lung formula is great to break up hardened lymph nodes, tumors, and expectorate mucus in the lungs.

Licorice root is the one herb that will bring up blood pressure fast.  It also acts as a natural cortisol, helps with blood sugars, is a great anti-inflammatory, and is a great digestive aid to a certain degree.


The GI Broom herbal formula was made to clean the gut.  The formula only has 2% charcoal and bentonite clay, making it a safe and effective formula to use long-term.  The herbs pull on the mucosa of your gut to open up absorption.  Everyone has a bentonite clay formula and a laxative formula, but no one has the GI Broom.

As you can see, Allopathy took over the world with their reaction to Covid-19 and used pharmaceuticals as their means to treat the virus, and we all paid the price with an already damaged economy forced to its knees.

Herbs, a raw fruit diet and rest are always the preferred method when dealing with any virus, bacterium, or fungus.  

It's all about culturing mediums, your internal terrain, and the environment you invite into your body by your food choices.

Our lives have unfortunately been turned upside down by the ignorance and misunderstanding of the Allopathic community, but their failings shouldn't determine your fate.


Respect the "bugs" that are out there in the world and understand the rules of nature.  You will ultimately thrive because of it. 


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