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Fauci is a Fraud. News at 8.

Who would have thought the very head of Allopathy, Anthony Fauci, is both a fraud and liar that has destroyed tens of millions of lives in his wake?

I always am a proponent of not watching the news, but this is a story that is all too sobering.

Here is the takeaway: Anthony Fauci, much like the Allopathic Medical system that he represents, operates without scientific evidence and pushes it as truth while destroying anyone with a contrary opinion. This system manipulates the government to be its sword and to execute its agenda to every western society for total dominance.

This Covid catastrophe is just the tip of the iceberg of the arrogance and pomp of those who think they know better because they have an alphabet soup in front of their name.

What has happened with Covid should surprise no one as this mentality of elites governing medical practice and principles is exactly why we are still juicing people with atypical cells today. A completely repairable health circumstance, kidney failure, and the subsequent cell damage that evokes is met with chemotherapy as a "safe and effective" treatment.

Thus, millions are juiced with radiation because the Medical establishment continues the tradition with no scientific evidence at all.

People like to shout that there's no evidence for God or no evidence for Kidney filtration of the Lymphatic system, but absolutely no one can say there's evidence for chemo being a safe and effective remedy for atypical cells, or that people should stand 6 feet apart and wear masks to avoid a virus' transmission.

Where are the naturalists that dedicate themselves to science? Where are they that support the cabal that is the American Medical Association?

Why are so many people still suffering from clearly fixing conditions?

It's because not enough people are willing to call out these "experts" for not knowing a damn thing about Health. They certainly don't understand what science is.

Use Allopathy for necessary surgeries and emergency care, but also let the buyer beware even when pursuing Allopathy for these reasons.

In all things, think for yourself and make your own choices about your health. Always remember detoxication and the kidney connection to your lymph. And pat yourself on the back for supporting truth and calling out others that live in falsehood.

I pray that more people can be enlightened to the unscientific scam that has been masquerading as "Medicine" all these years.

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