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Stanley Water Bottles: Stop the Madness

Get your water and energy from your fruits, berries, and melons. It's just that simple. Instead, we have a culture that eats cooked food all the time and hydrates with filtered water inside insulated flasks.

We also have a culture that is addicted to coffee and meat for their energy and stimulation. That's why every fast food and Starbucks location has a line out into the parking lot.

We as a society have reached a level of ignorance that is depressing. The reality is that water isn't that hydrating. You can drink all the water you can handle, and still be incredibly dehydrated. That's because it all goes back to the lymphatic system and acidosis.

This Stanley Cup phenomenon really stems from the lack of teaching, guidance, and mentorship of the health "experts" of our day. Instead of teaching people to rely on raw foods for their hydration, the "experts" keep regurgitating the same lie that we need to drink tons of water to stay hydrated. The lie has infiltrated so much of our thinking that we have tons of flavored water products on store shelves, all because people hate drinking water, and rightfully so. If you have to flavor your water to get it down, what does that tell you?

The "experts" have led us astray, and as a result, we cook everything and then rely on filtered tap water from a garden hose for our hydrating needs. If a food dehydrates you when you eat it, that food is altogether inferior to a raw, living, and hydrating food. Don't just drink tons of water thinking you're solving the problem of eating an acidic, dehydrating diet. It doesn't work that way. Yes, water fasting is a powerful tool for detoxification, but it's one that needs to be done in the broader context of a diet full of living foods.

Drinking tons of water is just going to send you rushing to the bathroom all the time, lowering your productivity and ultimately dropping the water craze altogether. Maybe that's the point? Stanley wants to get you hooked on trying to "hydrate" your body in an attempt to be "healthy," only for you to ultimately get annoyed by how unnatural it is drinking tons of water all the time. Genius marketing at the expense of your knowledge, understanding, and money. Break the trend. Stop drinking coffee. Stop drinking tons of water all the time. Eat more fruit. Send the Stanley stock crashing to all-time lows. Let the word get out that drinking tons of water isn't healthy anymore. Teach others about the wonder that is Detoxification. Give people hope that they don't have to spend $40+ on a gimmick that just wastes their time in trying to heal. That's what it all comes down to: Using the limited time we all have to get well in an upside-down culture that relies on meat and coffee to get through their day. Use this limited time not following the "experts" of our day or the common knowledge of the culture, but in actively healing your body and mind. You don't do that buying gimmicks popular off of social media. Embrace Detoxification and never look back at overpriced water bottles, fish oil, probiotics, isolates, supplements, or pharmaceuticals.

May you find Health and Wellness when so many are lost in a sea of overpriced fads and gimmicks.

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