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The Importance of Herbs

Sadly, we have come to the point where going fully raw on fruit is not enough to get well anymore. 

We have men going bald in their 20s, developing Alzheimer's in their 30s, and getting heart attacks in their 40s and early 50s. 

Our generation is so acidic and genetically weak that going on a raw fruit diet for months will not open the kidneys to filter. 

The quality of fruit we are getting in grocery stores and at Farmer's Markets certainly isn't up to par for the healing we need for humanity.

The deck is stacked against us, but that's why we use herbs and glandulars that work on specific tissues of the body.

These tools give us the edge and help us fix the kidneys, the endocrine glands and our GI Tract while also moving the lymph system.

Nature's Tools


Fruits will clean the body and the lymph system, but we need tools that target the organs and glands specifically. 

We have to go to tissue-specific botanical formulas and glandulars to get that extra power to clean and strengthen every organ and gland that is suppressed by the lymph system and weak genetics.

We use herbs to enhance the function of cells and clean the body out in addition to a fruit diet.

Allopathy continues to be a killing machine using pharmaceuticals to treat symptoms when plants can actually cure the underlying cause.

Remember that using plants to heal the body is the heart and soul of true naturopathy.

Society understands the utility of plants to enhance the body, to an extent.

Let's put it this way: You've heard of Ginkgo Biloba enhancing circulation to the head, right? 

Or how about the use of aphrodisiacs over the last few centuries from the many History Channel documentaries?

Well, Gingko Biloba is an herb that enhances circulation (there are many more like Butcher's Broom root). 

Aphrodisiacs are merely herbs that boost one's libido by working on the endocrine glands.

Is it so hard to believe that there are herbs that work on other tissues of the body such as the GI Tract, the Adrenal Glands, or the Kidneys?

There are absolutely so many other wonderful herbs that work on tissues of the body.

And that's what brings us to Dr. Robert Morse's work in Herbology.


Dr. Robert Morse is the most aggressive Herbalist on the planet and has demonstrated success in helping people heal themselves using herbal formulas in his 50+ years of clinical practice.

His herbal formulas are the best tools for cleaning and strengthening the various tissues of the body on the market today.

Dr. Robert Morse has worked tirelessly to perfect the path to regenerating the human body with nature's tools.

The knowledge presented throughout this website is inspired by his expertise in Naturopathy and Herbology.


In Depth Review of Herbal Formulas


Adrenal Gland Herbal formula: Remember that the adrenal glands turn on the kidneys to filter.  It's the dopamines and acetylcholines that the adrenal glands produce that allow the kidneys to filter your acid wastes.  Once adrenal gland function goes down or directs energy to work and stress, then your kidneys go down with them.  If you've had severe anxiety your entire life, you will instantly notice the effect this formula has on you.


Endocrine Balance: This formula is a foundation of the "Fab 4" protocol, and justifiably so.  This formula will touch on the adrenals, pituitary, and thyroid glands, all of which are down in most people to some extent or another.  Note: Do NOT take if you have hyperthyroid issues.  This formula has herbs that enhance the thyroid.  Use the Adrenal gland herbal formula in place of this formula.


400 mg Adrenal Glandular (non-vegan): Probably one of the most important products many people will need to take to get their kidneys to filter.  We have such poor genetics in the adrenal glands in society today that even the adrenal gland herbal formula is not enough to get those glands turned on and functioning.  We have to stimulate the adrenal glands via glandulars for 2-6 months to even get them turned on again.  We have to "wake the dead" to use another expression.  Use 1 capsule of 400mg 3 times a day, and do that for 2-6 months, or until you feel like you are overstimulating your glands.  You can ween off the 400 mg dosage and drop to 200 mg if you feel you don't need as heavy a dosage after a month or two.  You may need to be on 400 mg 3 times a day for 6 months straight, and that's perfectly fine too.  Do whatever your body needs.  Just know that you can't be on glandulars forever and the intention is to get your glands into a position to solely utilize the herbal formulas.


Licorice Herb: Use licorice for low blood pressure (systolic under 110) and chronic fatigue.  Do NOT use with high blood pressure cases.


Spasm Calm herbal formula: Use for extreme anxiety attacks, seizures, and emotional trauma.

You can also use Bach's Rescue Remedy flower essence as a therapeutic treatment for anxiety attacks.


GI Renew.  The formula number you should use is dependent upon bowel movement frequency.  The goal should be to get down to GI Renew formula number 1.  If you have diarrheas and watery stools, use formula #0.  If you have a bowel movement every other day on fruits, then go to formula #2.  If you have a bowel movement on fruits every 3 days, then go to formula #3.  Once you're on on GI Renew #1, you can switch over to the Heal All Capsules for a stronger lymphatic draw on the bowel wall.  Note: Dr. Morse never recommends anyone engage in coffee enemas to facilitate a bowel movement.


GI Broom (I prefer the capsules for convenience).  Use 6 capsules with plenty of water right when you wake up or before bed.  Make sure there is a gap of at least 2 hours before eating or consuming any food or drinks when taking this formula.


Pancreas formula: Use the capsules for a stronger effect on the pancreas.

450 mg Pancreas glandular (non-vegan): Use this for cases of extreme pancreas weakness wherein no digestion of fruits is occurring.  Dr. Morse has mentioned a case he worked on wherein a woman would eat an apple and an apple would came out on the "other end," meaning no digestion was occurring for even the simplest of foods one can eat.


Liver/Skin Herbal formula: This formula will also enhance the Pancreas gland, but the Pancreas herbal formula will not enhance the Liver/Gallbladder.

Stomach Tea: Use this tea for cases of gastroparesis.  Dr. Morse has discussed cases where he had to spoon-feed clients stomach tea as they couldn't even handle water.  The stomach tea is soothing, calming, and alkaline.


Parathyroid Glandular: This is an absolute MUST for anyone experiencing symptoms of Depression.  Remember that there are currently no known herbs yet that directly enhance parathyroid tissues.  This is why we have to utilize bovine parathyroid tissue to stimulate the activity of our own parathyroid glands.  


Bones & Connective Tissue herbal formula: A great formula to pair with the parathyroid glandular to supplement much needed calcium for one's parathyroid glands to utilize.  This is a fantastic formula for burn victims or anyone that has suffered any musculoskeletal injuries


Happy Caps

Lung Issues

3 Lung herbal formula: This is a fantastic tumor buster without being too strong.  Highly recommended for anyone with kidney weakness and severe lymphatic congestion.  A great starter lymphatic formula to graduate from into the Lymphatic formulas.


Lung Detox formula

Seizures and Neurological Weakness

Spasm Calm herbal formula: The most powerful antispasmodic solution you will find on the market, period.  Dr. Morse has provided countless examples of cases he has worked with that have absolutely benefitted from the use of Spasm Calm.  Many seizure cases occurred right after a child got vaccinated.  This formula has helped many children and adults alike reclaim their life back.  Use this formula for emotional outbreaks, anxiety attacks, and for when you are at your breaking point.  You will thank me later.  Let the reviews speak for themselves:




























Brain & Nerve herbal formula: A must have for anyone that has been vaccinated.  Use this for any and all neurological conditions, including Autism, ADHD, Parkinson's, Dementia, and epilepsy.  Combine this with the adrenal gland herbal formula for a one-two punch to the nervous system and adrenal glands. 

Blood Circulation herbal formula: Use this to get much needed blood into the head and extremities.  Use for cases of balding in young and older men.  Dr. Morse has mentioned cases of "bowling ball" heads that grew back hair on this formula.  Note: Do NOT use this formula if you have any diagnosed tumors.


Parasite M herbal formula: Most people are so full of fungus they can be on Parasite M for months on end.  I always opt for the capsules for the extra strength.  I take 3 capsules 3 times a day.  You have to move lymph in addition to killing fungus in order to get rid of toenail fungus as well as cravings for starch.

Parasite G herbal formula: Take 4-6 capsules 4 times a day and finish a couple of bottles of Parasite G.  If you don't see any large critters in your stools then you can discontinue using this formula.

Most people are so full of fungus they can be on Parasite M for months on end.  I always opt for the capsules for the extra strength.  I would take 3 capsules 3 times a day.  You have to move lymph in addition to killing fungus in order to get rid of toenail fungus as well as cravings for starch.


Always go as raw as possible when dealing with pain.  Avoid any and all protein foods such as beans, lentils, nuts, seeds, and soy products.  Fatty foods like avocados and olives will help buffer pain to an extent but the closer you come to ketosis the more acidic you become.  Detox out the source of the pain, which is acid chemistry throughout the body, normally felt in the load-bearing joints or in the lower back region where the kidneys are.

Healthy Joints herbal formula: Use this herbal formula in place of any Glucosamine/Chondroitin/MSM mixture that would only fill you with sulfur and mask the problem of joint pain.  The second you come off that joint supplement is the second the pain comes back.  Use a raw fruit diet in combination with this formula to have a pain free body.  Remember also the importance of posture and proper biomechanics.  You don't want to walk or move in a way that puts excessive wear on the wrong muscles and joints, creating more demand for your body to repair itself.  Posture Alignment therapy and Yoga are great at restoring proper movement patterns for your daily life.

Spasm Calm herbal formula: This antispasmodic is perfect for muscle cramps and spasms.  It would work for cramps caused by a woman's period as well.  Always go as raw as possible when dealing with pain.


Sexual Issues

Prostate health herbal formula: A comforting and soothing formula for the prostate.

Adrenal Gland Herbal formula: Much of one's libido is tied to neurotransmitters produced by the adrenal glands.  Use the adrenal gland herbal formula as well as a glandular to get the adrenals back online and functioning as they should.


Male Reproductive herbal tonic: This formula is very strong on the prostate gland.  Do not take this formula if you have prostate issues or high PSAs.


Female Reproductive herbal formula: See "Conception Issues" below


Healthy Joints herbal formula: Use this herbal formula in place of any Glucosamine/Chondroitin/MSM mixture that would only fill you with sulfur and mask the problem. 

Avoid any and all protein foods such as beans, lentils, nuts, seeds, and soy products as protein will bring pain to one's joints.


Conception Issues

9/10 times failure to conceive is linked to pituitary issues.


Before even attempting to conceive, make sure the mother is filtering through her kidneys and make sure she has been on fruits and an herbal program for at least 6 months, preferably over a year or even longer if she has a history of health issues (and her iris photos show severe lymphatic problems).

Once the mother is in adequate health to even think about conceiving, use the Female Reproductive herbal formula.

The reviews speak for themselves.  Not only is this herbal blend a miracle for conception, but also in reducing the other issues associated with pituitary weakness, including irregular periods, excessive bleeding, cramps, hot flashes, PCOS, and 

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