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For Spanish Speakers

Unfortunately, I am not fluent enough in Spanish to properly assist any spanish-only speaking client in Detoxification.

However, my best resource that I can give to anyone that has family or friends that only speak Spanish is to let them listen to this one hour long YouTube video between Dr. Robert Morse and Aimee Boglio.

Aimee expertly questions Dr. Morse through an entire discourse on detoxification, diet, and health while fully and clearly translating everything he says into Spanish.  You can see her heart and passion to reach those who may be limited to health information because of the language barrier.

The video is here:










Here is the link to the unlisted video:

If you have any other resources for Spanish speakers or any other language, please let me know so we can raise awareness and bring light to people living in darkness and misery no matter what language they speak.

If you know of any Detox Specialist that still practices and speaks Spanish or any other language, please let me know so that I can mention them here.  We need to get the message of Detoxification out to as many people as possible.

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