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Why is Gen Z aging faster than Millennials?

The short answer is that Generation Z is genetically weaker in their adrenal glands than older generations, they inherited a more congested lymphatic system from their mothers in utero, and they have a relatively worse diet than prior generations to boot.

Every new generation seems to inherit worse and worse genetics, which is a phenomenon that could take dozens of dissertations to explore. We are getting weaker genetically as a society, and there's much speculation and conspiracies out there as to why. You don't have to go outside to see the degradation of of society's adrenal glands, just go on social media, visit a Discord channel, or read some YouTube comments. Add on an arsenal of vaccines pumped into these genetically weaker children, and say hello to neurological disorders and extreme toxicity from the get go.

Speaking of toxicity from one's early years, remember that the mother's lymphatic system is shared with the child's. In essence, the mother's sewer system becomes the child's, and this explains why Gen Z was born from the start at a disadvantage. Most of Gen Z's mothers were not eating the best diet and they themselves were already lymphatically backed up.

To add to the genetics and acidic environment in the womb, let's not forget the terrible diets that both Gen Z and their older siblings the Millennials put in their bodies. You don't need me to tell you the junk that we call food that the world obsesses over: Hot Cheetos, Top Ramen, Lay's potato chips, Costco Hot Dogs, Starbucks drinks, and all fast food. Gen Z gravitated to all of the viral foods on social media. To top it off, despite the myriad of information on diets and health, Gen Z was falling into the same Paleo/Keto traps that Millennials fell into.

We haven't even covered the stress that Gen Z faces, both in the cost of living crisis in the West as well as the dissolution of familial bonds. To put it bluntly, the destruction of families, the abundance of worthless college degrees, and the excessive competition for high stress jobs is a recipe for disaster. The stress Gen Z faces alone is enough to explain why their adrenals are tarnished and why the acidosis has taken over their bodies and minds.

If you thought Gen Z were the unlucky ones, Gen A is looking to fare even worse.

I don't want to end this blog on a sour note. I want to instill the reality of the situation while also offering the remedy to this societal collapse: Go after the lymph system, eat an alkaline diet, drop your attachment to this wicked society and its fixations, work hard doing legitimate work for your neighbor, stop thinking, and be here now. If you do all of that, you've already won the game of life and unlocked the cheat code to aging well.

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