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The best pain management is to go on a raw fruit diet


Eliminating protein should help lessen your pain considerably.

For many pain sufferers, the Healthy Joints and Pain herbal formulas will be your best friends along your detoxification journey.

Raw foods don’t always get rid of pain, especially with chronic lymphatic conditions like arthritis and Fibromyalgia.


Fruits can sometimes exacerbate pain in chronic conditions because of the acid principles in fruits.  It’s not that the fruit is hurting you more, but that they’re drawing and astringent.  You start pulling on these highly chronic and acidic areas, and you will start opening up more painful sensations.  This is common. 


Sometimes you may need to go slower with cooked vegetables and sweet fruits before jumping into the sub-acid and acid fruits. 


You have to know when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em.

Chronic pain is an effect of being too acidic interstitially (between your cells).

Acids bring pain, burning, swelling, hyperactivity, and excessive thinking & emotions.

You can see people that suddenly have an issue explode on them out of the blue, but this isn’t a sudden occurrence as everything builds in silence.  A little ache or pain here or there.  And then one day some trigger like a job loss or a friend dying shuts down your adrenals for a minute and you go down for the count.

You can have perfect blood work and have pain, swelling, burning, and cancer, but your blood work looks good.  It’s all about the lymph system.

Fruits, berries and melons regenerate your physical body, regenerate your emotional self, and settle down your thinking process, bringing you to the present moment.

Location, Location, Location

The location of your pain all points to the same source: The kidneys and lymphatic system.

For anyone suffering lower back pain (especially along the L4 and L5 vertebrae), this is textbook kidney weakness.  You can do all of the physical therapy, yoga or chiropractic adjustments you want, but you will never fix the underlying cause of the issue which are the kidneys.  Get off the protein, get on the fruits, and take some herbal formulas for the kidneys and adrenal glands.

For those suffering elbow, shoulder, knee, hip or ankle pain: What organs in the body are most responsible for the loss of your major load bearing joints?  Answer: The Kidneys.  Why?  The Lymphatic system.

If you have joint pain, do NOT take Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM.  Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM sulfurs you up and only masks the pain.  They do not treat.  Herbal anti-inflammatories are much superior.

Fix your kidneys and get them filtering!  Acidosis is degenerating your joints and the only way for them to regenerate is to expel these acid wastes out of the body through your kidneys and skin.

Many people have had their colons removed or parts of them due to pain.  These are only 20 and 30 year old people and they’re having their colons cut out in light of Allopathy's sheer ignorance.  Their X-rays come back and you see a thickened bowel wall.  That’s interstitial spaces.


For those suffering the severe pain from digestive issues like Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Crohn's, or Ulcerative Colitis, the problem is in the lymph system.  These panful digestive disorders are caused by the acid side of chemistry.  Think about the wall of a garden hose.  What makes up the GI tract wall?  That’s where the problem is.  Besides mucoid plaque and impactions from diverticulum, interstitially in the wall is the problem.  You need to clean the mucoid plaque on the bowel walls, you have to reach interstitially into the lymph system.  Lymphatic constipation of the intestinal wall brings IBS, Crohn's, ulcerative colitis, any condition that destroys the tissues of the intestinal wall.

The stomach tea, GI Broom and GI Renew herbal formulas are wonderful formulas to clean and restore the bowels.  The stomach tea is especially important for those suffering gastritis or the inability to take in any sort of food.  Dr. Morse has had to spoon feed stomach tea to clients with stomach cancer that couldn't even handle ingesting water.  Eventually these clients were restored and were able to handle fruit to further heal their GI Tract.

For burn victims, the burn salve is a beautiful herbal blend that soothes and heals your burns.

For those suffering tooth and gum sensitivity, inflammation and pain, the tooth & gum powder is a soothing and potent mix of herbs to promote alkalizing the mouth.  You can always rinse your mouth with baking soda as a fast alkalizer if your budget is limited and you need to take the edge off of pain in your mouth or on your tongue.

For hyperacusis or any type of neuro-sensitivity like that, you’re always in the acid side of chemistry.  Sometimes to the point of being touched brings severe pain.  Or certain sounds bring pain to your ears.  Or even just going outside in the sun is enough to give one a headache (I personally met someone like this at a previous call center job).  These conditions all highlight extreme acidosis.  Up in the head with acidosis, you’re also in the cerebellum and mastoid areas which could bring equilibrium problems.  Let's not forget the pineal gland as well affecting one's sleep.  Nothing ever good happens when acids reach up to the head region.

For those painful neurological conditions, absolutely get on the antispasmodic herbal formula, Brain & Nerve herbal formula as well as the Circulation formula.  Do not take the Circulation formula if you have tumors of any type.

Migraines can come from the stomach and the head.  Clean your GI tract with the GI Broom herbal formula, clean your head out including the sinuses.  To treat migraines use the antispasmodic and the pain formula.

Fungus leaves uric acid crystals that provide the pin-prick acid pains.  Get on a Parasite cleanse with the Parasite M formula and pick up the adrenal glands to enhance your sugar metabolism so you ferment your sugars less (inviting less fungus to the digestive party).

Understand that your lymph system occupies 80% of the interstitial spaces between your body's cells, and your lymph system deals with your body's toxemia and acidosis.  

The location of your pain all relates to the sewer system of your body, and the outlet for that system are your kidneys and skin.  Those are your major eliminative organs and the doors for your lymphatic system.

No matter where your pain is, you are going after those eliminative organs to detox these acids out of your body to get rid of your pain and bring your body back to homeostasis.  

Focus on the kidneys and lymphatic system, and everything will fall into place.  That's the beauty and simplicity of health.

Chemistry Matters

When you have pain, what side of chemistry are you on and how does the body deal with that? You are on the acid side of things and your lymph system deals with your acids, not the blood.

What is the lipid system used in your body for?  Acidosis.  Acidosis is met with either lipids or calcium.  You don’t want those, you want adrenal steroids instead to deal with acids.  The problem is that most people have very weak adrenal glands that aren't producing enough steroids.  This is also why your pain gets worse in the evening, as our weak adrenals are already spent by the evening hours and you have little supply of steroids left to counter your acids.

Lipids are at the level to fight acids with.  Fatty acids have multiple purposes but a big purpose is anti-inflammation.  Oils are anti-inflammatory.  Your lymph system is an oil-based symptom.  Why do your fatty acids absorb into your lymphatic system in your GI tract as opposed to the blood?  Your adrenal steroids are cholesterol-based.  Your lymph system is cholesterol based.  Your cell wall is cholesterol based.  You have all types of lipids including triglycerides to fight acidosis.

Your body will fight against acidosis via cholesterol, calcium and water (edema) after the body has tried to use its natural corticosteroids from the adrenal glands.  When you’re too acidic, but you can’t get neutralization from adrenal steroids, you will get it from calcium, cholesterol or water.

That's why so many people are walking around diagnosed with "high cholesterol," or have depression symptoms, or have a severe amount of water weight.  The body is trying to do what it can to combat acidosis, and we experience symptoms related to the body trying to combat acids.  


As you can see, you have to get away from the acid side of life.  Your lymph system is built to handle acids and your body has mechanisms to combat acidosis, but that can only go so far.  The problem is the acidic foods and stressful lifestyles we endure on top of our poor genetics and backed-up lymph systems.  It all comes together as pieces of your health puzzle.

We have to get on the alkaline side of life to reverse the environment promoting pain in your life.  We have to help hydrate and move your lymph system. 


Ultimately we have to put in the work of embracing alkalinity in a world that is physically and psychologically toxic.  We have to play by the rules of chemistry that humanity has broken every step of the way.  

When acids win, you lose.  It's as simple as that.  We can't let that happen.


Foods to Avoid if you have Pain


1) Meat (including eggs)

2) Dairy (milk, cheese, butter, yogurt)

3) Dense protein foods (Nuts, seeds, beans, and legumes)

4) Nightshades (Tomatoes, Eggplants, Russet potatoes, spicy peppers)

5) Cruciferous Vegetables (Broccoli, kale, cauliflower, cabbage)

6) Starches (including all grains, quinoa, millet, and amaranth)

High protein diets destroy the kidneys and GI Tract.  Numerous studies have been done on high protein diets and colon cancer.  What these researchers are not looking at is what protein is doing to urinary tract tissue, kidneys and bladder. 


If you have kidney pain, take a week and just do raw fruits, berries, melons and a salad.  After a week, you should be pretty pain free.  Then try a steak and potato meal and let me know how you feel.

Certain vegetables exasperate pain.  Stay away from cruciferous foods like broccoli, kale, and cauliflower as they’re sulfur veggies. 


Stay away from nightshades like tomatoes, eggplant and russet potatoes as they're extremely acidic when cooked.  Cooked tomatoes can leach aluminum from a pan as an example of just how acidic nightshades can be to your body.

As mentioned above, even fruits may cause pain due to the astringent factors.  Slow down and go to the sweet fruits if the sub-acid category of fruits causes too much pain.  If sweet fruits are a problem, then step down to green drinks and non-cruciferous vegetables.  


When dealing with high inflammation in the urinary tract, stick with the sweet fruits and green drinks.  The astringent subacid fruits may bring some pain.

What about a loved one in pain that doesn't want to change their diet?

Some people love their foods as much as they love feeling sick and not feeling good. 


Enjoy your pain and enjoy your foods.  You have nothing to say to those types of people.  If I’m in trouble, I want to fix it and I'll make whatever sacrifice I have to in order to get out of pain.

Plant the seed of raw foods as well as you can with these individuals and hopefully someday they come to their senses. 

Emotional Pain

 Sensitivity and/or weak emotions are a sign of adrenal gland weakness.

Weak adrenal glands make one hold their emotions like a ball & chain.

The emotions are tied to the adrenal glands.  When your adrenals are strong, your emotions are strong.

Everyone is different emotionally as we have different adrenal gland weaknesses.

Your adrenal glands are your connection to fear and negative emotions.  The weaker your adrenal glands are, the more fearful and negative you are.  

If you're feeling anxiety in body but not creating anxious thoughts, then that’s your adrenal glands, that’s your emotions, that’s your nervous system.  You don’t have to have nervous thoughts for your body to feel anxious.  That is linked to neurotransmitters and effects the autonomic nervous system. You see the nervous system going down and anxieties coming in plus shortness of breath.

You can’t always control the adrenals by thoughts, meditations, or affirmations.  As you strengthen the adrenals you get stronger emotionally.  If only the field of Psychology would acknowledge this, but they're too busy pushing politics.

Take the adrenal gland herbal formula to strengthen the adrenal glands.  The endocrine support formula also supports the adrenals.  Bach flower essence formulas like Rescue Remedy, valerian root, moonshine yarrow, and hops can also enhance the adrenal glands. 

A 200 mg or 400 mg Adrenal Glandular taken 3 times a day for a short period of 3-6 months would also electrically charge the adrenal glands and "wake the dead."

Your endocrine glands control literally everything.  All chemical processes happen under the office of endocrine glands, including enzymes.  It also has a reaching factor in the emotional and mental side of the individual.



In a stressful time, your adrenals take a dump.  How strong your adrenals are genetically determines how quick you rebound from emotional hits.  If you’re you’re emotionally down, your kidneys are down.

When you leave someone or have a breakup, what gland gets ripped?  Your adrenal glands.  One emotional event could be just enough to send you over the edge because you were already weak in that area genetically.  When one or 2 things takes you over the edge emotionally, you know you have a weakness in that area.  The wasting away is always due to acidosis.

Just Let Go


In order to filter from your kidneys, you must be free of your emotional issues.  Otherwise you will stay in a fight or flight mode and inhibit kidney filtration, keeping these acids in your body that are causing you pain.

If you’re having emotional problems, then you have to detach yourself from everything.  You have to get into yourself and enjoy yourself for what it is.  Desire and emotions are linked together.

Some practitioners will realize while working on people’s endocrine glands that the glands don’t want to budge with herbs or glandulars.  That’s when you know that person has an emotional experience somewhere along their journey that hasn’t left them, and its suppressing their adrenal function and their happiness.

You have to fix the glands first before working someone through emotional and mental problems.  If you have someone with depression, you have to fix the parathyroid.  If you think you can reverse someone’s depression through conversation, behavioral modification and nutrition, you are wrong.

Most creative people have weak adrenal glands.  That makes for artists, musicians, and artsy folks.  Sometimes your weakness helps bring out the creativity in you.

The way to actively get emotionally strong: Detachment.  Stop caring so much.

Please let go of everything this world wants you to focus on and attach to.  Whether it's a career, a romantic partner, status, fame, and most certainly money.

Pull yourself back away from your emotions and your mind and sit back and observe for a while.  The jigsaw puzzle of life will solve itself.

You may have to walk through the wilderness for a few years, but eventually you'll find your purpose amidst this life of suffering and pain.


Watch your thoughts.  Be careful with your emotions.  Your desires and emotions can cause you great pain and suffering.  The hugging chemistry is on the alkaline side.

Your uncontrollable emotional states, lack of control of the mind and thoughts, and your lifestyle of stress – You are here to conquer these things.

Are you awake and aware, or are you busy thinking, planning and desiring?  Make your choice.  Your life truly depends on it.

Sample Protocol for Pain

What is the first priority for anyone in pain? Rest.

Diet: As much raw fruit as you can handle.  Go with less astringent sweet fruits and vegetables if astringent fruit brings you pain. 

Glandular: 400 mg Adrenal Glandular, 1 capsule 3 times a day for up to 3 months

Herbal Formulas:

Pain herbal formula

Healthy Joints herbal formula

Adrenal gland herbal formula

At least 2 kidney formulas (one capsule, one tincture)

Brain & Nerve Formula

Circulation Formula*

GI Renew (# is relative to bowel frequency)

Stomach Tea (for those with digestive pain)

GI Broom (very astringent so use with caution)

Parasite M

Parasite G - Only finish 2 bottles and then stop if you see no large bugs in stools

3 Lung Formula

Liver/Gallbladder Formula

Pancreas Formula

Endocrine Support*

Licorice Root (avoid if you have high blood pressure)

*Note on Endocrine Support*: This formula has herbs that will enhance the thyroid.  If you have hyperthyroid issues, please avoid this formula and use the Adrenal gland formula instead.

*Note on Circulation formula*: If you have tumors, cysts, polyps, or lipomas, please refrain from this formula until you work with a qualified Detox Specialist.

In Summary

It is a huge deal to work on yourself and get yourself healthy.  When you start changing and asking questions about your health, even though pain drives you to seek more answers, that negative side of life inspires you to make a difference and grow.  Sometimes that pain drives you to awaken.  It’s a pain to get here and a pain to leave sometimes.

Your suffering is determined by how fast you can get that lymph filtering through your kidneys.  The whole nine yards is how fast can I get my kidneys to filter this destructive acid out of my body. 


You have filtration of the urine and sweating as the only 2 factors that must take place before you can claim Wellville.  Otherwise your progress is slow. 


How many clients has Dr. Morse worked with or how many letters from viewers has he read regarding slow progress spanning multiple years?  Too many to count.  You can't let your emotions and lifestyles stall your progress.

We can't wait another day for you to get out of pain and find your remedy.  We have to jump on detoxification and alkaline chemistry immediately.  We have to let go of our emotions and put the work in to get our bodies clean.

Please reach out to me if you need assistance with your health journey out of pain and into Welleville.


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